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Cecile Richards
Death Merchant
Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America has been criticizing lawmakers for passing a 20-week abortion ban.
Last May, on the two-year anniversary of the conviction of infamous abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, the U.S. House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after nearly five months.
Back in May 2015 we didn’t know that Ms. Richards’ comments were likely made to protect the bottom line of Planned Parenthood, which has been selling the body parts of harvested babies for profit. Let’s face it, a fully mature baby has more fully mature (and more valuable) organs than one that was recently conceived. When you’re in the business of death, it makes sense to make death make money for you.
The late Cecil (the lion)

International outrage followed the harvesting of Cecil-the-Lion for fun and profit by an American dentist. Some found it ironic that there was significantly more international outrage at one dead lion (regrettable though it was) than 50 million babies, killed by Planned Parenthood since 1973. Others were criticized for pointing out that the most dangerous place for a black man to be in New York City is in the womb. 

Would there be outrage if somebody — maybe Cecile Richards, who has a lot of experience marketing organs harvested from babies, went into the business of marketing harvested organs from lions? Ok, let’s make it fair — marketing organs from unborn lions.
I’m only asking the question.

Cecile, job opportunity for when your executive position at Planned Parenthood is eliminated. Buy, sell and trade fetal lion organs.

22 thoughts on “Cecile vs Cecil

  1. If justice were to be found anywhere on this issue, Cecile would be spending time behind bars rather than behind the wheel of her Lamborghini.

  2. Ms Cecile needs a nice long ride in the back of a pick-up truck with a relative of the late Cecil.

  3. They say that "Orange is the new Black"… (have you seen the series on Netflix? I only made it through one episode, but like the title.)

    I'm with you on that. There needs to be a punitive sentence and it needs to be handed down swiftly and with certainty. Maybe her assets can be distributed to the women whose babies parts she marketed.

  4. Caged pick up. You wouldn't want the nimble Cecile to jump out before Cecil's family was done with her.

  5. The hue and cry about the lion is from the same crowd that hate firearms – just another way to demonize firearm users. In this case they have a deserving target.

    I come from a long line of subsistence hunters who scorn trophy hunters. Never stopped us from taking their money to guide them but they were never welcome into the inner circle.

  6. Is it true that the dentist is getting death threats from Planned Parenthood?

  7. It's all about the agenda… Distract with Cecil, so Cecile doesn't have to 'defend' an indefensible position… Typical liberal thought process, emotion over facts and "HUNTING"… O.M.G they are killing poor defenseless animals…

  8. What the heck is happening to this country, that hunting animals is wrong, and killing babies is ok.

  9. I've shot a number of wild animals. I never got a head or antlers mounted. I did skin dear and elk and had the hides tanned.

  10. Liberals need to stop eating, PERIOD!

    That way they'll all be gone in a month or so, and the sane people will once again be in charge…..

  11. I have a couple of them. When you construct a deer hide shirt, it's often wise to make it two layers thick to provide insulation.

  12. They have Lion Bars in the UK. I've heard that they are made from real lions. That must be why they are my favorite candy bar.

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