Christmas brings greetings of hope, affirmations of faith, hope and love. It’s not about trees and decorations and presents, though I love all of those traditional ornaments.  Delve down this season, find Him, and do good to others.

The US Air Force Band does flash mobs at the Air and Space Museum every year. This one from 2003 is my favorite. It’s amazing, looking back that, that nobody wore masks, yet all survived. And edging toward the politically incorrect, there is “White Christmas“.


Santa Claus – Bulgaria, early 1900’s



The Hungarian parliament passed a measure this week amending the national constitution to more clearly enshrine the meaning of family and gender as traditionally understood.

In direct opposition to gender theory, the amended text states that, “Hungary protects children’s right to an identity conforming to their birth gender and ensures education in accordance with the values based on Hungary’s constitutional identity and Christian culture.”

The constitutional amendment — Hungary’s ninth — spells out the definition of family as “based on marriage and the parent-child relation. The mother is a woman, the father a man,” in what pro-family organizations are hailing as a victory for marriage in the midst of an increasingly hostile and ideologically charged environment.

Hungarian law already recognized marriage as a stable union between one man and one woman, but Tuesday’s amendment stipulates that only people in such a union are allowed to adopt children.

Single people can only adopt children with special permission from the minister in charge of family affairs.


Moral Cowardice on the US Supreme Court

Eighteen states went to the Supreme Court on an issue which the Constitution says gives that court original jurisdiction. The election fraud and tampering that took place in other states was documented, significant, and changed the outcome of a national election. The court’s assertion that those eighteen states were not damaged by fraud is ABSURD. Seating Joe and ho on the basis of fraud clearly damages free states.

The sleight-of-hand dismissal engineered by Chief Justice Roberts was a shameful dereliction of duty, based on an anticipation that civil unrest and riots that would result. When Roberts dismissed the Texas case, it was a textbook case of moral cowardice and cheap pettifoggery.

The case needed to be taken up by the Supreme Court and majority and minority opinions written however it eventually came down. Their failure to even hear the case will make other decisions that they make less valid to 50% of the nation. And when (maybe if) the court is expanded to twice its present size, packed with progressives, as the democrats have promised to do, they can look back on themselves as engineers of their own demise.


Praise the Lord (and pass the ammunition)


Starting with lessons from Viet Nam, the US Military shifted a great deal of its focus from Big Army operations to “low intensity conflicts”. I will point out that it’s ‘low intensity’ to outside viewers but if you’re in the middle of it, that’s not how they feel.

The US Special Operations Command (SOC – McDill AFB, FL) and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC – Ft. Bragg, NC) were created to address this style of warfare, that was never “new”.

The US Marine Corps is evolving to apply a lot of these lessons learned toward a new littoral warfare threat in the Pacific, against the Communist Chinese. It remains to be seen what a Joe and Ho administration might do to stop that sort of defensive posture against our principal adversary, but that’s another discussion.

Claudio B, who follows this blog sent me this article that recommends Nationalist China (Taiwan) expand its use of unmanned arial vehicles (UAV’s) to counter a threat from Communist China (PRC). It cites the success of drones, decoys and flexibility as demonstrated in the ongoing Armenia-Azerbaijan War.

When (not if) the PRC decides to invade Taiwan, it won’t be a brush war. Without US support, sinking the PLAN’s invasion fleet in the Straits, the communists will throw everything at the effort with no concern with what they destroy, who they kill, or what it costs. Even imprecise weapons can have an impact if you throw enough of them (scale) at a target. Yes, the communists would rather kill them off by peaceful means, but the Nationalist Chinese don’t plan to be captured and hauled off to a gulag without a fight.

Which begs the question of the value of drones (of all sorts) in the battlespace. Will the PRC deny bandwidth to the Nationalist Chinese, the Kuomintang (KMT) to the extent that they can operate drones effectively? In an Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, the lower intensity and lower tech battlespace allows for the widespread and effective use of UAV’s. The article cited also explains how old AN-2 biplanes are being used in this role. I don’t see the same situation when the communists bring it against Taiwan. If the US, its politicians bought by the PRC is out of the game, the communists have all the time in the world to pound the island to rubble before sending in amphibious and airborne invasion forces, having established air supremacy.


International Insult Comparison


Is it time for an Asteroid Tax?

You can make the case that without it, we’re all going to die.



  1. hearing the joint chiefs balked at trump using them to implement the executive order. if true, we’re done. that’s the last firewall between us and them. if biden takes over they won’t balk at being used against us, will they?

