Against an Ice Cave Wall

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Mars – by 2030?

I do understand that the Communist Chinese have declared their intentions to land on Mars by 2030 and Elon Musk’s talk is more ambitious than that, but how realistic is the date?


Car Rifles

No, I haven’t gone Sig Saur crazy. However, I’m going to make another recommendation. I know, you all have your favorite car rifle,  but maybe we can make something a little smaller and we’ll call it a pistol because that’s what it is…the Sig MCX SBR Rattler (300 Blackout or 5.56 mm/hot-swappable if you’d like.) The Blackout has a greater appeal to me.

Here’s another review.

I like the Hornady 190 grain Sub-X. The subsonic round is designed to be cycled through a suppressor for a better shooting experience.

Even though these firearms are not only acceptable but desirable in Arizona, there are places where slapping one down in the passenger seat might be frowned on. The question of how much freedom you should be trusted with by your betters is always an issue.


The Treasury of Atreus or Tomb of Agamemnon.

A photo of the roof and interior. Mycenae, Greece.

The structure was constructed during the Bronze Age around 1250 BC.

What is it about “the dome” that made it such a popular design among ancient peoples? These structures were not easy to build of stone; they required a sophisticated understanding of engineering, yet we see them throughout the world.


Bullet Points:

**Another suicide related to Bill and Hillary Clinton. The grisly scene where a top Bill Clinton adviser was found hanging from a tree with a gunshot wound to his chest has finally been revealed nine months after he took his life. But the sheriff’s report into Mark Middleton’s death raises more questions than answers as it shows his death was ruled a suicide – but the weapon that killed him was nowhere to be found. Middleton, 59, was found dead last May at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, an hour west of Little Rock.

** Wasn’t Joe Biden raised by Puerto Ricans? Joe Biden on Tuesday met with Polish President Andrzej Duda at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw to discuss Ukraine, Russia and NATO. Biden claimed he grew up in a Polish neighborhood and felt self-conscious because he didn’t have a Polish last name. Pedo Joe is a constant embarrassment to the US. They need to drop him off at the Home where he can eat the checkers, thinking that they’re Oreos.

** More Jules’ adventure in Iceland here.

“We finally arrived at the giant geysers and watched them erupt. The smell was very sulphuric; like bad eggs. However, I was already used to that as the water in the hotel smelt the same and was much like washing in liquid fart.”

** British Petroleum Moves Green: Chief Executive Bernard Looney plans to dial back elements of the oil giant’s high-profile push into renewable energy, according to people familiar with recent discussions.

Mr. Looney has said he is disappointed in the returns from some of the oil giant’s renewable investments and plans to pursue a narrower green-energy strategy, the people said. He has told some people close to the company that BP needs to do more to convince shareholders of its strategy to maximize profits in areas where it has a competitive advantage, including its legacy oil-and-gas operations.

** Today is national margarita day.  And I am not wasting away in Margaritaville. I can’t speak for my co-author, Jules, who does observe the holiday.

And then there’s cousin Miranda,  a Parrothead, who is also known to celebrate well and beyond the national holiday. She was well and truly blazed during the performance as shocking as that sounds.

** I received a phone call from a person who lives about 20 miles from me, more remotely, more primitively in terms of tech asking me to do something about the power company. I have nothing to do with the power company and though I’m known where I live as somebody who helps,  I have no official position.

APS (Power company) seems to be VERY well run. They’re on it, managed smartly, and from what I’ve seen they’re proactive. BUT when the winter snow load hits, lines go down. Cause and effect. Said person is angry because their power is always restored last. It’s turned into a racial grievance because the lady is 1/4 Mexican.  I asked, “who knows you’re 1/4 Mexican?” She said, “everyone, because I tell them.” So she has no power and her chickens were dropping dead, she moved them into the house and they’re crapping on everything. She moved the goats into the house and they’re eating the furniture and the drapes.

It’s not the power company’s fault because even with a 4×4 all chained up, I have difficulty getting into that back area where I know a few people. Because of the national trend, it’s now about race and equity. Even people off the grid get the satellite feed from MSNBC.

