Yellowstone, the Series

Yes, I know that I can be picky, but I have a difficult time watching the series sometimes. There must be a lot of people who watch the TV show and think that’s the way life is on a ranch. The boss has a helicopter, it only snows on the mountain peaks, and you need as many cowboys as cattle to herd them up from the South Forty – ignoring that the dogs do 98% of the herding work. If you’re going to brand cattle, you bring in world-class country singers and a band, it’s a party and everybody gets laid – twice.  The boss is also the governor in his spare time, one kid is the livestock commissioner and the other is the attorney general. Nobody brings a sleeping bag if they’re going to sleep out under the stars. There are two very attractive “Native American” women in the cast in leading roles. If you search the Internet, you’ll find that Kelsey Asbille Chow is Chinese and white. Miss Pouty Lips – Tanaya Beatty is a mixture of white, Pacific Islander, and a distant Native American relative.

In the 1893 Series prequel, everyone could have just taken the train to Oregon and would have arrived intact. We’ll see what they do with 1923.


From American Thinker

Brooklyn professor openly calls for ‘aufhebung’ of the family

By Olivia Murray

Despite its proven track record of oppression, misery, and death, communism won’t just die — and we largely have American leftists to thank for that. Their philosophies are so depraved and so antithetical to truth and morality, modern leftism provides the perfect asylum for Marx’s ideas to proliferate.

The most brutal figures in the last century were its adherents, but apparently, that’s not a red flag to people like Sophie Lewis, a professor at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. According to her staff biography, Lewis is the author of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family and Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation. She “teaches courses on feminist, trans and queer politics and philosophy, including family abolitionism” and for her doctoral program, “sought to reframe the political economy of contract pregnancy for the purposes of antiwork [sic] polymaternalist utopianism” — a communist who doesn’t want to work, imagine that — and lastly, Lewis “helped foster communities of Marxist-feminist cultural criticism.” …more here.


Black Guns Matter – and so does pizza


Bullet Points:

* The 15-Minute City – It’s very woke.

* (Fox News)”All you right-wing conspiracy theory nut jobs who seem to think the teachers are out here just indoctrinating children into some sort of woke agenda that you can’t actually define, I’m just going to come clean. I am, in fact, indoctrinating your children,” she said.

* I heard that the old company Christmas Party is now referred to as an “employee recognition event”.   I asked, “booze and strippers?” Apparently I have it mixed up with a bachelor party but it’s an honest mistake. I don’t get out enough.

* We don’t have inflation because the people are living too well. We have inflation because the government is living too well.” –  Pres. Reagan

* Pedo Joe Brandon started screaming again today. Pedo Joe was talking about transsexuals when he started screaming. Then he somehow tied racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, Afrophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, mysophobia, etc. all together. It wasn’t clear what he meant. And then Pedo Joe brought up the shooter at the Colorado Springs gay club – but did not mention he is non-binary for some reason? That was weird.

* The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation announced Thursday that Central States Teamsters’ private union pension will receive $35.8 billion in taxpayers’ money. Behind this bailout is a tragic history of reckless actions by self-seeking unions and muddied political favoritism that allowed the problem to fester for decades unchecked. What Pedo Joe’s regime applauds as a “protection” of hard-earned retirement benefits is instead an appalling, no-strings-attached bailout that picks winners and losers. Instead of fixing the problem, it will make the problem worse.


  1. Yellowstone. Still don’t watch TV, well other than streaming the occasional podcast. But my limited experience with branding was that we did have a nice dinner afterwards. I will say steaks have a greater appeal after you have been kicked and stepped on all day.

    Black guns do matter. of course they do; what is not to like? Lady does need to make sure and wash her hands before chowing down though. Lead poisoning can’t be fun and I have read it is cumulative. Or maybe she just took off her shooting gloves.

    Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. +1 with WSF

    The 15 minute city. Don’t see how it would work. The economic cost due to the loss of any scales of economy would be pretty darn large. Also the increased costs of transporting goods to many more but much smaller hubs would take a toll.

    • To be fair, Taylor Sheridan is my FAVORITE contemporary screenwriter. He’s a very bright guy and he’s a talented writer and storyteller. I did dabble in screenwriting and sold work. Ok, I cashed the check, but the morons who bought the work were something else. One was Madonna’s husband at Maverick Films. David White was another. But I digress. You have to write for the industry and it demands things like Yellowstone, which is well-written. It’s just not quite real. And in 1893 you could have just taken the train all the way to Oregon.

        • Good point. I guess it would work in the sense that it would provide another avenue for subsidies to the preferred (by the powers in charge) classes.

        • If I wanted to live in a European city and not have a car and have to take public transportation to go to a big store, otherwise go to the store every day or every other day, and live asses-to-elbows with my fellow hive dwellers, well, I’d live in a European City, or Chicongo, or New Yawk City or some other jammed-together metropolitan progressive hellscape.

          I have enough issues living in a 1 story apartment building. At least the neighbors on either side are quiet. Snobby, stuck up old farts who look at me like I’m some Cracker invader, but quiet.

          Now if I could just get rid of the white skank who has hot-and-cold running drug dealers coming out of her apartment across the parking lot, or the two potheads who have other drug dealers coming in and out with their damned stereos blaring, life would be better. Much better.

      • I watched the show (1883) and wondered why they didn’t take the train, (I knew the answer, no story).
        On the other hand I saw the show being pushed as “that’s the way it was”…

  2. As unlikely as plot of 1883 was, it was hard for me to be very upset with anything that has Faith Hill in it. The years have obviously been kind to her, just as obvious as my preferred pronouns are dirty/old/man.

  3. Your description of Yellowstone and bringing the cattle up from the back 40, pretty well echoes what I recall of how my Grandfather, Dad, Uncles, and us Grandkids did it some 60+ years in the Salt Grass plain of Gulf Coast Texas. Well, maybe there were a few exceptions like no mountains, no snow, no dogs, no governor, no helicopters although the mosquitoes seemed to be almost that large, everybody got laid out in the mud at least once by a big calf that wasn’t happy about being branded and/or having some psychiatric work performed. Can’t leave out the old Cajun running around with a paper sack to catch the mountain oysters that were being liberated from the psychiatric patients, prior to them hitting the ground. After all that frivolity wasn’t much daylight or energy left for dancing and partying.
    But I do realize times change.
    Cletus Valvecore

    • I forgot about the mosquitoes. I was going to mention them. So you have the trail boss and the pretty blonde rutting in the buff all night, and not a welt to be seen from a mosquito bite. Sure.

  4. Can’t remember if I saw it here, or elsewhere: when you say you are non-binary, you are dividing people into two categories…binary and non-binary, a binary set. So, you have just claimed to be something by stating the exact opposite.

  5. As with many of this blog’s older readers, I knew the old breed of cowboys. I don’t know how it is today. When I was in high school, I was a lifeguard at the community pool, I hauled hay and did cow and sheep herding. I wasn’t a cowboy in the actual sense. When I graduated from high school I spent that summer pulling cows out of the Green River in Colorado/Utah. There was a lot of quicksand and the cows got into it. I had a quarterhorse, a .243 bolt action rifle, and a Browning High Power pistol (HS graduation present) and I lived in a sheep camp trailer by myself. The real cowboys I knew were as hard as iron. They aged quickly. The older men had a lot of health problems addressed with cheap whiskey. None of them rode fancy saddles or wore $1,000 Stetsons. They were all poor. More than half were wetback Mexicans and were functionally illiterate. They knew how to cowboy.

    I had to earn respect and it came hard because I was a gavacho (white boy). I never was a cowboy but I spent time among them long enough to know that I wanted a different life.

