I have no idea who will take barack hussein obama’s place in the White House in 2012. I seriously wonder if he will be able to obtain his party’s nomination to run in 2012. I think Hillary Clinton stands a better chance.

There are a number of Republican possibilities out there. I doubt Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin will end up being dubbed by the Party. Maybe one of the US Army generals? There has been loose talk to that effect.

One of the people in Congress who strikes me as a consistently conservative guy, a rational leader (rare in Washington) is Rep Mike Pence (R-IN).


  1. I've got to say that Pence has impressed me for years. The other guy I do like a lot is Paul Ryan, though I don't see him running.

    I think you're right about Palin and Romney, and I would add Huckabee to that list.

  2. How about someone who is showin' some leaderin'; The Governor of New Jersey?

    We really need to be rid of all of the Charlatans from both parties who currently infest the House and Senate. The professional politician has gotten us in this mess and we need some new common sense people to come in and do the work that needs doing.

  3. I think Governor Christie is showing the right stuff and has VAST potential to be the next president. There are a hand full of people who are emerging and I'd put both Pence and Christie at the top.

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