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Conflict & Victimhood

Transgenderism and feminism are logically incompatible: women cannot be an especially oppressed group with a group identity, akin to proletarians suffering under capitalists, if men at will can enter or women leave the group, merely by changing wigs, ingesting hormones, or suffering self-inflicted genital mutilation.

Please note that Marxist theory says no one wins the rigged game of capitalism. Farmers cannot overcome poverty by hard work and patient discipline. It was for this reason that the Kulaks of Ukraine had to be starved and destroyed by Stalin: namely, the living example of dirt-poor peasants accumulating wealth enough to install indoor plumbing was anathema to the theory. Reality had to submit to theory.

Likewise for Cultural Marxism. Feminism preaches that the game is rigged against women, and so no woman can be successful by her own effort. Only Big Brother can save her, and he must be given absolute, untrammeled, unaccountable power, to do so.

But if any woman can, at will, shave her hair, don trousers, and become a man, or any man in wig and lipstick become a woman, there is nothing innate about womanhood granting victim status: it becomes voluntary. In a world where the only moral law is the law of consent, this undermines the whole prospect of a feminist utopia.


The Wizard in the Corn Field

If you go to the American Midwest there’s a wizard living in the corn and if you catch him you get three wishes.

Yes, yes. Just go into the corn fields. Nothing will harm you in the corn fields, no, nothing. That’s right, the corn is perfectly safe, perfectly sane, step right in and walk among the rows. Just keep walking deeper into the corn. It is perfectly safe. Nothing will harm you.

Please just go into the cornfield and keep walking until you get back to the city.


Bullet Points

* I saw a chicken at the fair one time who could play chopsticks on a little piano without a teleprompter! So on the brain scale, it’s definitely chicken-one, Brandon-zero.

* Blood on the Risers – he ain’t gonna jump no more.

USAID – “Today, on International Women’s Day, USAID Administrator Samantha Power, along with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Acting Director Shalanda Young, previewed that the President’s 2023 Budget will request approximately $2.6 billion for foreign assistance programs that promote gender equity and equality worldwide.” That is one big pile of pork.

* Under the Bigtop – Distracting us with the clowns is one of the tricks used by the circus when some disaster happened in the main act. The show must go on.

* Why didn’t the White House bring Alec Baldwin in to talk about gun control?



On 13 July 2002, the man who took the iconic photograph of Winston Churchill, Yousuf Karsh, passed away. Karsh was a Canadian portrait photographer from Armenia. The story goes that he achieved the famous scowl, in the 1941 photograph, by snatching the cigar out of Churchill’s mouth!

The day was 30 December, and it was in Canada, in the chamber of the Speaker of the House of Commons at the Parliament in Ottawa, after Churchill had delivered a speech.

Karsh described the moment: “Churchill’s cigar was ever present. I held out an ashtray, but he would not dispose of it. I went back to my camera and made sure that everything was all right technically. I waited; he continued to chomp vigorously at his cigar. I waited. Then I stepped toward him and, without premeditation, but ever so respectfully, I said, ‘Forgive me, sir,’ and plucked the cigar out of his mouth. By the time I got back to my camera, he looked so belligerent he could have devoured me. It was at that instant that I took the photograph.”

Churchill was to later say, “You can even make a roaring lion stand still to be photographed.” As a result, Karsh titled the photo, ‘The Roaring Lion’.

Churchill must have seen the funny side though, as the less famous photograph – Karsh’s favorite – taken later in the shoot, indicates! However, 1941 was a serious – not a laughing – matter, and it is unlikely a smiling Churchill would have caught on!


H/T Ed C

Team Brandon is constantly on the look for new woke talent to flesh out his Senior Executive Service. At least you know that your tax money is being spent well by this regime




h/t Frank

You can’t view it properly without the music.

22 thoughts on “Working your Grievance

  1. If you have enough oppressed groups you can play them against one another and get graft out of each many times over. A person has to choose to be a “victim” and that says a lot about that individual doesn’t it?

