They did it once: OPERATION WETBACK (CLICK HERE) as outlined on Wikipedia shows that the Government of the United States once had the ability to deport illegal aliens. At the same time that Operation Wetback was underway, the government increased quotas for guest workers under the BRACERO Program (CLICK HERE). So it was able to do it before and maybe the US Government could do it again?

Or is it better to cede areas of the United States to drug cartels, human traffickers and other criminals the way the barack hussein obama regime has chosen to handle it?


  1. Scary…You know what really scares me, people who are becoming fans of Obama's facebook page…people who still support him. I don't understand it!

  2. Of course they could do it. It'd be slow, but they could do it. And if they watched the borders, we'd reduce the number coming into to less than the number leaving. It all makes sense, which is why it won't be done.

    As soon as I can get that sailboat man…

  3. It is scary when the pResident's choices for his required job duties, include surrendering land to these foreign para-military/criminal cartel. A VOTE of No-Confidence should be brought up, in the Congress-Ah, We don't have any Statesmen ANYMORE!

  4. Nickie – I don't think we could put a man on the Moon today. barack hussein obama has set a goal of landing a man on an asteroid in the next two decades. No, I'm not kidding.

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