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  1. You are what you settle for. No more, no less.
  2. Aim and shoot – belly button, belt buckle, and balls. Speed is fine, accuracy is final. (you’ll tend to shoot high in a stressful situation)
  3. Visit Woodsterman if you want to know how he’s advising you how to spend your stimulus check.
  4. Meme of the day:

If you have to be quarantined and locked down, Northern Arizona isn’t a bad place to serve your sentence. Just saying.

29 thoughts on “Arizona

    1. Jules, you have no idea. To the south of me a short distance is the Clear Greek Gorge. A little further south is the Mogollon Rim, and to the north (about a two hour drive) is the Grand Canyon.

      Spanish conquistadors traveled through this land, in search of the Seven Cities of Gold. A recon element of the larger army reached the Grand Canyon in September 1540. About 13 Spanish soldiers led by García López de Cárdenas, moved ahead of the army of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado and all of a sudden, there was the Grand Canyon. I can only wonder what went through their minds.

      As you approach the Grand Canyon from the south there is NO INDICATION of what is ahead until you leave the cedars on relatively flat ground and BAM, the canyon.

      There were Apache wars, range wars (cattle vs sheep) with gunfights, and the road I live on was originally an army road built to deliver supplies, communications and move troops over.

      You live in England in the woods of Robin Hood, so you have Roman forts and roads, castles and history as well. I think that people expect more history in Nottingham than they do in Northern Arizona.

      1. The North Rim has a pretty great lodge. Might be a bit busy for you but I’ve enjoyed the four time I’ve gone up there with friends.

        Is that photo from the Mogollon Rim near the trail that Gen Cooke was on? I’ve done some dirt biking on that.

        Oh, I’ve got a friend that’s done a couple of one week courses at Gunsite. Probably not something you need but he learned a lot.

        1. To me the best part of the North Rim is Toroweap. I’m really not a lodge sort of camper, but if it’s a party with friends, that’s something else.

          Yes, the photo is of the Rim from Forest Road 300 (that runs along the Rim). It’s about a 15 min. drive from my house.

  1. Everyone needs to find their soul place (my wife’s descriptor). We have ours in Northern Colorado…with plenty to do around here now Spring has teased the landscape, the lock down is only strangely sensed when venturing to town.

    “Well my name’s Johnny…and I’ll take your bet.” hehe

    1. Damn the Chinese Plague. Things seemed to be going along so well. Ah, fate!

      I had a trip to Colorado planned as I mentioned in reply to you a few weeks ago before the plague hit and was looking forward to spending a couple or three weeks on your turf this summer. I hope it can still happen. You live in a beautiful place.

      1. Likely will happen…and we try not to take living here for granted.

        Last night our illustrious governor – in a rare rational moment – has stated Colorado will “reopen” by the 26th. We shall see.

          1. Thank you. Let’s see how it all falls out, but thanks for your hospitality. It would be nice to take you and the pretty vet lady out to dinner somewhere.

  2. Catching up yet again. The first two pages I bookmarked both went static on me, taking me to exactly the same place every time. That made it appear that there were no new postings. I did manage to blunder my way here so I guess I’ll bookmark this page and hope for the best.

    You can’t fault the devil for losing the fiddle contest, at least in his second try. In “The Devil Comes Back to Georgia” he went up against Mark O’Connor whose fiddle work is decidedly above average.

    1. Try a page refresh first, if that doesn’t work deleting history before loading the website usually does the trick.

      1. Yes, that should work. Once you’ve done that, it will be ok thereafter.

  3. As Neo replied,
    “Guns. Lots of guns.”

    My wish list.
    Trying to keep it made in America
    Something Colonel Jeff Cooper would approve of
    It must be orientated towards stimulating Hoplophobe Derangement Syndrome:

    A few bars each of W2 and O1 tool steel knife billet for the forge.
    Trijicon Accupoint 1-4 with green chevron reticle.
    Keltec PM30
    Moah! Aluminum GI AR magazines
    Atlas 2 inch Micro battle belt
    Some HighSpeed Gear Taco mag pouches
    Extra blow out supplies for IFAK kits
    Green Mountain Rifle Barrel chambered AR rifle blank, or two.
    Something nice for the Ol’ Lady, she likes Lillies, so some bare roots for her flower garden.
    Anything left over, a de-milled S&W Model 29 44 mag pistol kit from everygunpart, see if I can weld and machine one back into a functioning weapon. (A right proper time waster)
    That should be stimulating enough.