    • PS – When I was a teenager I heard about pedophiles. I lived in the country. They ended up in trees, far from the Interstate highway. If Pedo Joe had lived there, he’d have fed crows too. It would have saved America a lot of grief.

    • Was glad to go into the oil patch after graduation from college. Retired, thought I’d go back to the “life”, ran goats and cattle for a number of years, but that just make an old man age faster.

    • My dad used to herd cows during the summer. He aways carried a hammer stuck in his boot so that he could whack the head of the horse if need be.

      He used to sweep grain silos out until one of his friends got done blown up in a grain-dust explosion.

        • Between airborne flour being downright explosive, and flour contamination of the lungs (much like black lung,) being in the baking industry used to be a very deadly (over the long-term) profession.

  6. Sorry, I stopped watching Yellowstone at the end of last season. I’m a realist and have met some nasty, back stabbing, double dealing people in my 70 years but this series is just too dark for me.

  7. We backgrounded cattle on the farm/ranch I worked on early in my life. That was taking them from post weaning up to ready for the feedlot. The most stressful time on the new arrival’s was the truck ride in with 97 of their new buddies. When we unloaded them off the truck was the time to give them the works. Branding, vaccination, dehorning, casteration, and treating them for lice. No need in stressing them a second time. We turned them into a lot with fresh oat hay and plenty of clean drinking water. They all seemed to enjoy their visit from that point on.

  8. Didn’t even know Yellowstone existed until this year. Watched commercials for it and it holds no interest for me.
    I like most color guns. But not pink. Don’t like pink.
    Guess I should mention I didn’t watch 1883 or 93 or whatever it was, either.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  9. +1 on WSF… Re “booze and strippers?” That was the Stag Bar at the club… sigh… Lots more fun, and the commands didn’t have a problem with it!

    Re Yellowstone, haven’t watched, don’t plan on it either.

  10. Tried watching “Yellowstone.” I liked Costner’s character, along with some of the ranch hands. His ‘daughter’ just creeped me out, rather sleep with an actual snake than her (both the character and the actress have ‘dead eyes.’) Lost interest about 6-8 episodes in. Though I did enjoy it when Costner blocked all the water from going onto the ‘Res.’ And it really did a good job of portraying ‘Res’ life in all its horrid glory.

    As to wagon training in 1883, people were still doing it. You could drive your livestock and carry all your household supplies with you. Slow going, but cheaper than taking the train and either shipping all of your supplies or buying them when you got there.

    Still, yeah, take the f’n train.

  11. Gay marriage was made legal in 2015. Inter-racial marriage was made legal in 1967. Parsing through the latest demorat bill that every liberal thinks is historic, blah-blah, and it’s clear that the purpose is nefarious and has little to do with making gay marriage safe. A trojan horse. But, at least the fake news media can distract from other stories.

  12. “…the dogs do 98% of the work…”
    I have heard it said that one dog is worth ten cowboys.

    There are still cowboys out there.
    Not rodeo cowboys, but family men working on ranches doing what can only be done on horseback and with a good dog. They keep the culture and traditions and pass them on to the next generation.
    It is a hard life and everyone I know that pursues it has had either a broken back, broken pelvis, and cracked skull, usually more than once. Some embrace the power of “and” and have combinations of broken bones sometimes all simultaneously.
    Some I know have degrees in business management and agriculture to better compete in the modern world, but they still saddle up and live life in the real world.

    Bob, 94, an old friend died last Thursday. He was a rancher and loved his dogs and horses. I think the difference between a cowboy and a rancher is that he once told me he was so thrifty he would skin a mouse for its hide and tallow whereas a cowboy might throw the mouse to the barn cat.
    Bob did own a couple of pair of custom cowboy boots for Sunday-go-to-meeting and funerals, so he was not cheap, just thrifty.

  13. Yeah, Hollywood only seems to make shows about the Disney West – i.e. Jackson Hole.

    I prefer the parts where people get dirty, and don’t have servants to wipe their asses for them.


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