Bloody Mexico – More Mass Graves

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The recent disclosure covered by the Los Angeles Times, of 28 more corpses unearthed bringing the mass grave total to 145– with more coming up every day, was augmented by the arrest of sixteen San Fernando City municipal police officers by the Federal Attorney General (PGR).  This brings the arrest total of police officers to twenty-three in recent days.
It seems that if you dial 911 in Tamaulipas, Mexico, you get a cartel associate who shows up to your door. Complain about the police failing to protect you or your property from organized crime, and POP, you’re the next carcass in the mass grave.
This is shocking to me because I understood that most of the victims who were disappearing in Mexico were either dumped in lime pits for their remains to ‘vanish’ or dropped into the Ammonia tanks in the Ammonia factory in Culiacan. Then again, these are Los Zetas who are handling the body count with mass graves. They have never been that subtle.
Additionally within the past 30 days:
  • At least one of the detained Zeta suspects reportedly confessed to kidnapping bus passengers in late March and killing and burying 43 of them.
  • Just this week, the bodies of 13 people were discovered in clandestine graves in the Pacific state of Sinaloa, near the city of Los Mochis. Two were identified as female university students kidnapped last fall, and a third was thought to be a doctor because of the clothes he wore. In the border state of Sonora, five bodies were unearthed near Nogales. And the tortured bodies of eight men between the ages of 18 and 25, all with a single gunshot to the head, were found dumped in western state of Michoacan. (LA Times Op Cit)
  • In another border state, Chihuahua, four young men, who witnesses reported seeing being hauled off by an elite police force March 26, were found slain, wrapped in black plastic bags, their hands bound. Three police officers are being held. (LINK)
And through it all, the Obama Administration’s Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms continued to supply guns to these cartels through Operation GUNRUNNER. Two guns involved in the operation were found at the scene of a shootout in southern Arizona in December in which U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer Brian Terry was killed, prompting at least three inquiries on Capitol Hill.
Why isn’t Border Protection a top priority of the Obama Administration? No more lip service Mr. Obama. We need to protect the nation from the potential Democratic Party voting block that’s crossing the border.

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  1. Obama's action in Libya and inaction toward Mexico shows his foreign policy is a joke played on the American people.

  2. Euripides – Obama plays a dangerous game because he doesn't care what the outcome is for the American people. He's never been American in his heart.

  3. I agree with you on that one LL. His agenda has always been to follow Alinsky into the death of the Constitution and Western Culture.

  4. Obama hates America. If he didn't, he wouldn't want to "transform" America into some socialist nation.

  5. While the news is so focused on the middle east our own backyard is on fire? Sounds about right.

  6. FOX and CNN carried the story, but it wasn't exactly a headline.

    Headlines: Royal Wedding, Koran Burning, and McCain in Lybia…

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