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  1. How is your family doing in Kali? Are they away from the fires? Are there power outages near them?

    There are a lot of things the Fake Indian should know better.

    God bless you (and us) all, LL.

  2. Thank you for asking after my family, LindaG. They are all fine, and the next big conclave will be Thanksgiving at the White Wolf Mine in Arizona. I suspect that I'll join them in California for Christmas.

    The area where they live has been free from power outages, but California is a mess and they know it. They have jobs (as I once did) that locked them in place for the time being. But they can always flee to the mountains if things get too insane. I have room. I have food. I have the means to protect all of it. And though that is the essence of AMERICA, it's fallen out of fashion.

  3. What did Elizabeth Warren say about the White Wolf Mine?

    a) I'd raise the property taxes on that unit. But that's just me.
    b) Whoever lives there probably has a few nickels to rub together: they are just the kind that can afford a 2% wealth tax (per year).
    c) White Wolf? White is the color of evil, it should be changed to Red Wolf (did you know I'm a Red Skin?…"
    d) You didn't build that!!
    e) All of the above

  4. The mess in Kali grows and grows. What are the chances of national civil insurrection starting there?

  5. WSF, I'm afraid that I agree with Paul. The lemmings voted for a gas tax increase. Nearly $5/gallon now. $2.75 in AZ. The progs are happy with the state falling apart. It's their sort of home. Remember, the rich elites don't see the homeless slums and they have enough money to cover the high taxes. Just don't ask for a straw to drink through.

  6. "And though that is the essence of AMERICA, it's fallen out of fashion."

    LL: It's only fallen out of fashion among those who are not true Americans. Those of us who love our country ( even though it is not, nor has ever been, perfect ) will stand with Lady Liberty and protect her from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    The pictures in your post are great.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  7. I'm wondering if the plague will eat Kali's major metropolitan areas.
    There will be collateral damage, but not much.

  8. "What are the chances of national civil insurrection starting there?"

    Not a chance, WSF. There are not enough people with intelligence left there to make a difference. The major population centers outnumber the places where those who are not flaming leftists live. Oregon and Washington (state) are not quite as bad because Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Seattle are not so populous as to overwhelm the rest of the two states. ( At least when I lived in western Washington state, the people had their heads on straight. )

    Paul L. Quandt

  9. I've never been one for fashion, so that works for me.
    Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and a blessed Merry Christmas.

  10. When I use the word, "Fashion", I am speaking of the norms and mores of your betters, the elites, the trend setters in Hollywood and the parasites sprinkled across the country. Essentially, Democrats.

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