California Parks Initiative 2010 – Bad Idea

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You will note that (below) I posted an opposition to the California Parks Initiative (raise taxes for State Parks in California).  The explanation I received at the initiative table in front of Home Depot was that Sierra Club would administer the program. People responded to my cry of foul and explained that the Sierra Club ENDORSES but will not manage the program.  Mia Culpa – it appears that the State simply wants more tax money to do what they should already be doing with existing tax money.

Sierra Club and it’s horrible record of supporting programs that are not in the nation’s best interests aside, I wish to express why I think that increasing TAXES further is a BAD IDEA.

And since I’m sure there will be people who challenge my conclusions, I’m including links so they can review the basic data for themselves.

1. Californians have the highest personal state income tax in the nation. (based on rate and where that rate capps vs the median income of earners in the state)

2. Californians pay the highest state sales tax in the nation. (just look at the chart and decide for yourself)

3. Californians pay AMONG the most in state exicse tax for fuel in the nation. (chart here)

If California wants to put more effort into maintaing its parks, and I certainly have no problem with that effort, LET THEM REDUCE ENTITLEMENT or simply suggest to legislators that they find the money in the vast morass that is California’s sloppy spending habits.

Businesses are leaving California in record numbers because of the unfavorable business environment that has been created in California. Changing that trend should increase revenue – and maybe some of that money can be earmarked for parks – but a NEW TAX is a bad idea.

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