Congenital Liar

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A walk down memory lane (NY Times). Columnist William Safire called Hillary a “congenital liar”. If she only told as many lies as the number of women who husband Bill banged while married to her, it would be a very long list indeed. 

Obama wasn’t the cause of American decline, he was merely an emblem of it. Hillary Clinton would clearly be worse. How much worse she’d be than Obama is difficult to measure. Since Obama is clearly the very worst president in American history, Hillary is likely to be “worser” — we’re going to need to create an entirely new vocabulary.

The thought of the portly lesbian waddling around in her polyester pantsuit (and comfortable shoes), “leading the free world” is frightening.

Once Hillary is elected, she can bury the scandals, wrapped in the cloak of national security.

10 thoughts on “Congenital Liar

  1. Not to worry,LL. Joe Biden will step up, put a serious beat down on this portly lesbian, win the hearts and minds of the American voter and his leadership will turn everything around. You'll see.

    (my sarcasm button is stuck in the on position, any suggestions as to how to unstick it?)

  2. All the same, she's poised to be your leader (and BOSS) for the next four years unless Alabama secedes.

  3. You know, I'm really beginning to worry about the possibility that she might actually GET elected…

  4. If the Lightbringer does just one decent thing for the country in his two terms, he will find a way to sabotage her campaign. Not holding my breath. Even if he wants to do it, he remains a SCOAMF and will botch the effort.

  5. We live in hope. But I'm skeptical too in that he seems to f-up everything that he touches.

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