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The Grandsons…

They arrived with their parents and upon arrival wanted to go and find bones. It is a tradition with these particular grandsons to look for elk bones but not having prepared sufficiently, I didn’t have elk bones pre-positioned for them to find.

Nevertheless, grandpa put on his thinking cap and we went into the general of the highway where non-locals transit at insane speeds at dawn and dusk, thinning the elk herd and often dying in the process. The animal carcasses are devoured by predators and are pulled off the road into the bush. After a few hours of looking, we came up with three elk skulls that will return with them to amaze their city friends.

Then we tubed down the Salt River and this morning we might have engaged in the ancient and revered art of plinking – which in the lexicon of Californians is a woke process of discharging gas and projecting a pellet. Perfectly harmless. California politicians are adept at discharging gas, often, accompanied by a pellet…Pelosi and Swalwell head the list with Maxine Waters a runner-up. That does sound racist doesn’t it?

They’re preparing to go zip lining tomorrow near Flagstaff.

Three of my daughters had boys. One had girls. This ends the boys visiting this summer, and begins girl season.



A moron went up to a bison in Yellowstone Park in an effort to make friends. For all those who say you can’t fix stupid, this is an example of it being fixed. Somebody should get his name for a Darwin Award nomination.

It would be worth moving to Montana if I could have this plate on my truck.


No ID Required

Ar-196A-3 from Seeaufklärungsgruppe 125 in flight over Souda Bay, Crete, Summer 1943.


Let’s Go Brandon!!


Bullet Points

* “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” – (Thomas Jefferson) Free men do not ask permission to bear arms. The Second Amendment to the Constitution is there in case politicians ignore the others.

* Canadian PM Trudeau is putting a freeze on private ownership of firearms. Who is surprised? Of course, his stooges will know precisely where to look because they were previously registered with the Canadian Government. And unless there was a tragic boating accident, they’ll do the same thing that the progs would do here in the USA.

* The next time that a university prog tells you how important diversity is, ask how many conservatives are in their sociology department.

* Pelosi Crime Family Update -Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), recently bought up to $5 million in stocks in a semiconductor company. This comes right before the Senate is set to vote on a competition bill next week that would give a $52 billion subsidy to the semiconductor industry, Reuters reported.

* Please stop expecting vegetarian options at the BBQ.


Map Section

The Danes and Norse

They had a disproportionately large effect on the then-known world. Mostly they traded and were master mariners, and whether they traded or raided, they were not afraid of a fight and were mostly large and imposing warriors. They did what they had to in order to escape the lutefisk.


Map of Chinaand peripheral East Asia on the eve of June 1, 1644.




Map of the average # of vehicles per household, by County (Census estimates) The average nationwide is 1.8 vehicles per household. Counties in yellow have above an above average # of vehicles, while counties in green have a below average # of vehicles:




The Pill


Parting Shot



  1. In my younger days I just switched the tag and battery to the vehicle of choice for the day. Those days were long gone once I married. My wife has a newer well maintained dependable vehicle. I still have a “fleet” however my wife insists on each one having a legal tag and good battery. The price of progress I guess.

    • In my law enforcement life, I carried cold plates with me. Usually half a dozen or so, and used them when I worked undercover so if somebody saw me in my car, and was able to have the plate run, it would come back, “not on file”. If I was stopped by a police officer, I’d present the valid registration and I had the valid plate in the trunk.

      • One of my jobs working for the Drug Unit at the local PD was making fake year stickers for old license plates. My fakes worked so well the DEA unit wanted some. Definitely faked out the local drug dealers, except for those who were having their relatives in the PD’s Records department or at the combined comm center, who were able to and did run plates for their dealer family members.

        For that reason, we had our own radio network and our own records system until the case went for prosecution, at which time it would be hours to days before full copies were handed over to ne’er-do-wells.

        Of course, no Records or Comm Center or even Officers were charged or fired for doing this, even when we salted fake info into some reports to see where the leaks were.

        Ah, good times…

        Then there was the badged bimbo who was ‘confiscating’ cell phones of out-of-towners and giving them to her major dealer boyfriend. Or the badged bimbo who was serving as off-duty protection to another dealer and pimp. Or.. Or….

