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The Great Culling

Feral Aussie Cat, photo courtesy Wikipedia
(Independent UK) The Australian government is airdropping poisonous sausages across thousands of hectares of land in an effort to kill millions of feral cats, according to reports.
It is just one of the tactics used by the government as part its plan to kill two million feral cats by 2020 in order to protect native species.
Cats are also trapped and shot by government officials. To date, 87% of the cats killed were shot by government hunters. The poisoning effort is expected to be more cost effective. The sausages are said by Australian experts to be irresistible to cats.
The cats die within 15 minutes after eating the sausages made with kangaroo meat, chicken fat, herbs, spices, catnip and the poison, 1080, the New York Times reported.
Planes distributing the poisoned treats drop 50 sausages every kilometre in areas where the cats roam free.

19 thoughts on “Cat News

  1. Let us hope they will not kill all of the kangaroos to get enough meat to the sausages. Maybe rabbits could be a better and more sustainable meat?

  2. How much is the license?
    What's the limit?
    Oh, they don't allow guns over there.
    Never mind.

  3. I understand the need to kill the feral cats; but fo they not realize that any meat eater will be attracted?

  4. Catnip? Sorta like giving a death row inmate laughing gas with his last meal.

  5. Interesting! Do the sausages have "For Feral Cats Only"? I suspect they will kill more than cats. Especially if Liberals are out there looking for a free meal. Ummm! Then it can't be all bad.

  6. It's obviously a cover for an extermination campaign against whatever the Australian slur equivalent of Redneck / White Trash / Swamp Yankee / etc. is.

    Seriously – airplanes dropping free sausage everywhere? I'm not sure I could resist even knowing they're poisoned…


  7. We have two cats (not feral). They hate sausage. Put some Johnsonville Original Breakfast link sausage in front of them, they don't even bother sniffing it before walking away.

    Now the dog, different story entirely.

  8. This story is laden with so much unintended consequence potential it is gonna tip over.

  9. What raven said. First off, though, the guy who came up with sausage recipe is a cat owner who studied cat foods to find flavors that attracted cats. Probably why the catnip is in there. He wanted them to have pleasant last meal!

    So they air drop sausage and kill tons of cats. First problem is tons of carcasses rotting everywhere. Next problem, does the poison kill whatever eats the carcass? Next problem, what about biological multiplication? One cat eats X grams of poison. Something eating dead cat carcasses gets X grams from every carcass they eat. Now do they have vultures or some other kinds of carcasses lying around, too?

    I could go on for a page. History is full of programs like this that prove the Law of Unintended Consequences will have its say.

  10. I love this story.

    Some of the cats will escape and breed UP into GIANT CATS. Australia will be defenseless, having largely abandoned guns in favor of lib progressive rainbow riding.

    Good luck, Aussies.

  11. People have asked me how saber tooth tigers will evolve rapidly again to occupy Wall St during the coming ice age. I think this may be the vehicle.

  12. And to think they banned DDT over a few birds while hundreds of thousands of humans died from Malaria since the ban was implemented.

    Any scavenger that eats meat is going to go for this stuff, dingos and loose pets not to mention every flavor of rodent, including the protected species. Not going to end well, just wait until a child nibbles one.

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