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Statehood for Puerto Rico?


Should they leave the US Commonwealth and go it alone?
If they want to. 
My sense is that Puerto Rico (a U.S. Territory) doesn’t contribute anything to the US except an unfunded liability. Puerto Rico has created an entitlement state for themselves that is balanced on the backs of US taxpayers.
It’s a blighted, entitled, crime ridden, drug sotted, welfare state and I can see no reason for it to be included as a US State until or unless that changes. It lacks Hawaii’s strategic benefit – but in a sense it’s a lot like Hawaii without the charm. Some would contend that is a racist statement, but it’s not. It’s completely objective and not the least bit subjective.
Puerto Rico has a debt to GDP ratio of about 68%. Barack signed the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) into law and it prohibited debt collection against the Territory until May 1. When the Puerto Ricans couldn’t meet their debt, they filed for a type of bankruptcy on May 3 under the provisions of PROMESA. But they still would like to be a US State.

Alaskan Pizza Boxes – repurposed

Should all pizza boxes be changed to reflect the Alaska Rule?


Recycle the material when you’re finished with it and not before.

Will it halt global warming and save the planet?

Likely better than anything that they come up with at the Paris Accords after paying a billion dollars for good ideas.

Are Illegal Aliens Leaving Texas?
From all reports they are, and they’re traveling to the sanctuary welfare state also known as the (Peoples) Republik of Kalifornia. At the same time, there are an unprecedented number of US Citizens leaving California (hopefully not to ‘Californicate’ the places where they land). The California state legislature couldn’t be more content. They’re trading Republicans (leaving) for illegal aliens (who vote Democrat in the no-ID voter state).
California offers significantly better welfare benefits than other states. It’s time that the homeless ALL came to California too (just as I’m leaving).


LSP calls it Satan’s Vatican and it may be. It’s also about segregation – as black students segregate themselves to hold their own negro-only graduation ceremony. (read more here)

“Black members of the class of 2017 decided to form an individual ceremony. It’s the first of its kind at the school in recent memory and took nearly a year to plan.”

Oh, can you only image the international outrage if white students decided to celebrate their uniqueness with their own white graduation ceremony (no other races need show up)? The progressive ranting and chanting would be deafening. When negroes do it – crickets. I’m not surprised that the university sanctioned it because they are a bunch of cowards, encouraging divisive and tribal behavior rather than requiring everyone who matriculated together, graduate together at the same time.


Director James Comey is no longer running the FBI. It’s about time. 

I think that Asst. Director McCabe whose wife received $700K in funds from Clinton friend(s) while he was running the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton will follow Comey into private life. They did not serve the Bureau or the nation in a time of crisis in a way that was appropriate in my opinion. In my humble (not THAT humble) opinion, there need to be some cultural changes at the FBI so that this doesn’t happen again. 

Let the memes begin. Will Director Comey be remembered as kindly as Harambe the Gorilla was? I doubt it.

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  1. LL,
    Virtually 100% agree. With McCabe, however, because of his willful actions detrimental to the Bureau, AKA the bribe through his wife, he should be demoted. I understand the Bethel, Alaska needs a new field agent as does the Zimbabwe office.

  2. I think that it's time for McCabe to find gainful employment outside of government. If a regular field agent took a bribe through his wife, he'd be fired. What's good for one is good for another.

  3. Puerto Rico? The only thing I know about that place is I don't care to visit. thanks for the insight.

    Comey? What floats on top of the swamp?

  4. The Puerto Ricans have been making noise to the USGOV – under Barack and now under President Trump, to get a bailout. Statehood is one of those things that would bring in more attention from Washington DC and it would bring clout because of representation. 68% debt to GDP is outrageous. I'm glad to see the president telling them to work it out through bankruptcy.

  5. We have long used pizza boxes as targets, as well as many other kinds of boxes that make their way into the house.

    PR can go pound sand in my opinion. Glad to hear Trump is telling them to do the bankruptcy path.

    Haavard is just beyond belief. I would never send any kid of mine there, just look at all the governmental types in DC who went to Haavard (in my best New England accent). If that isn't a recommendation to avoid the place like the plague, I don't what is.

    And good riddance to Comey. Should have happened within the first 2 weeks of the new administration. When the Dems get into office, they fire everyone, right away, not so the Repubs…must be cause the R's are just nice guys. The only way to drain the swamp is to clean house. Use a LARGE broom. Let those folks what type of behavior is allowed/tolerated/punished in "the real world".

  6. Yes, but it's decent of them to print a target on the bottom of the pizza box – IMHO.

  7. Nice target and I'd forgotten about the 700k. Harambe weeps as Harvard builds its pact with Satan.

  8. You need to get the Texans with the pizza box protocol. They'd sell more pizzas if every box had a pre-printed target on it.

  9. There needs to be the capacity to perform an "official act" in order for it to be a "bribe" rather than a bonus or incentive. Commercial bribery is a crime in some states so depending on where you are, yes it can be.

  10. Why not step it up a notch, next time a dredlocked hippie with a car held together by BERNIE! stickers delivers that pizza box, after ascertaining that the box is made from 100% recycled sustainable cellulose fiber, let the box/target have a fair chance by making it a moving target courtesy of said dred.

  11. The FBI needs a former agent. No more politicians and lawyers. Freeh changed the bureau more than any other director who wasn't Hoover. He pushed stuff back to the field where it belongs.

    Just like the WH Press Secretary – the position requires a no-nonsense, monotone, straight forward approach. These guys are too defensive, too touchy feely. Bring back grumpy old men. I could take a grumpy old woman too. Maybe somebody from the military?

    McCabe is just an agent, I don't know how old he is, but he won't be there too long, and likely will be re-assigned (and resign) when the new guy comes in.

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