Those lovable Communist Chinese just can’t keep their hands to themselves and play nice with anyone, can they? That’s why NOBODY likes them.

India has bolstered its military presence in Galwan Valley of the Ladakh region on Monday in response to a growing Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) buildup in the border region between the two countries.

The Economic Times of India reported India’s troop response on Monday, indicating Indian military forces were preparing defensive positions along the Indian-Chinese border region. The Chinese state media outlet Global Times also reported the Chinese and Indian troop build-ups along the border.

The Global Times, the official, unofficial media propaganda outlet for the Chinese Communist Party described China’s military actions as the strongest military response to India’s illegal trespassing incident along the border. Essentially they are laying the propaganda groundwork for another incursion of Chinese troops into sovereign Indian land.

Global Times – “Since early May, India has been crossing the boundary line in the Galwan Valley region and entering Chinese territory. The Indian side built defense fortifications and obstacles to disrupt Chinese border defense troops’ normal patrol activities, purposefully instigated conflicts and attempted to unilaterally change the current border control situation.”

The Indian news source said that the so-called illegal trespassing activity described by the Chinese outlet was just a road construction on their side of the border which is available for use by the local population.

The Communist Chinese didn’t like the fact that the Indians were building a road on their side of the border and had been spreading dissent (along with money and influence) in the border region. “The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) bid to stop the road construction activities has led to a standoff, with sources saying that an extensive road network has already been established by China on the other side of the border,” the Economic Times of India reported.

Tensions first flared up two weeks ago on May 5. The South China Morning Post reported 11 soldiers – four Indian and seven Chinese – were injured during the incident, near Nathu La border crossing in Ladakh at the time. Following the initial incident, The Times of India reported Indian fighter jets had begun patrol flights over Ladakh after Chinese military helicopters flew close to the Indian border.

According to The South China Morning Post, Chinese and Indian officials have both claimed their side is maintaining open lines of communication during the current standoff.

There have been past flare-ups along the border between India and China, including the deployment of Chinese vehicle-mounted artillery pieces in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) near India, after a prior border dispute. Past border disputes have reportedly resolved quickly, though the clashes in Doklam have demonstrated the possibility of these clashes to turn violent.


  1. India’s other major enemy, Pakistan, is a Chinese ally. A possibility of a two front war for India?

    India’s troops, in the later years of WWII, did a creditable job against the Japanese. At the time they were under command of the British, being a Commonwealth country. The question? How will they do under their own command. Their border clashes with both China and Pakistan have been inconclusive. from what I’ve read.

    • Pakistan is definitely in China’s pocket for the moment, but it hasn’t been an easy relationship for the Chinese. The Pakistanis are loyal so long as they are paid and even then, there is not love for China or its people. The Chinese Belt Road runs through the country to the ocean. I guess that Chinese troops could march down the belt road to attack India, but it would go nuclear quickly. India has nukes, Pakistan has nukes, China has nukes.

      I have been published in Indian defense journals in the past. My personal sense is that Indian troops are credibly led and they have good quality arms and armor.

  2. Goodness gracious! The ChiComs seem altogether unable to keep themselves to themselves, which begs the war question. Do they think they can take on the world and win? Of course they must think the US is bought and paid for, but Biden’s election’s by no means certain.

    That aside, I hate the thought of former Indian Army regiments fighting each other and it’s happened — Probyn’s v. Skinners’ etc. Let’d hope that doesn’t happen again.

    • The Chinese and Indians have been squabbling over turf on the Roof-of-the-World for a long time now. My sense (and I’m willing to concede that the politics can be complex) is that the Chinese are always the aggressors. Take a look at the RAPE OF TIBET, Chinese incursions in Bhutan, and the general pattern of behavior. None of it is praise worthy.

    • The Indians love President Trump. Maybe a bi-lateral treaty with the US that comes with us being their primary arms supplier. India makes a lot of it’s own military hardware at present, but there is a market for US wares.

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