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Things are certainly shaping up in an interesting way in 2020 and not the least of which is the positive test that President Trump and the First Lady have to the Chinese Plague. Does it mean that they’re locked down for two weeks of self-quarantine? Will President Trump hold press conferences while he has the plague?

What does this mean for the election?

Is this the end of President Trump’s rallies, or can he have them while he wears a mask and takes therapeutics?

Will Biden test positive now (debate exposure)?

What are your thoughts?


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29 thoughts on “Chinese Plague Edition

  1. Considering that the tests are 90% false positive, and show even asymptomatic levels when they are correct, and the same tests are 30% false negatives, even when symptomatic, well…

    Yeah, I don’t trust the tests at all.

    And so what if they do show positive. It doesn’t matter unless they are symptomatic. A little bit of hydroxycloroquine and some vitamins is pert near 100% effective even against pert-near terminal cases.

    Boooga-booga Corona Booga Booga.

    As long as they don’t get put in Cuomo and De Blasio’s death wards, they’ll be fine as sunshine.

    Maybe… Just maybe… The Don got it so he can infect Biden. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

    But now Slow Joe has the perfect excuse to blow off the next two debates.

    As to having the Corona-Chan, my wife had it. So? She’s still alive and feisty as all get out, just took months to get over it. Big whoop. Glad we don’t live in New York or any of the other states that mandated their patients go into Covid homes.

  2. I do not trust the tests and the Deep State that run them. This could be a way to keep Joe from the next Debate.

    1. The Chinese Plague is real enough. It’s just no more lethal than the flu unless you have a compromised respiratory disease and other illnesses. The tests themselves — are very political. Joe’s not showing up at another debate no matter what.

  3. Just have to wait and see. At least the Trumps have access to non-PC medical care, and won’t be sent to the WuFlu death camps that Beans mentions.
    If someone was REALLY ornery, they could post comments on the celebrating lib sites, saying this means the election could be cancelled.

    1. The election must be postponed for four more years, after which Trump will win re-election and will begin his second term.

  4. I started reading about it at the CNN website. It didn’t take long for it do degenerate to orange man bad hates science. No surprise.
    My brother-in-law recently passed from liver cancer. He was also positive for the Chinese Plague. Any bets on the official cause of death?

    1. Same with Herman Cain and so many others. Died from other-than-plague and yet “died of the plague”

  5. So what. I would likely test positive as well. Means absolutely nothing. Media loves spouting “cases” everyday, but that’s meaningless. Does that mean antibodies? Actual symptoms? What? Does POTUS/FLOTUS/Hick have symptoms and are sick? Or do they simply have COVID antibodies, meaning they had it and got over it, likely without even knowing it, like 90% of us.

    But the hyperventilating will go off the charts…today’s hit job the Dem’s will use to try and bury him, or stop the election, or tell him to step aside, or any number of asinine tactics. Worse is there are evil-thinkers cheering this news. Special place in “the basement” for them. (thx LL for that reference).

    Oh, and masks do nothing (yes, I repeat myself, but people seem to think the new normal face-binky is their savior from – according to Slo-Joe” – a racist, manipulated cold virus.)

    Best we can do is pray they aren’t actually sick and know God will see them through yet another attempt to destroy this presidency.

    1. Latest report is the President is asymptomatic, feels fine, and will continue working…a PRC test will show that, meaning this is much ado about nothing.

      Did someone intentionally give it to Hicks (who is supposedly showing symptoms, which may or may not be true), in order to give it to the President? Wouldn’t put it past the Haters.

      Nothing is as it seems.

        1. Might be censored from GoFundMe for that one, but pretty sure the donate line would be long.

  6. If actions really do speak louder than words, Biden has been hiding in his basement, signaling his virtue, while the President and First Lady are out and mingling with the public. The voters who have no choice (essential workers) and those who would if they could will see the stark contrast. How will it play in the polls? Damned if I know, but it should favor the President.

    Who has guts and who doesn’t?

      1. Let the Pravda USA propagandanista censorship begin. Any doubt Facebook and the other social media outlets are in bed with the Dem’s. Thing is, they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

  7. Trump just assaulted Biden’s “Moral High Ground” position by becoming just like millions of other Americans – diagnosed with Covid. Narrative, what narrative? While Joe’s just been given cover for his egregious slander of a 17yo as a white supremecist (won’t save him from a legal battle with L.Lin Wood) he’s going to be shown for the quality of his backers on-line comments, which are already ugly. Then there’s the future narratives:
    DJT – “hydroxychloroquine saved my life”, why did the left keep it from saving your grandparents lives?
    DJT – If I can work remotely, so can the federal work force, why do we need all that high priced real-estate in lefty cities that are unsafe because of violence and defunded police? Which police groups are backing Biden? Why can’t he name one? Why hasn’t Biden denounced BLM and Antifa?
    DJT – If I can work remote, so can you. If you can work remote, you can choose where to live – and you should be able to choose how to educate you kids. School vouchers now!

    Let the fun begin.

      1. Analogous to the Pharisees hiding and plotting and scheming while Jesus walked among those in need.

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