    I wonder how the admiral and the SES are actually doing their jobs? Pretty sure they will both be rated only on “wokeness” though so actual job performance doesn’t matter all that really.

    Have to say that Churchill is one of the people in history that I admire. A flawed human being that excelled in a particular time and set of circumstance.

    Winged Hussars, I did not know I needed some Sabaton to get started this morning but I did, thank you. You sure offer a full service blog.

  2. There’s security in playing the victim. In my opinion, it’s one the most unhealthy attitudes to acquire, and keep. It’s accepting defeat, and gives power to anyone wanting to take advantage of the situation.

    1. I agree on the “unhealthy” part. Defeat? Not so much. Some have managed to weaponize their victimhood (both actual and claimed) for power and profit. The trick is that it’s NOT a trick: most genuinely believe in their victimhood, and will viciously attack anyone who questions even one iota of the story. Of course, the victimhood damages and deforms your psyche to an irreparable degree, but if combined with high-IQ and tenacity, you will come out on top, at least as a group.

      Jussie Smolett is an example of what you get if victimhood is the paramount measure of a man. Smolett is a one-man trifecta of victimhood, embodying the top three classes of the Oppressed Powerless Victim hierarchy simultaneously.

      On other topics, the scrawny bear next to the bear sign is like holding up the hamburger you actually get from McDonald’s next to the advertising photo of what the hamburger theoretically should look like.

      Someone (probably Beans) can tell you all the disadvantages of “boob armor” in terms of shedding blows, redistributing impact forces, etc. But I am willing to accept this historical inaccuracy because the Poles have been through enough crap that they get a pass here.

      1. Being a victim (preferably from several categories) people like Senator Elizabeth Warren have advanced their careers significantly. Indian (microscopic trace amounts of DNA or just self-identify), female (sorta – very tough muff), communist (always a grievance group) and if those aren’t enough, you just make up a few.

  3. I was watching that Sabaton video just the other day.
    As soon as I saw Blood on the Risers a voice in my head started singing “Gory, Gory”…will probably be stuck in my head the rest of the day.
    The top picture, is that prep for taking care of fraudulent vote boxes? Be a shame if they went to pull out the winning margin only to find ashes.

  4. Team Brandon is constantly on the look for new woke talent to flesh out his Senior Executive Service.

    Giving them the opportunity to show they can be just as incompetent as cis people.

    1. Seen over at Ace’s: It’s Not Just That Biden Is Stupid, Venal, Senile And Mean, It’s Also That His Handlers Seem To Be The Same!
      Meanwhile, Biden is demonstrating that being president is as easy as falling off a bicycle.

        1. That’s currently racist if you conflate cavemen with gorillas and negroes. Still accurate, though.

      1. re — Glorious Leader crashing his bicycle
        Apparently, google maps has a new Place Of Interest for the touristy set:
        * Brandon Falls

  5. Gotta love Polish parades…and me too, refund post haste.

    Pumps and Jimmy Choo”s on men…on purpose. Gag. Cough, Blech. Retch. Danger! Danger Will Robinson, Mentally Ill persons alert! I say we “reassign” those two since that’s what they want.

    One cannot be a victim of something they have directly caused.

    1. Word is that they both have courting tackle intact. I don’t know how people know, I’m just sharing.

      1. Easy-peasy to find out…offer up a GoFundMe for their surgeries, and since VM’s Proprietor is an amateur surgeon we’re covered there (rusty chainsaw and ball peen hammer and pliers on the tray might scare them straight.)

  6. Yes, let the city people walk into the corn. Better yet, let them run into the corn. That way they’ll be presliced…if they make it out the other side.

    Fabulous portrait of Sir Winston. My favorite picture of him. Thanks for the rest of the story!

    Every time I see that picture of those two freaks, I crihge. Then I silently cry….WTF has happened to my beloved country?

    1. Most of us say the same drjim, we have been pushed to call things as we see them, give no quarter when the truth requires the “Brood of Vipers” style response, even if unsavory to our normal character.

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