Everything to do with the American Civil War/War of Northern Aggression is studied. Some disputes over facts and generals remain even after all these years. One of those has to do with General Grant and his consumption of alcohol. When his wife, Julia visited him, he was a moderate man. During the boredom of camp life when nothing was going on, and she was gone, he tipped the glass as did many.

Some maintain that General Grant drank the wrong things. The US Officer Corps was modeled on the French, and especially in the south saw itself as genteel landholders. Their drink of choice was Madiera. Grant, a westerner from humble roots, drank beer and splits – water and whiskey. Since he was never charged with intoxication on duty, never arrested for vagrancy, and never failed to carry out an order, it is unlikely that he really was an alcoholic and instead suffered from being of a different social class.

Many officers in the pre-war army were drunks. That notwithstanding, they rarely lost their commissions, they were merely transferred to places where promotions would stop. Grant’s issue was not being more or less of a drunk – but that he was the wrong sort of drinker. He was uncomfortable at soirees where he was required to carry on small talk. He liked working men’s hangouts. He was not someone who visited Indian camps but he could be spotted drinking at places where Indians consumed. He would gamble and win money. He drank whiskey splits, the drink issued to sailors before the end of drinking on US warships.

Studying US industry and education you find many ‘Grants’ whose behavior means no one wants them at a party, but when the fighting starts they are the ones you want leading the army – if you find a politician who can protect them.


Bullet Points:

* The California Committee on reparations to negroes recommended $500 billion in direct payments. I expect that every black person on the planet will be moving there. Naturally, as I self-identify, I hope to receive an equal measure of lucre.   As a homage to capitalism, I promise to plow the whole thing back into the economy and buy an airplane.

* A paraplegic former Canadian military member is ripping her government, which offered to euthanize her after she complained about delays in having a wheelchair lift installed in her home. Retired Army Corporal Christine Gauthier, who competed for Canada at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, testified in Parliament Thursday that a Veterans Affairs Canada caseworker offered the opportunity for a medically assisted death – and even to provide the equipment, according to the CBC.

“I have a letter saying that if you’re so desperate, madam, we can offer you, MAID, medical assistance in dying,” said Gauthier who injured her back during a 1989 military training accident.

* Twitter loses 90% of its employees and everything functions the same. It reminds me of every government shutdown that I’ve seen.

* Today on unsolved mysteries we investigate why nobody ever tests positive for an old covid variant once a new one comes along.

* It’s a good article on evolving Russian reforms and the failure of their military structure. The losses of what good officers they had in Ukraine will be sorely felt when China invades Siberia.  (h/t Claudio)


Identify the Armored Car


Model 11



Where Did it Go?

The FBI should be asking that question but they would seem to be out of that business these days unless it applied to a political enemy of the regime.



There was no parade for Pedo Joe.


When in Doubt, Improvise


  1. Improvising as a lifestyle: The Boomhauer Way

    Maricopa had to be “adjusted” not only because it has a really, really big population (>4 million) but almost as important, to rub it in. Our “elites” are all about humiliating those they see as their enemies. And everyone is an enemy.

  2. The MAC 11:
    I worked with an Air Force Vet who had been in Laos back when we were not in Laos *wink, wink*.
    He was the only person older than me in the facility.
    On some of those nacht shifts sometimes we would talk.
    He and his team had been captured in Laos and he was the only survivor.
    He told me he was forced to watch while his teammates were beheaded.
    He never explained his survival. He did not want to go back there.
    He wrote some books, worked as a journalist, infiltrated an eco terrorist group ( yeah, you know who they are), testified before Congress, and had some PTSD issues, and worked in the facility with me, but still did journalism.
    This time the story was in the facility.
    Hyper vigilance and paranoia did serve him well when an interview subject shoved a Glock at his face and said ‘I am going to f*****g kill you!”
    He disarmed her and called me while waiting for the PD to arrive.
    We both knew her from work.

    But I digress.
    At some point he had procured a pair of MAC 11s in .380 and a double holster shoulder rig. When I knew him he kept them hanging on a hook on the door inside the coat closet in his entry.

    As you have set up your redoubt at the WWM you would not be surprised at how many lethal old guys are out there.

  3. moore county, nc blackout…. maybe resistance is futile, but its still fun. yet i was appalled and ashamed at the twits advocating for totally unlawful/unconstitutional overreaction from law enforcement. its ” f the cops” until a normie upsets their drag queer show. i wish someone would clue bat them that 100% of commies eventually eat on their own.

  4. From my limited study of the war of northern aggression, it had been pointed out to Lincoln, by one of Grants detractors, on the volume of his consumption. Lincoln is reported to have remarked, “let’s find out what he is drinking, and send a case of it to each general!”

    Whenever I pay with a $50 bill to a twenty something, I always ask him or her whose picture is on it and why is it there? 1 out of 10 know. Pretty sad.

    • I am not a fan of US Grant, but that being said, he was a humble man, with a common touch, who lived a hard life, and was a winning general when the elite Union Generals couldn’t pour piss out of a boot. His time as president was not easy and he trusted the wrong people. His death from cancer was a miserable ordeal and his wife was left penniless. That’s when the country instituted a pension for former presidents. Of course with the corruption that makes presidents billionaires during their term in office now, they are not in need of a pension.

      • Harry Truman paid for the train tickets home after leaving office & after 8 years in the office Obama has mansions on the water in Massachusetts and Hawaii plus another in Washington DC.

        • And a lot of money is stashed offshore. Some of it is in the same place where Putin stashed cash. That’s just what I know about and I’m just an old illegally parked car in the cul-de-sac of life.

  5. Didn’t Lincoln quip about “Get whatever Grant’s drinking for the other officers”?

    Watch Twitter’s performance improve with the woke being kicked out.

    I’m still trying to wrap my brain around China invading Siberia for the resources there. Considering how remote the resources there are, and the brutal environment, it’ll take a LOT of Chinese slave labor to extract and ship them.

    Ah….an Ingram. Had a friend with a silenced one in a briefcase with a remote trigger. Called it his “Hit Kit”. Even silenced they make quite a racket from the action cycling. John Wayne put one to good use in “McQ”.

  6. The hit job on the NC substation isn’t the first time something like this has happened. The power companies don’t have a big supply of new transformers and other parts just sitting in a warehouse, which is why it takes so long to repair one after a lightning strike. A few years ago someone fired shots over the fence at a nuke plant and took out the power lines…..it was down for a long time. I seriously doubt this attack was done by rightwing anti-gay zealots who wanted to shut down a drag queen show at some dive bar, which is the prevailing theory of law enforcement and the media.

  7. I read that Grant became an alcoholic after spending two winters in the Pacific Northwest, first at Fort Vancouver (WA) and then Fort Humboldt (CA). Seems plausible to me.

    The story of how – and why – he wrote his autobiography is very interesting.

    • The History Channel took a break from Aliens Everywhere and did a nice mini-series on Grant. Very good storytelling, didn’t f up the history.

  8. What would be the result of major power outages in major urban areas on an election day? Say the power was down for at least 72hrs in most areas. With all the mail in ballots, urban voting wouldn’t be impacted that much, but the print on demand brigades could be mightily disrupted.


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