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Can the troubles of the world be cured (temporarily) by a change of latitude?
Some people say that they can, particularly when resorts and beaches are deserted because of fear of the dreaded Wuhan Virus.
Taco Tuesday is said to be many to be racist cultural appropriation. I don’t know how ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) figure that, but I still think that it’s acceptable to eat tacos on any day of the week including Tuesday.
It’s a lot the same way as eating a pizza (or part thereof) constitutes cultural appropriation of Italy, or New York, which claims to be the true home of pizza. Except that all the pizza joints in Italy are allegedly closed today. Will they ever reopen or will all of the Italians die of the plague? I can’t say. One of this blog’s readers just returned from Rome to Prescott, Arizona (also called Preskit). I can only hope that he didn’t eat a slice of pizza, or if he did, that he’s too ashamed to boast.
Do you eat your guacamole pure, or do you blend it with the salsa? (I do both)
I met my nephew, a dentist who went to college in Peru and is now in dental school at the University of Maine at a taco joint yesterday. (Taco Monday) I rolled up and there was just a giant sign that said ‘tacos’. Sure enough, that was all they sold. I ordered one of each, with onions and cilantro on them. I squeezed a lime on each and then ladled guac and salsa on them. 
I asked my nephew if he missed Peruvian food. He said, “no”. But he likes tacos. I think that Peruvians are missing out on great food. He agreed. 
Ending the winter by visiting summer may seem to be a cop-out to you readers. Snow will once again sweep across the northern part of North America in one last gasp of winter.
But it can still be Taco Tuesday wherever you are.

19 thoughts on “Taco Tuesday

  1. Hah, we're doing Summer at the end of Winter as well, but missed Taco Tuesday with our rancher neighbors so in the spirit of keeping up the tradition will do it from here.

  2. You can do it wherever you want to, but you don't want to miss out on eating delicious tacos, even if as an American, you're guilty of cultural appropriation.

  3. TACO TUESDAY??? How did I forget? I can whip up some tacos for din-din.

    We have to go make a black mark for Trump in our primary in a bit. Idaho primaries are closed so I can't vote for Bernie just to mess with the commie/libtard heads. More's the pity…

    I guess on Friday it's going to get cold and snow. Fine with me. After working outside the past week I'm ready for a fire in the stove and a "hang out day."

  4. Going to vote for Trump and now will prob get Tacos after.
    I was thinking about you sitting out the virus in Hawaii.
    I would think it would be a hot spot of contagion with all the Asian tourists. But it doesn't appear to be.

  5. There's a whole lotta carbs in tacos, LL. Rather than succumb to the lures of a taco tuesday, I would recommend indulging yourself on Chateau Briand Wednesday, or perhaps Steak Diane Thursday.

    And of course there's always lobster tail Fridays to look forward to.

    Aunt Sally has never heard of any of these days, but she doesn't get out much. Half frozen corn dog Mondays, she's way ahead of you on that score…

  6. There was a taco stand on the way to the lake. Each one of those little pick me ups cost $1.50. Tasty.

  7. The question remains: Who will Biden's VP be? It needs to be an 'empty vessel' who can step in when he's judged mentally incompetent. Kamala Harris? Amy Who? and when they are president, they can invite Hillary in as their VP for a year or so until they die in office.

    But that doesn't address the coming snow.

  8. Two corn tortillas? A lot of carbs? Live a little, Fredd. You never know how long you have left until the Coronavirus comes calling.

  9. WSF says that we don't live by tacos alone and he's right. There are also brisket burritos and chile rellano

  10. Don't get me wrong, I still swear by the Mexican grandmother in Houston who sold tamales out of the back of her 1972 Colony Park station wagon (it might have been a Country Squire), best food on God's green earth. Lots of carbs, but what the hell. She had three varieties: pork, beef and chicken, all of them awesome.

  11. We have a couple of decent places here, and one we haven't been to yet that's consistently rated "Best Mexican Food" here.

    The places we go to serve my corn tortillas nice and warm and fresh tasting, but I doubt if somebody's Abuela making them in the back room…

  12. DRJIM, it can be good without the tortilla lady (with no teeth) but will it ever be the best?

    Fredd, nothing beats a really great grandma made tamale…carbs notwithstanding.

  13. LL

    As a total MF (Mind, add your own F) PDJT should volunteer to be Biden's VP in the unlikely event Biden wins. decisions decisions will say the DemRats.

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