17 thoughts on “Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

  1. All those who wander are lost in some way.
    If you do fall off a mountain, will you leave me that truck in your will?;)

  2. Wandering sounds fun, but not in the desert. Do you know it's hot out there? And no bars or skimpy clad young ladies like there are on the beach? But to each his on. Have fun… and if you do fall off the mountain, leave me the devil.

  3. LOL, of course we are lost, we just don't admit it.
    While everyone else seems to be coveting your toys, I wish you a safe journey.

  4. You are well prepared and just might know what you are doing. It is the others who keep Search and Rescue in business.

  5. If I break down in the brush, I shoulder the M-4, bring a canteen, an MRE and walk. Calling for help would only humiliate me.

  6. Northern AZ / Southern UT is looking purty! Glad you're getting some good weather. It's been raining cats and dogs here, near the Nation's Capital. Can't wait to get back to the Rockies. Meantime, have a great walkabout, LL!

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