36 thoughts on “Against an Ice Cave Wall

  1. MMMM…Margarita!
    “I shoulda looked, before I got hooked on that Mexicana lil’ bitch”

    Lime Twist Sugar Salted bliss. Yes, I may be fond of a Margarita.

    When I first went to Texas and found them served in goldfish bowls, and when I also spotted a drive through Margarita station (nothing mental about that), is when I decided Texas must be my second home.

    Thank you for the plug!

  2. the snow is racist. its white after all. well, unless its yellow, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject.. sixty-four degrees this morning here, good work weather manipulators llc……i like that rattler but i’m trying to avoid any more interaction w/ the atfxyz…..putin gave a heck of a speech that the media ignored. the second sun will be a shock, to them….another double suicide in arkansas?.. i won’t celebrate margarita day. i’ve had to fight too many times after somebody got a snoot full of tequila. it makes them hate short people. it also makes them wake up with broken noses.

      1. lol, i being the short person, never drink the worm juice. i never figured out why others needing to prove how badass they were always chose the shortest/littlest guy in the room to do so. it never went the way they thought.

  3. What are the odds someone could kill themself and then get rid of the gun? About the same as shooting themselves in the back of their head twice?

    Compare that to the odds the medical examiner (or whoever it was) saying, “oh, crap, this is a hit job, and I know who he’s associated with. It’s a suicide.”

        1. He was a Texan first and last. I get him confused with Philip Morrell Wilson, another scammer

          1. A USDA official named Henry Marshall was investigating Billy Sol in 1961 when he committed suicide by gassing himself with his vehicle exhaust and shooting himself 5 times with a single shot 22 rifle. According to a grand jury. Later changed to homicide, 40-odd years later. Billy Sol claimed later that Lyndon ordered the hit.


          2. It makes sense. Shooting yourself five times with a single shot .22 is what most people use when they want to end it all.

    1. There was one case that I know where a guy tried to stage his ‘murder’ on a beach with the revolver attached to a weather balloon to dispose of it. He’d researched it on his phone and computer, and bought a weather balloon and helium tanks. Someone else tried the same thing in New Mexico, but it caught on a nearby cactus.

      But Middleton? Murder most foul, I’m sure.

      1. Middleton tied himself up, and shot himself twice in the head, no note, no firearm – what could it be but suicide?

  4. Maybe the power company should take up a collection to buy that lady a backup generator?

    She sounds annoying enough that it might be worth it to shut her up.

    Usually, people move to the remote parts of Pluto to get away from people, not to enhance their ability to whine about people not meeting their ridiculous demands.


    1. The lady has a generator. She has a BIG damned generator that is flex-fuel capable, but she ran it without oil, not understanding that machines must be maintained and loved if they’re to serve you. I won’t regale you with details except to say that sometimes you reap precisely what you sew and none of it is racial.

      1. Ugh.

        So, I guess the answer is to cut the power and comms lines and let things take their course for a few years, then.

        Sorry you have to be closest.


  5. The fact that ‘Arkancide’ is a word. Same as – along with 58 others by now – Vince Foster, double-tap to the head, gun in hand. Suicide. Yeah, sure. Was there a grassy knoll around this latest murder it can be blamed?

    “Renewables/Green/Sustainable/Save Gaia” energy production: “Money talks, Bravo Sierra walks” still holds true. Hoping that brand of enviro-religion foolishness goes away soon. But hey, Uncle Pete finished up his “date” and showed up in Ohio this morning wearing a WHITE hardhat, and didn’t even bring donuts. Virtue signalling much Pete? When the putzes fully take over government.

    Miranda L- “blazed” Good term. My curiosity asks what these people are really like off stage. Moons ago read a story on one or America’s top downhill skier gals, started off with “she was going 80mph on some snow covered icy 2-lane”. About right.

    1. Does anyone find it odd that both the president and the trans secretary are known as “Pedo Pete”?

      ** A point of clarification. The Biden family calls old Joe “Pedo Pete”. It’s their enduring and endearing name for old lech. I refer to him as “Pedo Joe”.

      The Trans Secretary Pete-the-Butt-guy is actually named “Pete”.

