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Climate Change

Am I a ‘climate change denier’? No, absolutely not. The climate changes all of the time. The light from the Sun that strikes Earth is not absolutely constant due to different factors. The Earth itself is not completely stable and historically, it shifts on its axis and what was the pole is now somewhere near the equator, which is why we drill for oil in the Arctic. 15,000 years ago the place where I now live was under about one quarter of a mile of ice. Give or take. 
(link) (Updated Oct. 23, 2019) Retired Principal Scientific Officer (PSO) for the British Government exposes “discrepancies” in NASA’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) which serve to make recent temperatures seem warmer. 
The “mistakes” point to possible fraud intended to give scientific credence to tax-raising UK and US climate policies.
Wow, faked data intended to promote tax increases designed to combat the climate and change the weather? Really? Who would have thought THAT? So…we’re not all going to be dead in twelve years if we don’t pay massive taxes and adopt a communist government? 
The world is still emerging from the last ice age and the climate, while warming slightly, maybe, is remarkably stable. It’s a good idea not to pollute (somebody tell China) and to not litter and to behave responsibly. It’s a good idea to be a good neighbor and not to throw trash on your neighbor’s land. Fences make for good neighbors.
But we’re not all going to die in 12 years and the hoax that is climate change will eventually be debunked completely. By then the Left will be howling about over-population or something else. They seem to shift from one hoax to another seamlessly.

Or maybe the end IS near. Babylonbee offers proof.

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  1. Yes, back in the 1970's the left howled over the impending doom of global cooling. Then when it looked like things were actually warming a bit, they went nuts over global warming. Then the climate leveled out, and the mantra was simply changed to climate change.

    The left is nothing if not clever in how to manipulate dull minds. They do it very well.

  2. it shifts on its axis and what was the pole is now somewhere near the equator

    The axis doesn't shift nearly that much.

    which is why we drill for oil in the Arctic

    I don't know why we drill for oil in the Arctic. Coal contains fossils of leaves, so we know it was on the surface at one time. Maybe oil didn't come from the surface, maybe it comes up from deeper in the Earth due to some other process. Rumors claim existing "exhausted" oil fields are refilling from the bottom.

  3. My take on Global Whatever, is that if a problem actually ever presents itself, the proper response will to engineer our way out of it, just like we have with every other problem that has presented itself so far.

    Destroying the current Greatest Golden Age in the history of the world, to return to the past hell of Feudalism and subsistence farming is not the way to solve anything, ever.

    There are more people living in the world today at a middle-class or better standard than there were people on the Earth in 1970, at all. We were all supposed to have starved to death by now, and instead we have World Obesity as a "problem".

    Everything is getting better, not worse. All we have to do is keep on course, and we'll have a global paradise in a century or two.


  4. About 80 million years ago, scientists speculate that two geologically rapid phases of true polar wander may have occurred. In each of these, the magnetic poles of the Earth shifted by approximately 55°. Over the past 200 million years, the pole has wandered about 30°.

  5. I don't know if mankind is capable of crafting a true paradise. The US and Canada have gone a long way toward find it, though. Europe struggles with migration from savage lands. As you suggest, we live a good standard here in the US. Almost no unemployment, abundant food, no wars unless we go out to create one, etc.

    Even places such as India are seeing significant improvements, but Africa lags far behind almost everywhere.

  6. "A life I don't need a vacation from" – a worthy goal. I kind of have that now that I'm retired. We haven't left home since the eclipse trip in '17 and when we talk about going somewhere else it always ends up with the "I don't know… where do you wanna go" that comes with "where do you want to go to dinner?"

    I have retired friends that go back to work to alleviate boredom. While the coin would be nice, that would mean giving up playing all the time.

  7. The whole work thing is winding down for me. I dole out advice of dubious value here and there and so forth, but I live in a wondrous place in a State that works hard not to screw with its citizens. There is really nowhere to go for dinner here unless I wish to undertake a journey…and I do that sometimes.

    I've more or less lived out a by-your-leave for a long time now. It's pretty cool.

  8. Have you seen the latest report that says the ozone layer is smaller and they expect it to close in ten years or so?

    What you say is what I have said. The climate changes every day. Yesterday it rained all day. Today the high is mid 60s, etc.

    God bless.

  9. There's a certain genius to taxing the weather and fighting it too. Remember the Great War on Weather?

  10. I think that the Antarctic hole in the ozone layer was one of those natural phenomenon that come and go, usually without an accurate explanation by science.

    Sorry about your climate change. I'm afraid you'll just have to live with it.

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