FYI – Charles I succeeded his father James I in 1625 as King of England and Scotland. During Charles’ reign, his actions frustrated his Parliament and resulted in an English Civil War, eventually leading to his execution in 1649. I hope that Charles III won’t end up that way.

Charles II was known as the Merry Monarch, a reference to the liveliness and hedonism of his court. He acknowledged at least 12 illegitimate children by various mistresses but left no legitimate children.

Some say that the name is cursed from an English nobility perspective.

C-3 is not my monarch even though I do live in The Colonies.

I had the deepest respect for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and her passing represents the end of an era. The age of Empire has passed. On both sides of the Atlantic doddering fools hold positions of power. Xi in China holds power by his fingernails. Russia has seen better days. Conspiracy theories, unfortunately, seem to be true more than fantasy.  Where do we go from here?

There is a paradox to mortal life and we are trapped in the tyranny of time whether we are peers of nobility or the most common serf.

In this life, we cannot outrun Father Time’s iron sickle. At best, we can speculate on how it would be to slip the chain of time, visit the future, change the past, revoke irrevocable decisions, and take the path not taken. You can speculate on that in the comments section below.


It is YOUR big chance to forecast the world in 2032, ten years from now. Will global warming have melted the Polar Caps?  Will we be living in a better world?


  1. So you are saying the 70 year reign by a woman monarch was less…hmm…problematic than her male predecessors?

    C-3 finally got his 1st job at age 73.

    • From hapless coddled child to, goofy drunk peer and heir apparent — to King. There is precedent. He does love his uniforms.

      He could never hold down a straight job. If he had been common, he’d have spent his life on public dole – which is not far from how he spent it being royal.

      • It’s interesting how the Queen didn’t want poor old cuckold Harry to bring the wife to her last hurrah.

        • One site, tongue-in-cheek, said the palace was beefing up security in order to keep Megan from sneaking in and taking a selfie with the Queen lying in state.
          It’s a sad commentary that this thought can occur, even as a joke.
          Who knows….maybe someone will learn something important during this time.
          Hope Jules is doing okay.

          • I received an e-mail from Jules before the Queen’s passing had been announced. Based on that and knowing her, I think that she will join the nation in genuine mourning.

            Will Meagan have a Netflix film crew at the funeral to capture her every tear? I suspect that there will be people who will keep some degree of order and decorum even if the American cuz needs to be ejected.

          • Markle dang near caused us Colony-dwellers a serious international incident, but the Queen’s wise move saved the day. God save the Queen.

            I heard a British minister discussing how Elizabeth’s Christian faith drove her life and decisions. Not surprised. Maybe Charles will figure it out, never too late. And maybe people in this country will wake up and vote for the good instead…she apparently took a shine to President Trump, which speaks volumes.

  2. I mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth. While the power of the Monarchy is quite diminished, she proved to be a good leader.

    As to, the now, King Charles III of the United Kingdom, I hope he is restrained, by himself or outside influences, in pushing his World Economic Forum views like “climate change” or the “Great Reset”. If not, I pray:

    Let his days be few; and let another take his office. – Psalm 109:8

    • If you go back, historically, the House has had its share of trouble. Cousins Czar Nicholas and Kaiser Bill ended up badly. Scotland wants to leave the kingdom. Would they change the flag if they did under the reign of C-3?

  3. God, I was hoping the rumors as published by the supermarket scandal-rags a few years ago would come true. Skip Charles and go to William. It’s like intelligence and charisma skips a generation in that family. Though the way Charles is looking, William may be able to take over pretty soon.

    And the royal name “Charles.” Le Sigh… Cursed name it is amongst many of our ancestors here in the Colonies.

    Xi? Xi thinks himself the neo-emperor of Red and Free China. Free China has some say in the matter and we’ll see how that plays out over the next year or so. Will Red China fall due to bad economics and planning and lack of food before Red China can put the squeeze on Free China.

