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The Ho/Jo Administration will Intervene…if they’re Able to

…in the ongoing dispute between Kenya and Somalia.

The area is thought to be rich in oil and gas. The dispute is at the heart of a diplomatic flap that has potential of expanding.

There have been several major discoveries such as Sea Lion (offshore Falklands), Campos basin pre-salt (Brazil), Jubilee (offshore Ghana), Rovuma basin (offshore Tanzania and Mozambique), Lake Albert (Uganda), South Lokichar (Kenya), Leviathan (Israel) and more recently Liza (offshore Guyana). Offshore oil has fared best because of the ability to market oil directly from a floating production facility (FPSO) makes commercialization easier.

Kenya has a small navy and Somalia’s is smaller. Neither has much capacity to project force into the ocean to assert its rights, which provides the opportunity for a great power to insert itself on one side or the other.

At stake is the ability to favor one nation or the other, allowing for oil wealth to be amassed, and presumably gratitude (yeah, right).


Wolf distribution in Italy since 1900


If Texas – Was a Mario Bros. Game


Who FO?

YOU FO! (alien sightings map)

UFO’s in Colorado

Flyby – When a passing asteroid begins to affect how people perceive time, one man struggles to keep up…the truth is out there.

Slaughterbots – In a dystopian world a new form of A.I. weaponry has been created. All these drone bots need is a profile: age, sex, fitness, uniform, and ethnicity. Nuclear is obsolete. Take out your entire enemy virtually risk free. Just characterize him, release the swarm, and rest easy. It’s very progressive.


The Hungarian language and its two closest relatives: Khanty and Mansi


The whole Finno-Ugric map is interesting too.



The explosion of the volcano on the island of Santorini (circa 1628-1624 BC), caused its collapse into the sea. It is responsible for the tsunami that devastated the north coast of Minoan Crete.

Today, Santorini is a really nice tourist destination and I highly recommend the place. Times have changed since 1628 BC. You can see the island in a day, but taking your time and kicking back, it’s a nice part of a multi-day trip to the Greek Islands. Maybe I need to start a travel blog?


Getting the Painting to Look…


Viking Expansion


East and West

7 thoughts on “Maps and Stuff

  1. Bnsf runs a Kansas City to Amarillo fast track through my response area. Lots of grain trains and shipping containers on flat cars. The ones that really concern me are the 200 car length ethanol trains. There is always a boxcar between the lead engines and the product, so the rail crew has a small buffer zone from the big bomb they are dragging behind them. Pipelines are dangerous Warren Buffet keeps telling me.

    1. Trust Buffet. He has Jo/Ho in his pocket and you know that he loves “you and me”.

      1. Bet if a bunch of fireflies caused billows of smoke to rise from all those coal and oil trains, there would be no reporting of the pollution caused by train transport.

    2. BNSF runs a track past my house less than a quarter mile away so I see what’s being hauled. Coal is one of the more common cargos. While he’s a billionaire leftist Buffet seems to have no problem hauling the fossil fuels that pay.

  2. Thanks for the Kenya/Somalia report. News to me. Maybe we can get into a handy little war there. Slaughterbots all ’round!

  3. And on the East Coast of Florida is the plucky FEC (Florida East Coast Railway.) Started by Henry Flagler, it’s been going great guns since. The Unions tried to kill it, the railway won.

    They have LNG powered locomotives and are building a double-track capable of handling high speed passenger service from Miami to Cocoa in partnership with Brightline (the passenger train company.)

    CSX can suck it!

  4. Not too far NNE from your dugout, the San Luis Valley (SLV) has had many UFO sightings. One explanation is the mix of altitude, cannabis, tequila, and new age religions cults.

    Colorado has a new railroad war in the making. When the Union Pacific acquired the Denver & Rio Grande, they abandoned the Tennessee Pass route (Canon City/Arkansas River to Dorseto/Colorado River). Several companies want to operate the route. There is now an alliance of the trust fund snots who don’t want coal trains rolling through their mountain towns and the Union Pacific who doesn’t want more competition.

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