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Nobody has asked me what I’ve been doing this week now that we’re in a new year. I’m sure that you all feel that whatever I’m doing, I’m up to no good…and you’d be right.
The 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show is going on in Las Vegas. I’ve heard there is also an adult entertainment convention underway at the same time, but I’m way to busy to be concerned with anything that they are doing—wherever it is they are doing it.
I can only be happy that the bloggers (and not just the men) are not here because it would be like a moth to the flame and I’d end up spending my time trying to herd Woodsterman, Old NFO, Wo Fat, LSP, Fredd and Euripides the way a person would try to herd cats to keep them at CES and away from the Adult Entertainment Awards Show.

Naturally, as a purveyor of unique UAV’s that will soon be available to the public, the consumer end of our product line interfaces with some of the products being displayed by exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show. The little drones employ ducted fan motors and are finger safe. We are bringing two hull forms for a potential joint venture partner to see them fly. Yes, they will be flying around the inside of the Las Vegas Convention Center. You’ll note that they are small enough to fit into a small handgun case (photo above right).
The joint venture will take a lot of heat off of the company and will fund the marketing and distribution costs of the new UAV’s, patented by my company. Cross your fingers. Jenny – pray – because the big guy listens to you. I think that my sermonettes may annoy him.
These little units have a number of special applications that may be adaptable to USGOV missions, but here and now, these particular models are destined for the consumer market —which is free from FAA regulations.
What is there to see at the Consumer Electronics Show? The consumer electronics are naturally interesting but there are cars here, and nothing looks better than a pretty woman standing next to a prototype automobile.
None of the twenty-something car demonstration models at CES have asked for my phone number. Alas, the ravages of time. I would likely have better luck at the “other convention”…if I had hundred dollar bills spilling from my pockets.

20 thoughts on “CES

  1. I wouldn't enjoy the Adult Entertainment Convention very much. I would be thinking that I was woefully in the wrong place. All those 'ladies' have been road like a highway by nothing but big rigs. I would feel like a Volkswagen Bug in comparison. I must be getting old because I have more interest in playing with the drones than ogling something I could never afford nor try to maintain upkeep.

  2. Drones are big right now and we got into the business just before everyone decided to do it. We have some patents and an edge, but the survival odds for any new company is precarious.

    As to the soiled doves, I couldn't agree more.

  3. Wondered if you were there. Best of luck with the marketing. Wear your whites, you'll have to beat'm off…

  4. You need to invest in scantily-clad women models to better show off your drones. The possibilities stagger the mind.

    Herding cats indeed….

  5. Hey, I resemble… oh never mind… 🙂 One recommendation, get GOOD booth babes that can actually fly the units! 🙂

  6. Meetings went very well – exceptionally promising.

    I'll get you one to fly around in due time once we have production models out.

  7. I used-to be forced to go to COMDEX. I hate Vegas trade-shows and you couldn't get me into SHOT on a beer-bet.
    However the booth-babes/semi-starlets for some of the raunchier channels like SPICE at the Cable Show in LA were pretty bodacious – and their body-makeup must have been plastic-something base — it didn't rub-off on your coat jacket so no evidence remained.

  8. But it does not (yet) have a supply of hot UAV's. Best wishes in getting the word out to your target market.

  9. The no evidence hint seems to suggest what I suspected, that they are commercial grade semi-starlets and understand their target market.

  10. Pardon my delayed response: Exactly, they understand very well. But I never met a "Bambi." (Certainly not at COMDEX.)

  11. They'd never appear at COMDEX, but there is a predatory circling of soiled doves who follow the easy pickings of the convention crowd. It reminds me of sharks circling a sinking ship.

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