Bloody Mexico – Are Drug Lords Terrorists?

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Every single day the drug wars continue throughout Mexico. It has moved north into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, and the US Government pays lip service to the problem. If they were from the Middle East, there would be a military solution. Because they aren’t, and have the potential to be Democratic Party voters, the Obama Administration pretends to take action.
Everyone who lives down on the Border has a story based on real experience.
It’s time to bring order to the border and to keep the blood and horror that is part of everyday life in Mexico on the other side of the line.
BUT it won’t be coming from the Obama Administration.

4 thoughts on “Bloody Mexico – Are Drug Lords Terrorists?

  1. Opus, it goes deeper than a lack of leadership. In my opinion, the wanton neglect of a serious border security program borders on a treasonous disregard for the welfare of the American people. I know that he'd never be CHARGED with treason because that's not how this nation views things, but a president has a DUTY to protect to the best of his ability. This guy does no such thing.

  2. I thought they were just coming here for work that no one else would do.

    He and the Dems in Washington hate this country.

  3. LL- It IS beyond neglect, pure and simple, it's pandering to 'potential' voters for 12… Obama has absolutely NO morals in my opinion.

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