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The official Chinese News Agency, Xinhua published the text of a series of amendments proposed by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee. The most controversial is that which eliminates term limits on the presidency.
Xi Jinping is no Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.
“Article 14 Paragraph 3 of Article 79 of the Constitution “The president and vice president of the People’s Republic of China shall hold the same term as each term of the National People’s Congress and shall not hold office for more than two consecutive terms.” Amend to read as follows: “The term of office of president of the People’s Republic of China and the term of office of vice president shall be the same as the term of office of the National People’s Congress.” 
The National People’s Congress will convene on 5 March to discuss revision of the constitution among other issues. 
The term of the National People’s Congress is five years. The two-term limit meant that President Xi could only serve for ten years, ending in 2023. Under the new proposal, Xi coulf serve as President indefinitely. His position as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party has no term limit.
Xinhua also published the proposal to incorporate Xi Jinping thought into the Chinese constitution. It is already incorporated into the Chinese Communist Party’s constitution.
While Westerners have great mistrust for leaders, the Chinese by in large do not. It goes to mindset. 

15 thoughts on “Chinese Kool-Aid

  1. Huh. My first thought was "more like North Korea"; but not really.
    I suppose when he's old and no longer able to lead (or be a useful puppet?), something would happen to him..

  2. The founders of our country understood human nature very well, and this is a good example of the kind of thing they made every effort to avoid.

  3. It's a human inclination. In this case, Xi Jinping feels that he's so personally important to China that they can't do without him. I think that the same is true of Little Rocket Man. They are at the center of a cult of personality.

  4. Hillary (the Old Crone – lock her up) never ascended to that point, however, that would have been her path — without a single doubt. President Trump is content with eight years to MAGA.

  5. >While Westerners have great mistrust for leaders, the Chinese by in large do not. It goes to mindset.

    This is an example of why I have increasing doubts about Civic Nationalism. The Chinese-ness and the trust-or-lack-thereof in leaders are specifics, but the general principle about attitudes is what I am about.

  6. Why not incorporate Xi's thoughts into Mao's 'Little Red Book?' You know, kind of like the New Testament was stapled to the end of the Old Testament in the Bible.

    Well, maybe not exactly like that…..

  7. I'm sure that his mutterings are like gold to his followers. Not unlike Obama's ramblings.

    Now Michelle Obama is hopeful in a run for the White House – or maybe as Oprah's VP?

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