PLEASE STOP buying Chinese made products over the Internet. Look at the label, dig a little deeper if you must – but boycott Chinese goods.  — thank you.


This is not a GPS

This will work when your GPS battery is dead or the satellite network goes down.


How Much?

(Washington Examiner) President Joe Biden’s “infrastructure” plan is called the American Jobs Plan, but it doesn’t focus much on infrastructure and wouldn’t create many jobs. A more appropriate name for the $2.2 trillion proposal would be the “American Debt Plan.”

Former President Barack Obama’s “stimulus” bill, which Congress passed in 2009 with Biden as vice president, cost taxpayers a cool $278,000 for every new job added or saved, based on estimates from Obama’s hand-picked economists. Biden’s “infrastructure” plan might have trouble matching even that pathetic record. The plan’s overarching philosophy appears to be that the private sector doesn’t create jobs but government creates jobs.

Moody’s Analytics projects that Biden’s “infrastructure” plan would result in there being 2.7 million additional nonfarm jobs by 2030 at a total cost of $2,183,800,000,000. That works out to $809,000 per job — nearly three times as much as those under Obama’s failed “stimulus” bill. Yet Transportation Secretary Pete (Butt Guy) Buttigieg said that creating fewer than 3 million jobs at the cost of more than $2 trillion “is a great place to be.”



  1. A road map book rides in my vehicles. Not the greatest detail but useable. There is a compass in my SHTF bag that rides in the trunk of the car. Same setup in the truck. While noway an expert, I can use both.

    • I have used Rand McNally map books for many years. Backed up with AAA folding maps sufficient for cross-country/interstate travel.
      I also invested in Delorme map books for each state I visit frequently. The increased detail of these maps has come in handy on numerous occasions.

      I like my GPS- I have marked gas stations, campsites, fishing holes and restaurants etc. to avoid blundering around aimlessly in search of same. (Some of those places I discovered while blundering around aimlessly.)
      On occasion it has led me astray, so I keep the maps and my Silva for backup.

    • I use sectional aeronautical charts. Yes, paper. The sectional chart (1:500,000) has more information than any road map I’ve seen. Heck, even the JN-5, which covers the entire country on a approx 30×48″ does too.

      The only other chart or map I would seriously consider is s the USGS Quadangle topographic map. But each map covers too small an area for serious long hike.

      There is also the paper chart put out by the USFS which detail national parks, monuments, etc. The charts extend outside park boundaries. These charts show amazing amount of information, on par with aforemention aeronautical charts.

  2. No GPS for this map loving lady. I do love Google street view maps though and sometimes just randomly “drive” around cities. (I need a life!)

    Not buying Chinese junk is very, very difficult. I buy as little as possible (which is very little.) And I always shop my local Ace first before drilling down to the bigger stores.

      • Worse than the hardware made in China is the food “made in China” but packaged in the US. If it says “Packaged in the USA”, I whip out the smart phone and start taking a closer look. Usually it comes from the PRC.

  3. No Chinesium for us if we can help it. The lockdown BS has afforded a tighter look for the homestead purchasing department…UPS and FedEx deliver which helps to avoid the Zombie Covidian’s.

    “Infrastructure”- a political euphemism for “anything we want it to be, including our corrupt pals.” Scumbags continually leave out Webster. Despite taking credit, government does not create jobs except jobs for new gov’t programs. Private sector job creation, as we saw under The Great DLT, thrives when getting government out of the way, which I recall him giving credit where it was rightfully due, American businesses. What a contrast.

    • Rather than spending $809K for a shovel ready job, Jo/Ho could hire me to look at a shovel for that amount every day. Call me a whore if you must.

        • $800-K now would buy about 100K of ammo a couple of years ago. We better go sign up before it gets any worse.

        • WSF – done -you can even be head gofer as long as I get to be the shift supervisor (I can take my hard hat off with the best of them). I may not have actually made $800K over my lifetime!I ‘might’ get close to that off my disability retirement – if I survive for another 10 years or so………………………..

          • GomeznSA – YOU don’t get the $800K. That’s what it costs FEDGOV to employ you under this program. You get $15/hr. The rest is divided in the form of overhead among various democrat politicians.

  4. I was searching for a tool, called a “ peavy” used in logging. Also a log jack, to roll up a log off the ground ,so your chainsaw stays out of the dirt. Found a company in Main that was started by. Mr. Peavy the guy who invented the tool, around the Civil War. The plant is just down river from the original location. They forge the parts and cut the timber for the handles. Same price as the chinese junk from amazon. Shipping was steep , but my grandsons will be using these when I’m gone.

  5. I’ve got a couple of Silva compasses, and they look identical to the two you have pictured. My “GOTO” comopass is a Cammenga Mosel 27. I’m on my second one after an unfortunate accident with my first one. I have several mapbooks, and the FAA charts for this area. Aeronautical charts can be interesting as they have prominent landmarks on them vs a road atlas. I have lots of USGS topo maps, but they’re on a PC. Should get some paper ones for back-up.

    I would be happy to never buy another chinesium product, but for some things, the alternatives are slim pickins.

    • I hadn’t seen your comment before I made mine. I see that as for sourcesof charting, we’re on the same page.

  6. I have one of those, but the Lensatic version. 🙂 And I actually know how to use it and read a Topo map. 🙂 No Chineseum if I can possibly help it.

  7. I do everything possible to avoid buying anything china made (or sold by amazon).

    “Infrastructure” = crony money funnel

    It has been a long time since I earned my orienteering merit badge, but I still have several of those Silva units around and one is always in my pack when I head out past where the pavement ends.

  8. My wife wanted new slippers, but not moccasins (which seem to be the only American made), and now Mike Lindell has come out with My Slippers. Made in Cambodia.

  9. Anyone else get a notice from the IRS ? Turns out it’s a letter from slo joe., about more free money.
    This is crazy , we all know the chickens are gonna come home to roost, and bite us in the ass. (How that for mixing metaphors ?)
    I have been needing a Ruger # 1 in 45/70 with a Zies glass on it. Now may be the time.

  10. Sometimes you just get lucky.

    Have been trying to get in some cardio by walking and riding my bike. Bike is a classic 70’s ten-speed
    (now with some mods for old bods) that I bought it new at Pullins Cyclery in Chico CA in 1979. Still have the receipt and manual.

    Anyway, time for baby to get new shoes. Old tires were 20+ years and the sidewalls were rotting away. Wanted to get the same tires, but best local bike shops could do was a month out, maybe. Amazon said not currently available and no idea when they would be, so ordered a different brand. Long hairy story about Amazon order, UPS damaged package, reorder, yada, yada. Tires that finally showed up were not what I ordered. They were in fact the ones I wanted that nobody seemed to have. Exactly the same tires as my old ones–KENDA 27 X 1-1/4 inch 90 psi gum wall road tires. Made in Taiwan, not by the CCP.

  11. I see no reason why China deserves to be supported by me or any other in the West. Chinas plan to double the GDP towards 2035 enabling them to increase their power. It will only make trouble for the rest of the world.

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