Donald Trump is a major news figure but many media outlets and platforms have conspired to censor him and to censor certain information about him for political reasons.

There were requests for over 500 press credentials to be issued for his speech in Ohio. Biden struggled to get over 50 people to attend his speeches when he was running for president that he didn’t pay to be present. That is before his “landslide victory”.

President Trump spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of thousands at a rally in Wellington, Ohio on Saturday night in support of Republican candidates.

Trump supporters donned shirts reading, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.”

Banned from Facebook and Twitter, Trump’s loyal fans found a way to watch him online. His rally racked up nearly two million views on Right Side Broadcasting Network and Rumble alone in just a few hours. That dwarfs the online interest in videos posted by President Biden.

#TRUMP2024ToSaveAmerica trended on Twitter, despite the ban.

Using his familiar upbeat delivery, Trump attacked nearly every facet of the Biden Administration.

“Do you miss me?” asked the former president as the crowd roared with cheers and chanted “Four more years!”

Among other topics, Trump criticized the controversial teachings of “Critical Race Theory,” which promotes racist principles such as judging white people negatively, solely based on the color of their skin.

Trump also claimed that Critical Race Theory is being forced on the military by “woke” generals and called U.S. military leaders “weak and ineffective” for allowing it. Watch that clip at the link below.

“Gas prices are skyrocketing, inflation is skyrocketing, China and Russia are humiliating our country,” said Trump.

More than 1.9 million viewers watched on the Right Side Broadcasting Network’s (RSBN) YouTube channel on Saturday night, June 26, with numbers still increasing by the thousands every few minutes past midnight into Sunday. Watch the RSBN replay at the link below.

More than 345,000 had watched on Trump’s new Rumble channel as of midnight Saturday. Watch the Rumble channel recording below.

More viewers watched on C-SPAN, One America News, Newsmax, and other outlets. Watch C-SPAN below.

Trump says he will be going to the troubled Southern Border next week where there is a 20-year high of illegal immigrants being intercepted after crossing the border.

When it comes to online views, enthusiasm for Trump far outweighs that of President Biden. Most of his videos receive a fractional number of views compared to Trump’s first rally in six months. See President Biden’s YouTube account below.

Come on, man. Who wants to watch a walking corpse read what his handlers wrote for him on a teleprompter?

One of Biden’s more popular features was the June 5, 2021 “A Weekly Conversation: On the Line with President Obama,” which garnered under 68,000 views. Watch that feature at the link below.


On another note – we need to expand the number (below)


  1. “On another note – we need to expand the number (below)”
    only 29 more to go – that’s not so many

  2. I have difficulty with some of the things Trump did. He could have maybe pushed back harder on this election business and Pence, well…… That said, Trump is the only one who trumpets and speaks for the ‘common’ American. Libs. want unencumbered power, Repubs. want to keep that ‘gravy train’ flowing while the Libs. are in power. Pox to them all.

  3. It was a Big Beautiful rally. I like the tactic, undermine the seditious crappy do nothing constructive Administration from the grassroots level. Brilliant.

    And yeah, we miss PDJT….everyday, in spades.

    Sidebar: Only a few nutzoid maskers on our trip out among the General Public. All-in-all fairly normal…like magic Covid panic is disappearing.

  4. Florida has been screwed out of Constitutional Carry by the idiot RINOS and Socialistists in whOrlando and South Florida.

    RINO committee members keep shooting any good bill down before it can go before the Legislature.

    Otherwise, with DeSantis in the Governor’s seat, we’d have CC so damned quickly.

    And, of course, our in-state ‘pro 2A’ gun writers are often the worst enemies of CC.

  5. I’m with Paul M. And surely the Biden “landslide” thing is wearing thin. I mean, who really believes it? Not even furiously prog dems, they’re just happy the crime took place.

    So, a lot of people aren’t very happy with this, but they’re mostly polite TEA Party types as opposed to… something else. But what happens when gas hits 5/6 bucks a gallon, you can’t afford to feed you family and btw, sorry, no power, because Green, etc.

    Things could get pretty nasty pretty quickly. Just a thought.

  6. I still carry my CC permit traveling, as I am not certain that even the constitutional carry states allow non state citizens that right. Opinions ?

    • My opinion is, be incredibly careful crossing State lines with any sort of gun in any sort of circumstance.

      The outcome is pretty random, and worst-case scenarios are really bad, especially if you aren’t a zillionaire with an army of lawyers on call.


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