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We all have different ideas of what is important.  To some it is the global sweep of human affairs, to others it’s the life of an endangered trash fish in a swamp. 
To my grandson and namesake (right) it was the loss of his first tooth (which he self-extracted). There is a second lower tooth that is loose and he’s working on getting that one out. The tooth fairy is generous and the more teeth that he manages to pry out, the richer he is. He is not saving the money for his retirement or for a killer investment. His eyes are on an action figure that he wants to play with.
The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.
It’s easy to miss or misjudge perspectives unless you look and listen carefully.

20 thoughts on “Big Doings

  1. That is one very, very handsome young man, LL. Times have changed since I got a dime under my pillow. I think towards the end, I was getting quarters.

  2. If they self-extract a tooth, the bounty doubles. If it must be removed the tooth fairy provides a book value. If they cry when it's removed, the tooth fairy deducts 50% and it goes to another deserving child somewhere on the planet.

    If the tooth is presented to grandpa with a tale of extraordinary bravery, above and beyond that which is normally expected of a grandchild of mine, they get $5. Both mom and dad must explain (in the presence of the grandchild) how brave and resolute the child was to get that sort of cash-out.

  3. Congrats to the young man, but you have to be careful. Using expressions like "tooth fairy" in California might not mean what it does in, say, Texas.

  4. Gosh, he has gotten big, and still as handsome as can be.
    Interesting tooth fairy system you have. Never could have done that with my grandkids, they would have been pulling each others teeth…
    One of our puppies lost a tooth, grandkid found it, looked at me, looked at the tooth, looked at me, sighed, put it down and went back to helping in the garden. No words spoken, honor upheld.

  5. They seem to have kept the system honest. Griffin (age 7, oldest grandchild) cashes out on little league home runs. He created the system himself and even though he's done handsomely with the teeth, he manages to continue to "scam" money for genuine superior performance. He used his money to buy his own i-pad.

  6. Ah yes. Well if he lived in San Francisco or Hollywood, that would clearly be worrisome. He lives in a city where the baseball field has a life sized bronze statue of Ronald Reagan. And where the USS Ronald Reagan (aircraft carrier) adopted the park and the little league teams.

    There are enclaves in California (which is generally the land of fruits and nuts) where sanity still holds sway.

  7. Don't see anything wrong with him getting gratuities for genuine superior performance, that entrepreneurial spirit/drive will serve him well.
    He is earning things there's the real value.

  8. Last week, I gave him a turn-of-the century $20 banknote from when the US was on the gold standard, to begin his money collection. He is very interested in that, as I was at his age. Grandpa will be filtering him currency from all over the world.

  9. We must thank God for that. Reagan looks pretty good, right about now. And what's up with Trump's campaign implosion? Sense of urgency, please.

  10. Most of the polls are of 1000 people nationwide. That's 20 people who are surveyed per state… Implosion? Maybe. Maybe not.

  11. Yes, they certainly do.

    I'm concerned for the world that we are leaving them to fix, but we all do the best that we can for them.

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