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Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, refused to meet with old Pedo Joe, who is visiting Hungary. Orban thinks that Europe has been weakened in the past year, partly because the FJB regime imposed its interests in Brussels at the expense of European interests, and that the response to the war, the “tsunami of sanctions,” had begun to weaken the European economy, while America, rich in cheap energy, was unaffected. Moreover, the prime minister is reported to have said that Europe’s military strength had also begun to weaken, because the war had reduced the European armies’ stocks, and they had not been replenished.

On the flip side,  Russia, the principal enemy, has also been significantly weakened and degraded both in terms of personnel and equipment.


Bullet Points:

** Federal Workers want to stay home. It is much easier to do nothing when you are not being watched. If you thought that government was inefficient before, wait until they all stay home. Then again, maybe if they all stay home and unplug their phones, it will limit the harm that they do. Your tax dollars at work.

** Regardless of the intermittency of the weather, the electrical grid is expected to deliver continuous and uninterrupted electricity no matter what the weather. Power grid blackouts are driven by the rapid retirement of small acreage coal and natural gas power plants.

Wind and solar electricity generation require vast amounts of pristine acreage, but due to the intermittency and variability of breezes and sunshine being a significant deficiency, wind turbines and solar panels do not work most of the time.

This is illustrative of why a myopic focus on renewables for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions through a deepening dependence on the intermittency of wind and solar electricity must ultimately come to terms with the laws of physics and the high financial and environmental cost of achieving a reliable electrical grid with these technologies.

** (NY Post) Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer became the latest Democrat to condemn House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to give Fox News host Tucker Carlson access to surveillance footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol Building. “The speaker is needlessly exposing the Capitol complex to one of the worst security risks since 9/11,” Schumer said in a Wednesday letter to Senate Democrats.

** When you are the “spare”, you seem to have a need to call attention to yourself.  In the former prince’s memoir he regales his readers with the body count that he racked up. Yeah. I’m sure that the royal brat was the only one shooting. And when he writes of killing Afghans, I can’t help but wonder whose side they were on. More likely a platoon of ANA Commando Corps types coming back in from patrol.

** Just another empty suitarchetype [ahr-ki-tahyp], noun: the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.

If there is one thing all Americans now know about transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, it is that he is massively, moronically incompetent but thinks he is the smartest, most impressive person on the planet.  As Victor Davis Hanson has noted, he is “the epitome of the empty résumé class.”  He had no qualifications for the job beyond the fact that he ticks a couple of identity politics boxes, he’s gay and proud of it, and he’s a mind-numbed leftist.  He is, therefore, the perfect book cover for the Biden Cabinet catalog.

Like Biden and the rest of his Cabinet, Buttigieg was hired for all the wrong reasons and is thoroughly incompetent for the job he holds.  Chosen for reasons other than expertise or competence, it explains the utter failure of the Biden regime on every issue that matters: national and border security, health and safety, military readiness, food and energy security, inflation, economic management, and dangerous involvement in a foreign war that may well lead to WWIII.  Perhaps that is the goal, given this regime’s failure on every front.  Distraction from our $31T in debt?  Distraction from the fact that the mandated vaccines are killing young people at a 40% excess mortality rate?  Distraction from the open border that has ushered into the country five million unvetted migrants and tons of fentanyl that is killing 100K people a year?  All of the above?  It’s a good article.  You can read it all at American Thinker.

** Politization of BATFE – “We did not become ATF agents so we could collect data, ensure firearms are in compliance, seize trigger groups, argue about what a firearm is or is not, seize firearms for reasons other than prosecuting criminals or spend countless hours inputting data to justify someone else’s existence in HQ,” he wrote. “We became ATF agents so we could work the streets and smack evil in the mouth. We took this job because we are willing to risk it all and hope that we can make the streets just a little bit safer for the law-abiding, upstanding citizens of the USA.”


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22 thoughts on “Bullet Points

  1. JoNova recently published a study indicating that there simply are not enough critical resources to pull off the net zero scam. In other words, “Net Zero” is just a scam with no resemblance to reality at all.

    Simon P. Michaux calls it “Minerals Blindness” — the inability to see that there are just not enough metals to get to Net Zero.


    1. Moving to a nuclear powered grid is the obvious first move. Modern nuclear generators are safe, and can be distributed geographically for security and efficiency. The cost of operation is reasonable. They no longer require massive supplies of water to operate effectively. And yet, USGOV pays scant attention to the solution.

        1. The green lobby, the china lobby (solar panels), the wind lobby, and the anti-nuke save the planet use paper drinking straws lobby opposes it in Congress.

          Then you have scum like Bill Gates who gets government subsidies for HIS programs, which he slow-walks. The red tape and paperwork required in the US to get generation plant moving costs many millions.

          1. Lobby’s and lobbyists need to go away. Naive? Maybe, but too much snake-pil is being foisted on America and American’s by these grifters and cheats.

        2. The reason fission is stonewalled is because it would work.

          The entire purpose of the “green” scam is to destroy the middle class, destroy general standards of living, and peasant-ize the populace. Our Masters don;t find ruling to be enough fun, when they rule a country where even the bums are rich by world standards. This situation leads to the Morlocks thinking they’re real people, and we can’t have that.

          That is why every single “green” initiative only makes things worse. These are the people who oppose Hydo, and are going around the country destroying hydro generating stations “for the environment”.


          1. Prager: “Every the Left touches it destroys.”

            I’d add: “…and makes everyone else miserable with their emotion-filled deluded moronic idiocy.”

  2. I’m all for Federal workers staying home, including FBI, DOJ, IRS…heck, even Congress. Affords them from doing further harm and gives the rest of us a breather to be left alone for a while.

    Still laughing about Petey’s new hardhat with orange safety stripe for walking around East Palestine. Geez. Will he buy everyone Taco Bell taco salad bowls with lab grown chicken?

      1. Reading The Bullet Garden, I’m at that point where Earl Swagger states he “doesn’t do politics”. Thinking I may adopt the mindset; save me some brain damage, keep the blood pressure lower, and operate more fully Christian (rearrange the focus as it were).

        It’s a thought anyway…”keeping tabs on the morons in charge” is a half Wellies boot into the Pig Stye no matter how careful one tries.

        1. The Bullet Garden has so many points of wisdom through Earl’s character. I hope you Elders keep recommending more good reading. Great twists to the plot as well.

  3. How to dream of times of peace and calm? What should the future generations look for, what could they dream about.

    Maybe some said that peace times are the rare times, while the otherwise is normal, but had their exposure been restricted to purely peace times growing up? If not, then how is their hypothesis getting validated on those who can’t even contemplate such realities. I worry about the kids of today and of the future, what is all this even worth.

  4. Back in the old days in the Afghan debacle (maybe Iraq, old memory is foggy), Michael Yon was attached to the exprince Harry’s unit. Yon seemed relatively impressed with his performance. Of course now Harry needs to monetize his duty to his country and is trying to one-up his Dad and brother. Tried to find Yon’s article, but my ISP has determined that his writings are not fit for reading. Guess I’ll have to go read some Admiral Dick Levine truth.
    Idaho Bob

  5. In my experience, the federal workers who want to stay home are the management and DIE class.
    The worker bees who want to get things done (the ones held back by the above) are pretty much in the office and have been to some extent throughout the CVD scare. They aren’t fighting about “return to office” because they never left!
    I was briefly in Berkeley CA 2 weeks ago; I was surprised by the number of people still wearing masks and even more so by the number of businesses still requiring masks!

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