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** Wow, somebody thinks there’s still a Fourth Amendment! Amazing. Critical to this end run around the Fourth Amendment’s prohibitions against unreasonable searches and seizures by government agents is a pass play that allows police to avoid public transparency requirements (open bids, public meetings, installation protocols) by having private companies and individuals do the upfront heavy lifting, leaving police to harvest the intel on the back end.

** Florida is recruiting – It has been reported that by the end of 2022, more than 600 police officers from other states had taken advantage of this opportunity.

** A look back – Five years ago at LSP’s range at the compound in Hillsboro, TX. Has it been that long?

Time flies.

** Popular Science – A new wing design. Today, NASA announced that it will be working with Boeing to produce an experimental new aircraft demonstrator that looks radically different from the jets that passengers are used to seeing. The flying machine will feature long, skinny wings that extend from the top of the plane’s fuselage, above the windows, not below. And because these wings will be more slender and more lengthy than typical wings on commercial aircraft, they will be supported by trusses.  (See the captioned picture)

** Surprising Research Reveals Rampant Violence in Early Farming Societies.

According to new research, violence, and warfare were prevalent in many Neolithic communities across Northwest Europe during the time when farming was adopted.

New research suggests that violence and warfare were widespread in numerous Neolithic communities throughout Northwest Europe during a time period associated with the adoption of agriculture.

Bioarchaeologists discovered that more than one in ten of the over 2300 skeletal remains of early farmers from 180 sites dating back to around 8000 – 4000 years ago displayed weapon injuries.

Contrary to the view that the Neolithic era was marked by peaceful cooperation, the team of international researchers says that in some regions the period from 6000BC to 2000BC may be a high point in conflict and violence with the destruction of entire communities.

The findings also suggest the rise of growing crops and herding animals as a way of life, replacing hunting and gathering, laid the foundations for formalized warfare.

The view that the life of the Noble Savage was more peaceful than civilized life was popularized by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In recent years, this view was glamorized by films like Kevin Costner’s Dances with Wolves.

** Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) sent a February 8, 2023, letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland making it clear that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive’s (ATF’s) pistol brace rule will not be enforced in Montana.

Breitbart News reported that the pistol brace rule was published in the Federal Register on January 31, 2023, placing said braces under the purview of the National Firearms Act (NFA) and giving owners of said braces 120 days from that date to comply with ATF criteria for legally possessing the devices.

Gianforte used his letter to lament the ATF’s decision to place stabilizer braces under the NFA, noting that the “decision further erodes the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Montanans.”


Rich Victims in Western Society

When 29-year-old Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, finally escaped the human trafficking syndicate that bought her as a child for $200, she thought she would find freedom in the United States. What she found instead was a different kind of hell in the form of the leftist “woke” revolution.

In her new book “While Time Remains,” Park, who attended Columbia University, reveals the utter shock she felt upon learning that her uppity leftist classmates somehow saw themselves as “victims.”

“They were in Manhattan, living in the freest country you can imagine, and they’re saying they’re oppressed?” It doesn’t even compute,” Park told the New York Post about her experience at Columbia.

“I was sold for $200 as a sex slave in the 21st century under the same sky. And they say they’re oppressed because people can’t follow their pronouns they invent every day?”

(Related: The University of Florida College of Medicine is pushing woke CRT and other anti-white propaganda on students.)

The whole article (here) is worth reading.


If I say that it’s safe to surf that beach,  it’s safe to surf that beach. Long left and right slides and a bowl section. It’s tube city…

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  1. People can get very upset when you’re nicking their sheep or on the other hand if somebody’s sheep are eating your crops. Have you watched 1923?
    In Iceland it is the responsibility of the person without sheep to protect their land from them as sheep owners can let them graze wherever they want to.
    Have you ever tried to dance with wolves? Trust me, they don’t like it and you end up on the floor being licked to death. I came across two victims walking through the farmers fields. Tex began barking at hem, clearly sensing something awry. *Snowflakery*I told them to stop whilst I put the wolfits back on their leads.
    “Oooh – I thought he was going to kill me?” One of them trembled, arms up to face.
    “Only if I say the magic word.”
    “What’s the magic word?”

