12 thoughts on “Searching for Grace

  1. There is a certain grace that comes with being a sheep dog. Sheep dogs keep people safe, even though people may find them alarming, because they mistake them for wolves.

    God Bless our soldiers and vets!

  2. Does that Iron Horse have mud tires or something? There are no tracks to roll on. Or does it leave tracks when it moves on?

  3. Depression era shot is from Pie Town, New Mexico. They were praying before the start of the Fair. I've never been there myself, but I've always been fond of the name 🙂 Pie Town. Sounds like a nice place to visit, doesn't it?

    I wish I was riding the Durango/Silverton train today… cool mountain air and a lot better scenery than I'm likely to get around here at the moment.

  4. Paladin, I only eat two kinds of pie — hot and cold.

    The Durango train is a piece of life to me because of the turf it chews. It's really God's country.

  5. It's a real train (see Paladin below) that runs between Silverton and Durango, Colorado. It's at the end of the spur in this picture, that I took in Silverton. The area between Ouray and Durango is one of my favorites (in summer). It's a wicked piece of real estate in the winter.

    The "above timberline" is coming down Corkscrew Pass between Silverton and Ouray.

  6. I took that train on my honeymoon (most people go to an Island, or another country…I would rather go to Durango).

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