    • Time to remind them who works for who in this 240 year Republic. I’m guessing they will somehow try to enact Marshal Law before November once they full realize how badly thy will lose.

      • They still control the vote counting don’t they? They are still using the same electronic voting machines? They still control most of the media?
        Why would they lose this time?

          • Read a report that there are – if memory from this morning serves – 21 confirmed(!) cases of voter fraud for the 2020 election. Slow in coming, but emerging nonetheless. But we’re labeled nutjobs for even thinking it.

  2. Birthday today for one grandson.
    “They did what they had to in order to escape the lutefisk”. That made me laugh having been married to a first generation Norwegian, ya sure ya betcha. The mere mention of lutefisk would cause cursing in two languages. Being the sensitive type, I usually offered to find some for her on special occasions, like her birthday.

    • That’s more of a birthday curse than a gift…

      Though it could be worse. Balut (/bəˈluːt/ bə-LOOT, /ˈbɑːluːt/ BAH-loot; also spelled as balot) is a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. How could you kiss a mouth that once ate a balut?

    • You romantic…a man after my own heart. MrsPaulM says “No thanks” when I offer the same “special birthday meal”.

  3. todays nordic women are all so beautiful because the vikings didn’t bring the ugly ones back from their raiding trips.

  4. While at Yellowstone, some years ago, I also witnessed nominees for the Darwin Award. Some of these nominees also chose Grizzlies for their props.

    • If you want a swift and certain end, screwing with cub grizzlies in the presence of the sow is always a good move.

  5. A rich content stack this morning.

    – P.P.: Hung from a yardarm, that scurrilous bum. Should be in jail for waaay over-limit drunk driving and causing harm to others, not in his office buying more insider-traded stock options slid over from his cretinous Bridezilla. I guess The Nan had to offer a lifetime supply of specialty ice cream and donuts to the PD and DA for that one to skate.

    – Bison- Natural culling works wonders to eliminate the stupid from our gene pool. Hey!, let’s drop off a load in DC, put some pink ribbons on them then say “This particular herd identifies as Socialist chihuahua’s, go a head and pet them, they’re just big lunk’s, wouldn’t hurt a flea and will sacrifice their heard friend if you want a lean steak.”

    Could do a PPV. Might be better than NASCAR.

    – Danes…Yup, married one. I often kid her…”The Danes, they’re EVERYWHERE!” This, after learning that it’s expressly ‘E’n, not ‘O’n…Danes ARE NOT Swedes…and a pile of LarSEN’s in Laramie of all places. Lot’s of old jabs and jokes between the two countries, with the Danes always winning. Heh.

    • I recall the taunt (when I was a kid), “Forty Swedes ran through the weeds, chased by one Norwegian.” I had Swedish neighbors who flew their ancestral flag in lieu of the Stars and Stripes, so I considered them fair game for taunts.

      • For a week the Swedish King sees a Dane taunting him – neener, neener – from across Øresund, so sent his army over to settle the score once and for all. After a week one comes crawling back…barely alive. King says “What happened to my army?!” Soldier says, “But King, there were TWO of them!”

      • BTW, we could call the PPV “The Running of the BullS–tter’s”, the Democrat Gals could put their “We hate DJT” white pant suits to good use. Be like Pamplona, only down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    • Typo’s aside (friggin iPad), following up on 2A and the ability to protect oneself AT WILL and AS NECESSARY, the Indiana Mall Shooting yesterday. A 22 y-o legal carry young man took immediate action and killed the perpetrator who open fired in the Food Court, saving lives in the process. Stopped the attack nearly immediately while the PD was 10 minutes away. Sorta Rittenhouse 2.0. The PD have not released the gunman’s info…gee, wonder why?

      No more argument required to combat the moronic argument from those who believe we work for them when they try to undermine 2A to the point only the bad guys and government will have firearms.

        • My take on the Left crying “gun foul” over some stupid “Gun Free Zone” signage at this particular mall?