    God, I was so tempted.

      1. Yes, they really did, Rob. I know.

        Frank – ooh that could be it.

        Paul – and that’s what it should be. Certainly what it results in!

  2. Yeah, but the difference between the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea and Manhattan is that in one of those places people are actually victims. The governance and structure of the DPRK is theoretically good, any “problems” are merely temporary implementation errors. The USA on the other hand is inherently evil from its founding, as is reflected in its founding documents.

    I don’t think people understand just how much Manhattan-dwelling Columbia students and faculty suffer EVERY DAY. But it’s gone on for such a very long time that we don’t even notice. People simply don’t know about this real suffering because The Real Victims are so quiet and humble and self-effacing. They simply don’t complain but instead endlessly forgive and forgive. Plus they are powerless and voiceless, without access to the news media/infotainment complex, or to high levels of government, or to major corporations and financial institutions.

    On the other hand, I’m sure there are actual slaves (sex and otherwise) in Manhattan. Indeed all across the US, as has been discussed previously on this blog. But hardly anyone cares about them because they are not convenient to The Narrative (indeed, considering who the slavers and/or pimps often are, their stories are Counter-Narrative).

    1. Entitlement mentality coupled to social media breeds weak-mindedness and narcissism. It’s been fostered and may take a decade to unravel.

  3. charlie don’t surf! yeah, man’s natural state is war. peace is an anomaly. and if you have a field full of food while i’m starving…. those times are coming again…i remember a time when the 4th was sacred. it was beaten into our heads on the force and even a simple spelling error on a warrant meant the whole case went out the window. now its like its more of a suggestion than a law….those “oppressed” people are about to find out the true meaning of the word, along with “hungry”.

  4. 4th- No Ring, no Alexa Spy Box on the counter, fringe cell, tape over the device cameras (not paranoid, just not interested in Zoom or Facetime), and close up the devices when hitting the hay. Not so much a Luddite, but it used to be the Front Door was sacred, now with all this invasive tech it’s an open invite for tech to waltz in unchecked and have a look around. Besides…


    Park is incredibly courageous and yet another siren cry….but are those that can effect change actually listening? Doesn’t appear anyone is stepping up in earnest to carry the mantle except PDJT and DeSantis and JD Vance. For a minute on Wednesday I forgot Trump wasn’t President, now why would that be? People respond to those in leadership positions that aren’t in it for themselves but for the good of those who put them there.

    1. Had a pop-up ad appear one time while browsing on my laptop, saying it would show me what anyone on the web could see through my laptop camera. Just for fun I clicked on it and saw a blackout screen – always put tape over the lens, and take it off for video calls.

      1. Yup…MrsPaulM is the ONLY one not visible on Teams meetings, voice only. Her coworkers ask why, like it’s something strange. She says, “Because”, not interested.

        ‘Ring’ is a double-edged sword, someone else can monitor…nah. But maybe if we lived in town, but I’d more than likely install a simple but comprehensive surveillance system on the place, and a few webcams sprinkled about to dial in in case of an alert.

  5. Peaceful Primitives has always been a bunch of hoo-hah. Violence is a basic part of Human nature. If there has ever been a peaceful society, they sure didn’t last long.

    The struts are also lifting surfaces on that jet, correct? So, it’s sort of a bi-diamond / joined-wing / boxwing design?


  6. TNX, a lot to digest today. airyplanes with ‘lectric motors – got some old rubber bands 4 sale. The “new” truss/brace idea looks fine – just like the old Cessa 140s & 150s I flew around the Dakotas in the 60s; ‘course they weren’t configured to provide all that much lift.
    Not a lawyer, but…
    doesn’t a reasonable interpretation of the Constitution encompass information obtained and/or paid for/facilitated by a government agency.

  7. I see a big problem with the Boeing VS-1 and VS-2. The engine exhaust under the wing and above the truss seams like it is recipe for disaster. In flight it might be OK but on the ground is where things will get warm.

    1. T, engines below the wing have been around for a long time. Problems usually only occur if the inlet is low enough to vacuum as you taxi and takeoff (think F-16), or during high power engine test runs where asphalt and other low density ramp materials tear right off the ground, or if someone walks in front of the engine while it is running as happened to the American ramp agent.

