When you walk around somebody’s house, you learn something about them without a word being spoken. For example, I have one of these clothing stands to hang clothing on that I plan to wear the next day. Not everything goes into the laundry hamper.

I always wear a suit and tie to church, but we’re not that formal when working in the yard around here.

Then there’s the matter of keeping predators away. How much is too much? Are there fresh tracks in the snow? There was this book, “Footprints in the Snow” by Peter Dragon. It was a companion piece to “Under the Bleachers” by Seymour Butts. I could go on, but I won’t.


 Identify the Aircraft 

I think that this one is way too easy, but they’re not in service anymore so maybe not?

Now take a stab at this one. There are only two of these in the world.

Lastly, can you name the helicopter they’re working on?



Space Force Enlisted Ranks

Very Trekkie


Cartoon Corner


  1. Aircraft, I believe is an A-6 Intruder and possibly an RC-135. Trouble with that is that you wrote that there were only two in service and there is a least one squadron of them flying.

    As far as the Space Force goes the AF used the delta symbol before the original Star Trek and then got away from it. The ranks may look normal in 50 or 100 years depending on what happens to civilization but right now they look hooky. Sorry to say the AF continues to be a service in search of a tradition.

    • Yep. My dad’s old Missileer badge was based on the Delta. Roddenberry stole it. The rat bastard.

      And the Cobra? That’s an AH-1N. Kind of the same frame, sort of, but newer bigger faster engines, better rotors and rotor controls, new weapons management systems. Is a good competitor to the Apache.

  2. That is some version of an A-6 but I don’t have enough information or background to know which it is.

    The C-135 variant is an RC-135U Combat Sent. I had to look it up to get past RC-135. There were a bunch of RC-135s at Mildenhall AB UK back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when I when I went there in C-130s.

    AH-1 Cobra for sure.

    Being a bit Trekkie, I am okay with the Space Force Enlisted Insignia. I wish they had just gone with the version where they replaced the AF insignia in the middle with the Delta. As to adopting Navy or Army enlisted ranks, no way. Both of those services have so many ins and outs depending on what your specific job is to make my head spin. The Space Force officer ranks are the same as AF and Army.

    A question, will there be Space Force Marines or just Space Force Combat Specialists when we start to have to militarize outer space. The SpaceX following guy who labels himself as “smallstars” on Youtube gave a possible scenario which would require a fighting force in outer space.

  3. My first thought was that it was a RC-135VW Rivet Joint aircraft, but that chin bulge and nose profile is wrong. I had to look it up. I’d forgotten about the RC-135U Combat Sent. There were three of them built, but one was later converted to a Rivet Joint.

    I’m 99.9% certain the A-6 is an A-6E from paint job. It might be a KA-6D tanker, but I really don’t think. I always loved the looks of the Iron Tadpole.

    The final one is an AH-1Z Viper (the earlier AH-1W was the Super Cobra).

  4. You see those things in someone’s Home, LL. A “house” is just a building. Well, at least to me it is.

    First a/c is an A-6 Intruder. I thouhgt amybe an EA-6 Prowler, but then the sweep of the canopy seems to be a two-seater.

    The RC-135U Rivet Sent in your picture was actually three aircraft. One of them was later converted to an RC-135V/W Rivet Joint configuration, and then there were two.

    Not sure about da choppah. Paint scheme and engine inlets/outlets makes me think it’s a USMC AH-1 Super Cobra, but I don’t know what variant.

    The USSF insignia are OK, but a bit overdone in their descriptions. “Delta Globe & Orbit”? Really? Is this the first time a new branch has been created by defining the traditions before they occur? A bit strange….

  5. I like the Space Force insignia. They separate the SpF from the AF.

    As to rank structure and force layout, shoulda gone with naval ranks. And with all the complicated designations of a naval rank. Because, soon, a Bosun’s Mate will be someone who handles small vehicle operations, while a Sensor’s Mate (who has no earthly concept of how to pilot or fly a small vessel other than to hit the ‘Autopilot’ button) will have control over radar, lidar, sonar, whateverar.

    Once there are more than 7-8 crewmembers aboard a Space Force vessel, then there needs to be some better designation as to everyone’s role.

    And the Air Force really doesn’t have a clue about long-term operations away from potential safe locations. Planes can always land, forward operating bases are still part of the overall structure no matter how BFE they are, there’s always a direct link of information, bodies and supplies.

    Not in space. Space is… out there. Once you leave orbit you are alone except for those aboard with you. No rescue, no recovery, gotta operate, fight and fix with what you have aboard, from food to toilet paper to oxygen and CO2 scrubbers and whatever weapons are aboard.

    If the Seas are out to kill you, Space just doesn’t give a copulation. Mother Nature may be a stone-cold bitch, but Space is an uninterested Elder God who doesn’t care how uplifted the pseudo-monkeys are in that teeny little can, as they are less significant than the smallest grain of sand.

    You can survive a major accident on any body of water with some basic supplies and equipment (underwater, well, you’re hosed. It’s a miracle if you survive being under even 10′ of water when things go awry. Below 100 feet? It’s Space except you’ve become food for something else.) Even survive in Arctic waters during a storm, given a decent survival suit and a life raft.

    But have an oops on the way to Jupiter’s orbit? Ain’t nothing but a freeze-dried chunk of tissue. if you’re lucky.

    Thus, well, Navy concepts and naval ranks. Not the modern Navy of female officers bitch-fighting amongst themselves and running ships into other ships, or 1/3rd to 1/2 of the split-tails becoming ‘preggers’ before a deployment. The old school Navy. Back when each ship’s captain was absolute master of all he saw, because he couldn’t call home or get mail delivered by helo. When a ship went out and may not be back for months, years.

    Other than that, I fully support the new Space Force. And it’s two space bases, Patrick and Vandenberg. ‘Bout time Patrick got some serious love from the military world. (And, holy hanna, there’s 6 of the bases out there? Wait, there’s 9 in the Continental US and 2 overseas (well, Alaska and Hawaii)? What the heckydarns? Oy, they’re expanding exponentially… friggin tribble bases!) (I mean, checking Wikistupedia, it reads like there’s 6, then suddenly later on the page there’s 9 and then 2 more pop up? Why not just say there’s 11 bases in the USA, located at x, y, z, p, d, q, b, f, y, t, w!) (Geez, wiki, pull your leftist heads out of your bung holes!)

  6. My father worked at E-Systems from 1974-1995. Air Force One, Command Post, Looking Glass, RC-135 also Shk. Zayeds version of U.A.E.s Air Force One, commissioning USNO Atomic Clock. The last two places we lived before I went off on my own were Alaska and Okinawa. 6985th and 6990th ESC’s. He was involved with the design and support of the detection equipment on the 135.
    Dad was a seriously smart man and I miss him dearly. Would have been 87 this past year but Agent Orange took him from us entirely too soon.

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