          THEY CAN SEE what will happen if continuing on their destruction path, so are working overtime to eliminate the threat. That’s why they hue and cry like ninnies when something good comes from a situation like yesterday. A bad guy starts something, a good guy doesn’t hesitate and stops him, dead — Yellow Alert coupled to OODA Loop in action. Always be ready.

    • Mixing up Norse with Danes with Swedes is like mixing up Japanese and Koreans and Vietnamese.

      A sure way, in the right place, to end up deaded.

  6. It seems that one grandson is not so happy with the trophy…
    Hubby told me about the Yellowstone moron. Do we ban Buffalo now?
    Great post. Thanks for taking the time out, LL.
    Enjoy the granddaughters!
    You all be safe and God bless.

    • I do have a breathing spell before granddaughters arrive. I’ve had to put work off to the irritation of co-workers, but kids before cash.

    • I was thinking that he’s reached the age where smiling has suddenly become unmanly. Most grow out of that phase, eventually. 🙂

    • Well, (sniff) Akctually, they’re not buffalo but bison.

      And that will be my pendactic arsehole moment for the day…

      Seriously though, I am sure some city twit is working on a bill or law that will require ‘taming’ the wild beasts. Or glass barriers. Or something else totally stupid.

  7. Doing our best to keep the averages up over here, with 6 cars.

    We only sell cars to the junkyard, and sometime I buy mine from the junkyard…


  8. I always have a Vegetarian/Vegan option at my barbecues: a glass of tap water at room temperature and a steel folding chair in the corner where they can sit and glare self-righteousness at the rest of the party.

  9. “The next time that a university prog tells you how important diversity is, ask how many conservatives are in their sociology department.”

    You’ve already gone one step up (or down?) the chain by talking about *ideology* rather than skin color. In my experience there is first babble about “diversity, sacred diversity” when they obviously mean skin color. So I point out that it’s racist for them to obsess about skin color. THEN they backpedal [1] and say, “No, no, we mean diversity of perspective. THAT’s why we need more Black faculty.” Then I ask, “So you automatically assume that all Blacks have the same perspective? That’s REALLY racist.” At this point I’m sometimes told to do something anatomically improbable to myself.

    [1] the really hardcore aggressive ones will NOT backpedal. They come after me hammer and tongs (or rather hammer and sickle). I then demand to know “Why don’t you recruit flat earthers and Holocaust deniers if you really want diversity?” I gave up this sport about 10 years ago. Arguing with high-IQ progs is more futile than trying to get heroin addicts off of the junk for good. And baiting them (the progs) is of limited amusement value in the long run.

    • Yes, it’s not amusing after the first general volley. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig. When you roll in the mud with a pig you both get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

  10. Brilliant idea to search along the road. I would not have come up with that in time.

    I have never understood why leftist women do not insist on making the pill available without a prescription. Also not clear on why a prescription is required.

    Always interesting reading your blog.

  11. I’ll guess that some of their friends back in The City go “EEEEWWWW!” when they see animal skulls. “You touched them without gloves on? is also a possible response. I’m sure they’ll remember these trips all their lives. I remember mine….

    The bison photo clearly demonstrates an extreme lack of common sense. To go up to a 2,000lb WILD animal and try and be friends is beyond stupid. Bleach in the gene pool not required in this case, as Mother Nature took care of it herself.

    People “out here” vs “Big City” don’t need signs telling them why the prices have gone up. And we support our local businesses regardless.

    Nice to see we’re doing our part to keep the Number of Vehicles per Household up there.

    • Yup…howeve, define “vehicle”.

      4-wheelers? Tractors? Ranch pickups (not on the road…for much)? Or just our street hauling and grocery-getters?

      If all of the above that puts us at 7, and up thisaway that’s light.

        • Yeah but one of yours has been EVERYWHERE possible…so that one counts for at least 2. BTW, never figured I’d have that many “vehicles” and associated gear…but it all gets used. Now me, I’m an amateur as compared to my 100 year ranch neighbors…they never get rid of anything as long as it runs, even barely.

  12. Re: Vegan BBQ options, what, no coleslaw or tater salad or baked beans?

    (Yes, I know, eggs, milk, bacon etc.)

    I served a Quiche Lorraine to some vegans once (accidentally) and they loved how flavorful it was…

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