      We used to call truss braces lift struts. Obviously, that terminology is only for old guys and not for the cool cats at NASA and Boeing.

  8. Walled towns & cities from way back have always said to me that farming was not safe (from the neighbors & travelers)… even today if you can take something and keep it, it’s yours. Slavery still exists.
    Law & order in “civilized” society had made great strides in property rights but those protections do seem to be slipping in many major cities. Stores are closing because law & order no longer exists in some cities.

  9. Agriculture forced organization. Some might say this organization came from the need to pool labor to till and herd, but I maintain the organization was to defend the wealth created by the new agricultural economy. Not only is the farm community able to accumulate a surplus of food (and a conveniently concentrated surplus at that), it is also able to support specialists. Og is a Hell of a flint knapper; let’s feed him from our surplus and let him specialize in making our tools. He gets fed and we have better implements. Everybody gets a slightly higher standard of living. Same goes for the good potter and the good weaver (once we figure these technologies out–and now we have the time to do so).

    Agricultural communities began developing generational wealth. Because they are not nomad hunter gatherers, limited to what can be transported from camp to camp, they accumulate a variety of artifacts hunter gatherers could not possess. Most are useful, but an increasing number are simply shiny and pretty. The surplus food, the cool tools, and the shiny things are a lure to the wild-eyed mountain boys who have not given up the hunting and gathering (or to other farmers who are feeling particularly frisky of a cool, post harvest morning). So we have to develop another specialist, the warrior, to defend the wealth of the community.

  10. I see a headline for Pete Buttplug, “I’ve lost my train of thought”. That’s rich. Like he’s ever had one.

    I had a college hydrology professor whose measure of civilization was how many layers between you and the ground, i.e., plate, placemat, table, carpet, floor, etc.

    1. Surveillance state. I thought about getting a Ring doorbell camera but you don’t really have sole access to your data so held off. I do have a few “game” cameras that are strategically positioned but I have to physically take the cards out and read them. Probably need to upgrade.

      Yeonmi Park. Well kudos to her for speaking out and escaping but she doesn’t fit the narrative so will be totally ignored except to be castigated for every success she has and every word she speaks.

      1. I have a camera that points out at the street so I’m not so concerned about security leaks from inside my house. It sure does announce visitors well. And if I ever notice they’re wearing SWAT vests I don’t know how to prepare myself better.

  11. The chord and arc of the wing are going to be interesting, especially with that little room to work with. I’m betting it will stall HARD in a high nose aspect situation. Re NK vs Manhattan, the young lady is right to be amazed, but the elites cannot comprehend her existence is real…

    1. The wing reminds me of the crescent wing of the British Victor bomber (and later, tanker), but also swept Davis wings. The main issue I see with it is that there is little room for fuel tanks in those thin wings. Most or all fuel will need to be in the fuselage, taking up cargo space. The trade-offs might be worth it in efficiency, but I haven’t seen detailed discussions of them. With fly-by-wire systems, I don’t see any control issues. If there’s a fall-back mode to direct control, pilots would simply have to be aware of the limits, just like B-24 pilots had to be.

      1. Good point about fuel storage. The fuselage has a strangely varying cross section, maybe the bulges in the “shoulder” or belly are used for that.

        Which makes me wonder, where is the landing gear.

  12. Oh my, what a fun day! I especially loved shooting up that old kettle with .45s and… your discourse on prepping.

    “There they are, holed up in their compound or whatever it is. They think they’re safe so you hit them with a trebuchet and they sally forth. You want them to sally forth, into the path of your pipe canon. They’re easy to make.”

    Let’s do it again.

  13. Gosh, who know that biplane wings would make a comeback. Interesting that several generations of military cargo craft already sport the top mount wing, always wondered why this was not common in commercial service (yes, I know there are a few, the flying shoebox by Shorts for one) in that configuration, rode those puddle hoppers across the great lakes frequently back in the 80’s

  14. The University of Florida College of Medicine is pushing woke CRT and other anti-white propaganda on students.

    …starting from back in the civil rights era, when admissions and grading was made easier for students who met certain legislated criteria.

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