Bullet Points

* Megafawna is still around. The bison, the moose, the elk, grizzly and, in the more tropical states, there are the alligators. The Floridians who visit here can attest that if there is a pond, there is at least one alligator in it. Thus I was not surprised by the report of an 80-year-old woman who was killed eaten (or eaten and then killed) by two alligators after she fell into a pond near her home on a Florida golf course. At the end of May, 47-year-old Sean Thomas McGuinness’ body was found missing three limbs at the lake at the John S Taylor Park in Largo, Florida. Investigators now believe he had gone into the 53-acre freshwater lake looking for UFOs when he was attacked. The park is home to an 18-hole disc golf course, with five holes adjacent to the lake, according to the Miami Herald.

*Democrat D.C. Mayor Bowser Complains About TX and AZ Sending Illegal Immigrants to Her City. Um, your party caused this border crisis. Also, Bowser has donated a ton of money to open borders groups and doesn’t want illegal immigrants in D.C.? D.C. is supposed to be a sanctuary city. She should be proud to have the place teeming with illegal aliens. Texas and Arizona have different opinions. For the record, I always thought that “Bowser” was a name that you gave your dog… Oh, that’s what they did? Never mind.

*Keeping up with young and early teenage grandsons shows me which muscles I haven’t been using…


Western Women

I will suggest to readers of this blog that these women are not woke. It may never have occurred to them that they need pronouns in order to identify as female and they likely know what a woman is without a graduate degree in biology.


The U. S. Senate

I just want some simple, common sense senator controls.

By which I mean whenever a Senator openly commits treason, they get executed immediately.



  1. another 20 y/o shooter, with two very expensive ar’s, bought a week apart, dif manufacturers. leaves one in the toilet stall. i would say serial killer m.o. but dif killers. who’s programing these deranged kids? fortunately an armed citizen shorted his spree by a large degree. said citizen was carrying in a no-gun zone. the media is on it like the pack of dogs that they are but the sheriff says he was legit. the inference might be that no-gun zones are null under constitutional carry. wouldn’t that chap some butts?…telling a sober woman to calm down usually doesn’t go so well either, lol…..senator control, might i suggest they be thrown in a fla pond, with the other alligators?

    • These young shooters would seem to have a lot of money to throw at firearms. Are they being programmed somehow or is that too farfetched?

      • Psychotropics are rampant, given freely to problems that instead forcing these wayward boys to fix fence or dig post holes or put up hay would fix in a heartbeat.

        Work will cleanse your soul…and wear you out so you have no time to do stupid or criminal things. The pop-psyche purveyors treating these kids should be indicted as complicit, if not directly the cause of them going off the rails.

          • “The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
            and I have promises to keep,
            and miles to go before I sleep…

          • Can’t beat Frost, and I recall the movie a little (Bronson, c’mon).

            Considering our times…maybe The Grey speaks:

            “Once more into the fray,
            Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
            Live and die on this day.
            Live and die on this day.”

      • I would suggest that teaching children to kill is not required.

        The failure is that we aren’t teaching them not to kill.


    • I believe that the no guns allowed signs are not enforceable in Indiana unless they are at a prohibited place such as a polling place. That is what my memory; not near as reliable as it used to be, is telling me. Natural selection in action sorry innocents were hurt and killed. Why don’t these wastes of skin just go off in the corner and off themselves in private?

    • every visitor to that mall should sue the owner for making them go ‘gun free’ and thus, to paraphrase that wonderful academic in her recent testimony before Senator Hawley, “open them up to violence”. That would certainly send a different message than the one the left keeps sending us.

    • [my understanding is:] Those “no guns” signs are enforceable only in the sense that, if it’s private property, they can ask you to leave their premises. (Or sic the law on you for trespassing, if you persist*.) But the act of carrying per se is not otherwise actionable.

      * “Nevertheless, she persisted.”
      That was a Liz(ard person) Warren campaign bumpersticker. Those disappeared pretty quickly, but I did see one on a Prius (yeah yeah, the jokes write themselves in East Massholia) this weekend. Speaking of disappearing political statements, the “BIDEN” stickers have pretty much sublimated (gone from solid to gaseous phase) around here. During the Trump years you saw plenty of defiant “Hillary!” stickers, but you’d have to search pretty hard to find a Biden sticker these days.