    Putin? I’ve always thought he secretly styled himself as a combination of Stalin and Tsar Nicholas, or maybe Tsar Peter. I really think we’re seeing the last gasp of the Russian Empire. What with all the casualties in the Ukraine, and untold casualties in other foreign ventures, and the Navy that sinks when a seagull looks at it, and the mass emigration of young, productive people from Mother Russia, well, it’s like looking at Red China all over again.

    I do hope that Charles pulls his head out of his arse and rules wisely, well, as wisely as he can. And doesn’t leave the family in shambles for William to clean up, if there’s anything left by that time.

    Oh, Elizabeth II, you were everything that Elizabeth I wanted to be but couldn’t. Full of grace and courtesy and civility, a living icon for the rest of us to admire. (Unlike that murderous intact female dog of breeding age that E1 was, so glad the Tudor family died off so quickly.)

    • Charles doesn’t have the character to pass the mantle to William in the hopes of salvaging the monarchy. The one thing that the family has going for it is vast personal wealth, defended by laws set up for that very purpose. Maybe that will see them through. Cutting Harry and the fishwife loose was a solid move.

    • I don’t think Charles will rule, wisely or not. The Windsors *reign* but do not rule.

      So far as Putler goes, I’m not particularly a fan, but I don’t think that he actively hates ethnic Russians, nor does he want Russia to become an ignorant miscegenated mess of sexually deviant mongrels with an average IQ in the low 80’s. So based on that comparison, he’s a better ruler than our (for values of “our”) rulers.

  4. In her infinite wisdom, Queen Elizabeth refused to abdicate for the past 20 to 30 years in order to prevent the spineless, gullible, weak loser Charley to become king. Well played, Lisbeth. She was a class act who only wanted to do her best and serve the people….which she did in spades. William is next in line, followed by his first born son George. Harry is out of the picture….but he has Meghan!

    • Meghan will cling to him remora, jumping off to feed on table scraps like a cur and then reattaching to the host. But it gives Harry’s empty life meaning. Sort of like Andrew, adrift, banging fifteen-year-olds at Epstein’s house. Poor little rich boys.

      • Or FJB, taking showers with 14-year-old daughter Ashley, while his cold-hearted harpy wife looks the other way.

        • “Dr.” Jill really does exude “ice queen” with a side order of nasty, whereas Melania offered pure class and gracefulness and a strong capable woman that enhanced The President. The Left love Jill and hated Melania. Nuf said.

        • You sure Doctor Jilly looks the other way? Given that family’s proclivities, that might not be a safe bet.

        • Interesting, just saw an recent picture of Camilla, she could be “Dr.” Jill’s doppleganger. That may not bode well for Britain.

  5. RE: the path not taken. Heed the guidance of the great American philosopher Yogi Berra: When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

  6. She seems to have been a fairly decent person, for an hereditary tyrant. As an individual, I harbored no ill will towards her. RIP.

    As an institution, hereditary monarchs and aristocracy are vile blots on the world which should be expunged. I harbor plenty of ill towards them as institutions. I give a little more slack to primitive screwheads who were living in the 16th century until the 1920s (for example the Saud), but everybody should really move towards a less vile and pathetic government style over time.


  7. Hereditary monarchies are a vile blot on humanity ???? KLe , I am of the opinion that soon our representative constitutional republic could be described the same way.

    • That’s because it isn’t a representative constitutional republic any more, and at least parts of it see themselves as the seed of an hereditary monarchy.

      I agree, this place has gone to shit with remarkable rapidity. I don’t see much hope for improvement this millennium, either.


  8. 96 seems a long ways off at my [almost] 62.

    Then earlier this morning we get a call. A rancher neighbor says “Cousin ‘J’ died yesterday, just fell over dead.” What?!

    He was 63, robust and healthy. Had back surgery last week, was doing fine…then boom. Over and Out. We’re crushingly stunned.

    Gives one pause…whether 63 or 96, got to make the most of whatever time God affords. And despite many variables, to live as elegantly as possible. Maybe ‘J’ and Elizabeth are comparing notes while awaiting entry at the Pearly Gates turnstile.

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