  2. We can’t know why SCOTUS defied Article 2 straight out, on the surface it looks bad. But…maybe..thinking on the positive…it’s leaving an avenue for something more forceful, or, as you suggest, it could be a Deep State Swamp move. Hard to know, my telescope into DC doesn’t work very well anymore, with the media fogging the lens at every turn.

    With the world as it is…will tromp all over Hungary for their righteous decision (as if THAT was in question by normal people)…same as they did with Sweden for Covid.

    From Dad (in the 70’s): “If the politicians could figure out a way to tax the air, they would.” An asteroid Tax may not be far off as these clowns have decided Co2 (“air”) is bad for the environment because most of them and the ignorant populace forgot 8th Grade science, therefore tax you for creating it. They could call your suggestion the ELE Tax, but who’s going to spend it when there’s only 7 years left? (we could have a massive party tho). Nothing more than 1st World Problems employed to steal from the productive folks.

    The “Star of Bethlehem” appears tomorrow. Symbolic maybe, but certainly timely as this being the infamous 2020. Maybe God is trying to get our attention, this year. Now. As for me and my house, we do serve the Lord, and plan a full-blown Candlelight Service Thursday with a fun get together on Christmas, subversives be damned.

    • Another site posted a picture of a younger Roberts sitting on a sofa with Epstein’s girlfriend.
      If it’s not photoshopped, it might explain things.

      Back in the 60’s, my dad wrote to our congressman- you can put us all in glass cases for our safety, but how can we pay taxes then?

      • I’ve believed for years, ever since his disastrous contortions to justify Obamacare, that Roberts was blackmailed, either personally or against someone he holds dear.
        An Epstein / pedo connection would not surprise me in the least.

        • Possibly like Flynn, who took the fabricated garbage to save his family from persecution, as a real man would (he knew EVERYTHING so they had to take him out). Roberts should make it public, own it, give them nowhere to go.

      • I say the same to our building department: “If health sand safety are so paramount then why not require everyone to build concrete bunkers with a few tiny windows?” Usually that is followed with “That barn with the straight ridgeline is over a 100 years old, no structural engineering red stamp and built without a permit, yet it’s still standing.”

    • The only thing that we can do at this point is to get our priorities straight.

      In the book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, Steven Covey outlines the difference (often) between our circle of influence, things that we can do something about, and our circle of concern, outcomes beyond our reach. According to Covey, and I agree with him, the key is to draw our circle of concern back so that it comes close to matching our circle of influence.

      The book is worth reading, and his point is well taken. I care deeply about the Supreme Court’s decision, but I can’t do anything about it.

      • I saw the photo. It looks like Roberts, but I can’t tell whether or not it’s him.

        I’ve felt for a long time that he was a bought man. But he didn’t act alone.

      • Just saw that as well, a deep state plant? Could be. A lot the “upper crust” are not good people and therefore “handle-able”.

        Covey’s book is excellent. We can only control what’s around us, and even that is often marginal.

    • They’ve been buying up politicians left and right. They send in a sparrow with money or they threaten to expose, or use ideology (AOC), and Nancy, Jo and Ho, etc. are backing their play. So yes, I think that Taiwan should get ready for a storm.

    • Yes, he must have enjoyed going to pedo island and being recorded. Where are the recordings now? Yeah, $64K question.

  3. I read years ago that there was something hinky about Roberts adoption of two foreign children. That would be enough to make him a pretzel.

  4. The look in the second picture of the lion says it all. Poor bastard. On a separate note I read Cartel wars and loved it and could relate as a retired Marine and doing a contract down there about six months ago I’d have to say it was one of most dangerous bass akwords places I’ve ever operated in. Anyway I cannot find a place to order The Old Whore or White Powder anywhere. Any advice?

    • It should be available on I’m glad that you enjoyed Bloody Mexico.

      I still do work in Latin America, but not steadily. Special interest stuff only now. I worked down there from about 2008 to 2014 actively.

  5. The Nationalist Chinese are not fools, and only fools would sit next door to the chi-coms and not have a few nukes up their sleeve- this could be a classic case of being a bad idea to back a badger into a corner. They would have nothing to lose by nuking the communists.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if they’d bought some from Pakistan. Same with the Saudis. If they hadn’t, it’s all on them.

      The PRC should leave them alone, but you know, they can’t.

  6. Love the pop up concerts. The Air Force tends to roll out the whole mess, where the Navy/Marines/Army bands tend to do smaller gigs.
    Too late to get in on the bite me, so I’ll just leave that one alone! 🙂

    • The Air Force does it right, and they like that Air and Space Museum because they have a good handle on the venue.

    • The Hungarians are Christians with a conscience and a national memory of living under a communist yoke.

      SCOTUS are a bunch of elitists.

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