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I don’t know why it’s so difficult to find Irn Bru in the USA.  Maybe I simply have to listen for the skirling of the pipes and follow the music – like chasing down an Irish leprechaun in search of his pot of gold. My sense was that there would be someplace in Austin that would sell the remarkable Scottish beverage – since if it’s exotic or weird – it should be available in Austin. 

Since I will be traveling through Austin tomorrow  after work, on my way to the LSP compound, I called “All Things Celtic” in Austin. The owner knew what Irn Bru is, but didn’t sell it. So it’s not “all things Celtic” is it? He told me to ‘sod off’. I could buy any narcotic on an Austin street corner but not Irn Bru. That tells you how screwed up Austin hippies are. Irn Bru contains quinine, caffein and a number of other questionable chemicals that are said to prolong life and do other remarkable things to your love life.  An Austin hippie will ingest dirt if he thinks that there are exotic chemicals in it. 
I’m not suggesting that Irn Bru is a marital aid,  that it will make you better looking, stronger or that it will put more hair on your chest, but many Scots might.
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22 thoughts on “Irn Bru

  1. NB: LSP ate all the quail. You'll have to settle for beef steaks.

    This stuff sounds a bit like battery acid. I think I'd like it.

  2. I like a can of Irn Bru now and again. More again than now, because you can't get it here.

  3. And there's that hole in the wall Mexican food place where I took you and your two sons to Sunday dinner the last time I was at the compound.

  4. I thought Lonestar beer was the lifeblood of Texas. But then again, I've only been a Texan for less than a week, got a lot of larnin' ahead of me.

  5. I can't say for sure, but I think that you're only allowed to drink Lone Star Beer if you're wearing a cowboy hat.

  6. Everybody lies, it's just a matter of degree…
    What the heck does "sod off" mean anyway!

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