The Obama Legacy – Yes, I know, there’s not much of one beside the re-armament of the American public. He will leave office with a heavily armed and equipped populace, that is roughly the equivalent of a seventy-five million person standing (irregular) army who brings their own kit to the fight. The combination of an armed populace and a large cadre of former combat veterans for the past twenty years of near constant war, is not a small thing to leave behind.
A lasting legacy is what he’s shooting for. That and putting Biden into office so he can have what will constructively amount to a third term in office while Ms. Hillary obliges him by denying, obfuscating and lying as her pre-Ohio caucus poll numbers tank. Obama will whip her again as she waddles off into the sunset wearing her pantsuit, holding Huma’s hand.
The recent re-naming of Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali (possibly named for his favorite SUV?) is one of those legacy moves. There will be more. He’ll want a Barack Hussein Obama mosque – maybe the “national mosque”. You know that’s coming.

The love affair that Barack – and friends – has with Iran won’t be nearly as much of a legacy as the great divider hopes that it will be. I don’t even know if it will last long enough for him to put up the exhibit in his one-billion dollar presidential library in Chicago. 

I believe that history will treat President Obama harshly. The book, Barack Obama, Son of Promise, Child of Hope, ghost written by Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, the author painted the president as a uniter. Nothing has been further from the truth as we see more racial division now than we have seen since the 1960’s. Dr. Ben Carson and others like him may be the curative influence that the nation needs irrespective of how the next election turns out, but Obama has been nothing but a train wreck as the Black Community is much worse off for his eight year tenure in the White House.
America has racked up 11 trillion dollars in debt for the Obama Years with absolutely NOTHING to show for it. It’s the socialist way, and we are in danger of running out of “other people’s money”. If there is any anchor (other than anchor babies) that will weigh down his legacy, it will be that one.

Rabid Socialist and Environmental Maven, George Soros recently decided to buy Coal. Peabody and Arch Coal had been trading for $90/share until the Obama Administration declared that it would shut down all coal-fired power generation plants.
(Fox News) Soros, who has demonized fossil fuels for years through his think tanks and political contributions, recently snapped up 1 million shares of Peabody and half a million shares of Arch Coal, giving him significant stakes in what’s left of the U.S. coal industry. His company purchased 553,200 shares of Arch Coal for $188,000 and made an investment of $2,254,000 into Peabody Energy for 1,029,400 shares.
The trades would have cost Soros a lot more six years ago, when Peabody, which trades under the symbol BTU, was at about $90 a share, but shares have now fallen to around $1.

The 85-year-old former Nazi and hedge fund manager is the 19th wealthiest person in the U.S. with a net worth of $24.2 billion.

I think that Soros believes that the next US President will be a Republican and that the next leader of the free world will return coal’s status to one of function. (Coal gasification plants are very clean, but the environmental lobby hates them all the same) George Soros may be a repellant cur, but he is not in the business of losing money.

ESPN commentator and former baseball star, Curt Schilling was suspended by the network for a tweet: “It’s said that only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?”

ESPN didn’t say that Schilling lied. They simply didn’t like what he had to say.


  1. Barry's legacy will indeed be one remembered as a train wreck. And I think the only reason that Hillary has not been indicted yet is that Barry has probably been dipping into the same cookie jar as the Bitch of Benghazi: he is as dirty as she is, and if he throws her under the bus, she will drag him down under that same bus with her.

    Otherwise, why hasn't this indictment been handed down yet? Barry has every reason in the world to bury this fat, waddling crone; he hates her, she's a threat to his legacy, and he hates her hubby with a purple passion. And yet no indictment. I think the math here speaks for itself.

  2. The old pear-shaped woman's day before Congress is coming. Barry still has quite a bit of time to wait and see (like an anaconda in the weeds) how weak the prey has become before he strikes.

    Or maybe you're right. If she has enough dirt on him, she may drag him down too. But then again, she could have an embolism and die mid-campaign too. The official line would be that the stress did her in.

  3. I bought some guns during his tenure – and, I bought them in gun friendly states, voting against the regulations in my state with my dollars. The Leftists will never understand federalism – I DID buy those guns, and I DID bring them back here, so they solved nothing. I don't have to register them here (thanks Constitution) and my money went out of state.

    The Denali thing does clear some things up for me – I thought they were two different peaks.

    You may be aware of this, but they renamed Squaw Peak to Piestewa Peak after Lori Piestewa was killled in Iraq. I do believe something should have been named in honor of Lori – but I still call it Squaw Peak. The Leftists think it was a derogatory name, like Redskins – but I went to Navajo Elementary, and was a proud Buffalo. I was a Cowboy when we played cowboys and indians but I was always proud of the INDIAN names too. I'm not offended as a former Ohio'an that McKinley lost his peak, I don't believe he was ever there. I'm more offended that Obama went to Alaska to convince the voters there that there $1800 PER FAMILY MEMBER gas revenue check they got last year was not the way to go…

  4. When Iran starts setting off mushroom clouds all over, those politicians that just voted to allow them to do that better stay away from tall buildings and crowds with pitchforks.

  5. I don't take a knee. I throw out the prayer blanket and prostrate myself to the progressive god five times a day like a good Democrat.

  6. It's interesting that when I was a kid, nobody thought that the term 'squaw' was derogatory. They didn't think that 'Indian' was derogatory either. When I was a kid, and used to muck the barn, we had a small mountain (before planting time) in the back and if I was there now, I'd call that small mound "Mt. Obama" in his honor ….before I mulched it into the soil.

  7. I think that he honestly believes that a Republican will win and he'll make $90 for ever $1 he invested. We know what Soros believes in.

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