Climate Change (Texas Edition)

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The climate in Texas (by all reports) is changing from that of a desert to a cretaceous period rain forrest, sans dinosaurs – so far. Some blame me for BBQing steaks, carne asada, marinated chicken breasts and lobsters. The Green Movement blames commercial airliners, while excusing private jets, favored by political elites including Al Gore, movie stars and Planned Parenthood ghouls that jet set from clinic to clinic, cashing in on the sale of the murdered corpses of the unborn.

Barack and Hillary are obsessed with the weather, but they don’t have a clear understanding of history, which is not unusual for progs. History is not only man’s history but the story of our world in a macro sense. I like Bill Whittle’s take on the debate:

Pollution is another matter all together and dealing with it and controlling it needs a sane and balanced approach. But the military needn’t be tasked with cleaning up plastic bottles floating in the ocean or toxic waste. Other mechanisms can be employed to deal with those problems.

And Speaking of the Weather

Fresh from the curtilage of Hurricane Matthew, my daughter, Emilie, is flying in from Florida today (while her car is shipped). She can be a storm in and of herself at times.

I understand that naming hurricanes after women was considered to be a form of gender bias – possibly a micro aggression toward all women, everywhere…but it was still appropriate in my humble (male) opinion.

If you’re telling yourself that the H&K Offensive Handgun (a SEAL issue in the early 1990’s) may be a bit too much pistol for her, I can’t disagree. However the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

17 thoughts on “Climate Change (Texas Edition)

  1. No. There’s definitely dinosaurs. I’ve seen ‘em.

    It’s normal for the weather to fluctuate. Ice age is coming. Pollution however, has to be controlled. We should look after the world a little better. However, big pick ups, aeroplanes and Aston Martin’s must remain.

    Err…cue the massive queue of walking hormones dragging their knuckles along your drive and salivating at your front door, Larry. That daughter of yours is a knockout. You’re gonna need a bigger gun.

  2. Jules: nah, bigger guns not needed. Claymore mines. Of course, the collateral damage when one is detonated does give one pause, especially if it takes out your neighbor's Porsche.

  3. I may be a sheeple, but I like Bill Whittle's broadcast. But the people who need to watch them, DON'T.

  4. LL, you're right. All it ever does in Texas these days is rain, probably because we haven't proper military resource to the issue. For example, Fort Hood, even now, isn't a naval base. I blame the rampant corruption that bedevils what passes for the "body politic."

    Maybe taking out the Porsche sports cars, with mines and handguns, is one way to make them sit up and take notice?

  5. Hillary Clinton says there are too many guns in America. I think that there are too many Clintons. But her open border with Mexico will make a lot more firearms options available (mostly of Russian manufacture since that's what the cartels peddle).

  6. Revenend: you are flirting with the dark side: bass boats are pure, unfiltered evil. Sure, they woo you with their ways: twin Merc 350 hp outboards, approx 90 mph top speed, chick magnets in every way. But once you slap down the $80,000 (not including the trailer), you have crossed a line that you can never uncross again. You will be a goner. The again, the more you spend on your Ranger bass boat, the bigger fish you catch, everybody knows that.

  7. So, Hurricane Emilie will be patrolling the perimeter of the new compound? She's cute, but she also looks dangerous, so you'll probably be well protected. Just make sure she's briefed about the Hobbits! And get her a decent H&K battle rifle to go along with that pistol. Those weed-smoking hobbits are tricksy and devious.

  8. I used to have a Porsche once, Rev. Trust me, save the mines and ammo. They'll fall apart all by themselves.

  9. BOAT=Break Out Another Thousand. However, everyone knows that you look a lot cooler sitting on the $80K (plus trailer) bass boat than you do sitting on a stump on shore — even if the bobbers are one foot apart in the water.

  10. It's one more false narrative among many to distract us. And I'm pretty sure darling daughter would be effective with that HK…

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