      1. MrsPaulM says naming is critical to success and risk management, you don’t want to name (or ride) a horse “Widowmaker” or “Bucksnort”, unless it deserves it. Your clarifications are critical to understanding who and what we’re dealing with in these two morons. (which is also a name).

        Minus 8 last night, almost like we’ve teleported to Sioux Saint Marie. Only 8″ of snow, not 1-2 feet as prognosticated, which shows NO ONE has a crystal ball, but the rest of us Peons can observe and reorient (kind of a soft OODA Loop).

        Total sidebar but OODA related: That gal working out in the apt. building gym who was attacked by some reprobate with a criminal history. She didn’t fold but WENT AFTER the guy, fought him off hard. Got him off his plan by running AT him. Never cower, if possible. Altho I rather run at some criminal than acquiesce, even if it means getting shot or stabbed, at least MrsPaulM lives.

        1. If you’re confident enough, use a knife and gut him. It’s the confidence, skill sets, and muscle memory that close the deal.

          1. The EDC – usually for cutting inanimate objects to size – would be deployed post haste. Adrenalin comes in handy when seconds matter. Yeah, tough talk from the cheap seats (mine) but if one prepares the mind and we stay alert the outcome may go in our favor.

  6. Margaritas are the only mixed drink I ever had a taste for. Yes, three shots. IMO, I inherited my taste from my grandmother. I don’t partake much these days as the aftereffects are annoying. Need to keep an eye on my blood pressure as well, so I order them on the rocks without salt.

    Am seeing reports that Pedo Joe crashed on the stairs both departing and boarding Air Force One.

    Dome. I recall reading somewhere (maybe here?) that such structures were filled with soil as they were built, then when completed, the soil was removed.

    1. You should be eating chips (with salt on them) dipped in salsa if you drink your margarita without salt. I think that’s a rule, written on a bar napkin somewhere. It’s also possible that Pedo Joe was drinking a margarita before he stumbled down the jet stairs again. It is a sort of holiday.

  7. The popularity of domes: Well, it gives you a high vaulted ceiling with a clear span, which is impressive as hell. One construction method is to heap up a dome-shaped pile of dirt, stack the stones over it, then carefully excavate the dirt, using the most junior members of the crew.

    1. Domes have always looked “right”, could be the reason they built them.

      I can’t think of a thing to say to the person who lives at the end of the road and complains because they are the last to get whatever it is. The racist part… I just don’t know what to say.

      1. There is a small, remote, collection of summer cabins and only two people are there for the winter. There is a disabled guy whose house burned down last March and he now lives in a donated 30-year-old 16′ fifth wheel. His cars burned when the house did and I help him out when I can. Then there’s the lady. She’s not so much at the end of a street as she is at the end of the power grid. Some cabin areas have power and water and some are completely off the grid. This area has power unless the snow hits hard. There is a distributed well system.

        1. Mailbox stanchion is a mile and half away, but no one before we get there clears the pad for the mailman after a snow. (not patting myself on the back, just find it odd).

          If we want UPS and FedEx (AND Schwan’s!) to the house (required for veterinary deliveries) it is my job to maintain the road and gate system, and plow in the Winter. Not a hard concept. If power goes out we’re good for a few days. If it gets too much we’ll move (maybe when we’re 80, altho this year is testing my patience – heh).

          1. The snow peeves me this year. I didn’t shovel today because it snowed all day and will snow through the night. Some wicked drifts. I’ll shovel tonight and will manage to get out to the state highway tomorrow in due time. Another foot is predicted for Saturday/Sunday.

          2. Getting hammered much more than us. Sun actually came out for half the day. First time in 20 years I have no place to put more snow before the next round next week, or tonight (who can tell). Getting old, but I remind myself I’m getting a workout (how does one sweat when it’s 0 deg out?).

  8. The sheriff of Perryville, Arkansas just announced they did in fact find a rifle….nothing more was said.

    1. If the sheriff crosses the Clintons, he’ll end up in the same boat as other deceased law enforcement officers who tried the same thing.

  9. “They’re eating the furniture and the drapes.”

    A bit like “throwing last year’s furniture on the fire.”

    No one ever said the Eschaton would be easy.

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