    1. Since I live near Gunsight, and near all things Jeff Cooper, I feel what you’re saying. Peace through superior firepower. And yes, “Guns, lots of guns.” I think that he might have said that in the John Wick series as well.

      1. Much envy you there. Strikes me as pretty cool set-up they created, some righteous gun/rifleman karma.
        Indeed right there as you imply, an armed civilization is a polite prudent civilization. I imagine you probably have a few tricks you could pass on to those guys. One time, every year attended the gem show in Tuscon, did some traveling around your great state, lot of beauty, love the serenity and silence in the desert. Those mountain ranges like where you are always look so attractive. Many things different than NH & WV.

        It is a subtle thing like to share, since WV passed total Constitutional Carry, it is a marked difference, the civility and consideration here is very civilized.
        Do some share cropping with a property line neighbor who has a beef cattle farm, we get a handful of kill permits each year to keep the deer off the corn and vegetable’s, so I usually have a short barrel 300BLK AR slung while tilling and such, most of the local ladies drive by, beep with a wave and produce big grins. I believe they appreciate armed men in their community.
        The meth heads buried like ticks in along our ridge end abandoning their alert dogs, mostly some crossbreed pitbull/rotty/healer mix, they go thru cycles of packing up, not a few caught in the act of trying to take down calves and they are always trying to get at my hogs, they become dangerously feral, aren’t afraid of human’s one bit, my neighbor and I take care of that problem. It’s quite interesting how many small unit infantry combat tactics and thinking we have employed hunting these feral critters down, many similarities to 4th G insurgency against conscript 3G solders. It’s all right nice thing to experience. Coopers tactical dictums are very effective in real life so far.

        Won 1st prize on a Survival blog writing contest about 7 years ago, one gift was a week at Gunsight, unfortunately we received the lightbringer’s and pantsuit’s blessing for us dirty evil coal miners here in WV, about 3700 of us let go in the first week, all but shut every mine down, so expense money to go to a week of Gunsight was not prudent with family to care for, but it’s nice to dream what could have been.
        Ended up it worked out pretty well due to a really good egg from the interwebs, sprung for Max Velocity’s combat handgun course if I would attend with him, even paid for my ammo and board.
        Have since been acquiring many of Coopers works for the library. Passing those works forward. It’s only the right thing. Turns out a great way to get AO Fudd’s to begin thinking about being citizen warriors and adopting a small unit infantry combat mind set, rather than 4 1/2 boxes of compact surp ammo for their SKS being more than enough to get them thru some SHTF party. Once the Hillbillies in these mountains get the arse on though, they will not be denied, that Scot’s Irish blood.
        Good Ol’ Colonel Cooper has a way of defining things, thats my America, and theirs too.

        Anyways, Max puts on a fabulous pistol combat course, during which I asked our instructor where they came up with all the instruction and mind set weaponry. I was really digging all the stuff they where teaching us, seriously. I had only read Coopers book on the Rifleman/Scout, so didn’t recognize the pistol thinking and tactics, turns out they used Coopers system basically straight from his book on pistol combat. Made a believer out of me.
        Serendipity works in mysterious ways.

  4. A much older LEO relative advised me, back in my callow youth, to aim for the groin. He explained that would break the pelvis, and that no one was moving with a broken pelvis. I’ve never needed to follow his advice but it has stuck in my mind for decades. When I practice, that is the shot placement I practice.

    1. Being gutshot, or shot in the pelvis is lethal, but in a push, you will likely shoot a little higher – a heart shot – if you aim there, If you’re aim is true, they’re still not going anywhere.

  5. Thanks for the link My Good Man. I see by the new digs you’ve spent your time wisely in cooped up land.

    Our weekly journey to the store was Now accompanied by gloves and masks. First time for that attire. But since we old folk are the ones the Chinese wanted to eliminate, better safe than sorry. Since the little woman and I have underlying medical issues, it’s better not to look “Tough”.

    1. I don’t usually wear a bandana.

      Funny thing, two guys walked into the bank in front of me and I entertained the notion that they might be planning to stick the place up. But they were just being socially responsible.

  6. Beautiful, and I’m with Jules. Great Devil infographic.

    Meanwhile, “lockdown” kinda continues in Hillsboro, which means no one can go to Montes because its shut and people have started wearing masks and bandannas in Walmart. It’ like some sort of movie.

    6 cases of the Chinese plague, mostly from our free clinic. Let’s hope the figure stays low. I caught it the other night and posted Bedward, but recovered.

  7. Stay safe and take care. Better to be where you are in days like this instead of being stuck in a city.

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