    • “… telling a sober woman to calm down usually doesn’t go so well either, lol”

      Neither does telling them they’re just like their mother. At least it didn’t with my ex.

  2. “I just want some simple, common sense senator controls. By which I mean whenever a Senator openly commits treason, they get executed immediately.”

    That’d fix it in short order. When there’s no consequences for white collar criminal activity within the elected leadership, they run open loop..like little kids in the candy store. When there’s a real and palpable punishment then maybe they’ll think twice beforehand; anyone who doesn’t is more stupid than dirt and deserves to be 6 feet under as the rule states.

    • Forgot to add…DC Mayor’s crocodile tears: Every BidenBus and plane carrying illegals – and Afghani “refugees” for that matter – should be delivered in two places, Delaware and DC. Force these bums to live with the decisions they made for other communities.

    • Would that include a certain Senator from San Francisco who hired a Commie Chinese spy for her chauffeur and kept him on the payroll for 20 years? I wonder who paid the 10% on that one.

  3. Bowzer is getting exactly what DC deserves… And it couldn’t happen to a nicer s**thole! Let the ‘games’ begin down in SE DC and up in Deanwood…

    • The DC voters gave their district leaders like Marion Berry and Bowzer. They’re quite the national treasures. It’s difficult not to cast the blame on President Lincoln. People often bypass the rapes and murders DC when they visit the monument, but Lincoln, a politician, was after a voting block.

  4. since its still monday….monkeywerx says uncle is doing an awful lot of sub hunting in the chesapeake bay and putting up sniffer planes, the kind that detect radiation etc. and troop movement is off the charts. seeing more folks in useless masks again. egad, i feel like punching them.

  5. Bowser. (Jon Bowman) A member of the band Sha Na Na during the TV show.
    But usually a dog’s name, yes.
    Love the Senat controls. Need it for Congress, also.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  6. Being a Floridian, with gators it is death or dismemberment then eaten. They don’t like their large prey items to be too uppity and mobile. They do have a tendency to cache large objects and let them ripen and rot. Unless a bank is concreted, it will be full of gator holes that can go quite a ways under the ground. That is where dead bodies go…

    But for those who are, ahem, curious, chicken and pig farm (and are the better way to go, as both will eat everything including teeth. Knowing someone in wastewater management (poop plants) will be good, as a decent system will only leave fillings. Doing it via water, you really need to dismember, preferably using a chipper/shredder or industrial grinder to turn the body into chum, as large parts will have the tendency to float away (which may leave enough for forensics to finger you.)

    And always make sure you recover and properly dispose of any medical metal, especially stuff with serial numbers on them. Same goes for some bone implants, which is why grinders or chipper shredders are soo important.

    Also, no, septic systems are NOT a good place to dispose, even in pieces-parts. Unless it’s the septic system of your worst enemy (other than the body you are disposing of, of course.)

    Though if you own or have access to a foundry or industrial kiln, well… And, of course, having a friendly neighborhood crematorium director on your side…

    No. I have never given body disposal a thought. Not me. Though while at the local PD I did read a lot of books (by inference, the ways that aren’t discovered by the police are the preferred ways to go.)

      • Out Arizona way you have all those unclosed mineshafts and empty wells, and it’s been proven scientifically that, on a warm or hot day, buzzards can dismember a carcass and spread it over a square mile and most forensic people will think the body has been there for weeks.

        Dead body disposal is very regional. In the Smokies, just push the body off a road into the woods in Fall and the pieces will be scattered by spring. Better if you drop them down a sink hole or chipper shredder them, but…

        • I have never participated, but there are former military people who live near me who have allegedly dropped carcasses out on the open desert from aircraft. There are a lot of open deserts, there are a lot of buzzards, and there are a lot of mines and mine shafts.

  7. Western Women
    Posed picture for sure. Not a smudge on their chaps or clothing. Nails appear to be painted. They may be western but they are not working ranch women. Their horse seems to dislike the set up given his eye roll.

      • Too true. No saddle. Reins not even. Can’t tell for sure but the lever action rifle isn’t on safety cock. Drop one butt first with one in the chamber and the hammer all the way down and it will fire if it is a Winchester.
        Nice picture!
        (Spent too much of my teens herding dudes)

  8. Notwithstanding Mr. McLaughlin’s wisdom, some members of the other house could be equally qualified and deserving.

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