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(Captioned photo) Lambeth Palace, seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury – but it’s not in Canterbury, which is quite a mystery to the great unwashed. One archbishop or another has lived there for 800 years. The estate has been there since the 1400’s.

Your sermonette today comes from the Book of Psalms and is dedicated to US Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi. Open your Bibles to Psalm 109:8 

“Let her days be few and brief; and let others step forward to replace her.”   (amen)

And to close this moment of deep contemplation:


Those Pesky Secret Service Travel Logs:

Will they corroborate the e-mails of Hunter Biden and his investment partners…more here


Now a few memes to keep the mood going:


And from the Pantheon

Persephone climbed into her husband’s lap as if it were her throne, as if she never sat anywhere else. Hades, stiff and frightening to eyes of others, let the flower goddess run her fingers through his hair like any love drunk young man tasting the nectar of a woman’s love for the first time. To the world he was an unyielding and merciless king, but for her he was vulnerable and tender.

42 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. It’s funny they would pick a .22 LR pistol for that meme. Make your shots count is all I can say.

    1. I noticed that as well. Your chances of dying of the Chinese Plague are greater than a inveder being met by LL with that particular pistol. Now if it was a .45 that would be different.

        1. Not necessarily just a hawk, but yes, I do favor them over a knife for a number of reasons if the tomahawk is correctly constructed with the beard as a razor sharp cutting edge, etc. It gives you the advantage of reach, general lethality because of the power of a strike, the difficulty of blocking a strike, etc.

    2. Klaus, created obviously by somebody generally unfamiliar with firearms.

      However, the .22 Hornet is quite a different cartridge.

      1. I have a Winchester model 54 in .22 hornet and a 94 in .22mag. Very capable rounds in my opinion.

  2. Hollow point .22 rounds do a lot of explosive damage. Not as much immediate stopping power, granted; but 2 in the chest and 2 in the head would put somebody in a world of hurt. Also, the shooter has a better chance of not going deaf without the time to put on ear protection.

    1. The first honest-to-God police shooting that I ever went to was in Anaheim, CA. It was a three story hotel as I recall (for you Anaheim historians it was NOT the Angelina, it was another place like that, down the street and smaller over all, but I don’t recall the name). There was .22LR brass everywhere and there were eleven narcos dead. The shooters had used silenced .22LR machine guns and the deceased were well perforated. Nobody who saw that massacre would say that the venerable .22 won’t do the job.

      Speed is fine, accuracy is final, and a .22 won’t necessarily punch through a skull’s frontal plate or through the rear of the skull near the spine. They tend to deflect. I’ve seen that in real life with .22’s, .25’s and .380’s. The narcos tend to favor .38 Super (semi-auto) because possession carries a lighter sentence than does a larger caliber. The have a little better penetration than a .380, but even so, a skull shot (frontal plate) can often deflect – leaving the owner a massive headache.

        1. PPS – Bill Carrol, owner of the Mustang strip club, was shot in the temple at point blank range with the muzzle actually making contact, by Michael Rizzatello in a mob hit. Then Rizzatello shot him in the back of the head. He used a .38 Special with crappy ammo. The round through the temple blinded Carrol, the round at the back of the head deflected. Rizzatello and Joey Grosso dumped Carrol in the parking lot of South Coast Plaza Mall on a weekend evening (Costa Mesa, CA).

          A security guard found Carrol wandering around, mostly blind, and he recovered fully to testify at the trial.

      1. The world record interior grizzly was held for a long time by a native lady in northern Canada who shot it with a .22 long. Actually she was bird hunting and I believe she put 6 shots in the bears scull (all she had with her). That’s a .22 long, not a long rifle.

      2. The .22 calibre Colt Woodsman, with a suppressor, was a nifty little weapon. Grossly underpowered though. You had to be up really close, and make only head shots. In my opinion in the ear was the most effective.

        1. The S&W Model 39 silenced (hush puppy) worked very well against geese and dogs that guarded and alerted in Vietnam and SE Asia as a whole. It was an upgraded version of the suppressed Woodsman. You didn’t have to go for the ear, but frankly, that’s the right place for a silenced shot placement because you don’t want the gomer shouting or gurgling loudly as he cashes in his chips.

          1. Yes,, the geese and the dogs were a problem. The geese the ARVN used as an early warning system, around the various bridges and other things they held, did not usually last long. The bridge guards got hungry so they ate them. In the villages and hamlets they lasted somewhat longer. As for the dogs they were more of a long range alarm system. In the countryside they could hear, and smell, you coming from a greater distance than the geese. One way to try to minimize the smell angle was to always eat the local food so that you smelled more like a local. As much as you could, that is. Caucasian food, and things such as western toothpaste and western tobacco, made you smell different and were a dead giveaway.

  3. Canterbury…tough digs tax free, guess it’s good to be the king. (Pretty sure Jesus had a few words about that.)

    Yesterday Biden was in PA at Bucks County Community College, where I grew up, and ten minutes from where Washington crossed the Delaware…an epicenter of Colonial traditions. Biden was generally incoherent, yelling at the crowd, frail, and wandering around the stage while Not-A-Doctor Jill was trying to gin up enthusiasm from the 130 “in their cars” attendees st there like a bunch of masked lemmings? Next parking lot over were MORE Tump supporters making noise (hehe). Now, with all the despicable revelations, how anyone could cast a vote for this clown is beyond me….hence the early voting to lock in more votes than he would have gotten in a proper ballot box scenario. Election reform needs to be on the docket.

    Would we tell Hades to run?

    Good Scripture this morning…one can only hope, but I am convinced God’s got this. Prayers for POTUS and our country this AM as the snow falls and it’s 8 degrees. Weird year all around.

    1. Tell Hades to run, run fast.

      As far as the Bucks County, PA Biden event, I’ve heard the same thing that you did. More Trump protesters, being peaceful than Biden acolytes cowering, masked and gloved, inside their cars.

      Joe is the perfect tool for the left. Feeble minded, weak physically with his ‘old man’s walk’, and corrupt.

      I have RELIABLY heard from those who know that drug cartels are planning to buy pardons for their family members, incarcerated, should Slow Joe win the presidency. He could rake in a lot more than Hunter was able to squeeze from China and he could keep all the money for himself.

      1. I dare say Biden’s visit to Bucks County was mostly not welcome, hence the neighboring parking lot. As I understand from my brothers the demographic of my family home area has changed a bunch, from farming (a lot still, but money talks) and semi-rural with nice neighborhoods, now to liberal hipster’s who moved in because it’s one of the best areas outside of Philly to live, and as expected, they’ve changed the “feel” (some would say ruined). Yes, I was fortunate my parents saw the appeal back in the 60’s, but like they say, you can never go home. Although if Colorado goes anymore South, Bucks is still a great area to live.

        (Note to self, no commenting on iPad, typos and missing words galore.)

      2. No surprise with the cartels, and I have no doubt that would be the case had he won (that’s me projecting). ALWAYS follow the cash.

    1. Yes.

      I’m not a huge fan of rimfire ammunition just on general principles. And you can’t reload. But having said that, I have more than one weapon that fires 22LR, so I have buy-in.

  4. Yep, Colt Aces have taken care of a ‘few’ problems over the years… Re Pelosi, if only!!! The Archbishop ‘had’ to stay close to the throne, don’t ya know… And that was an ‘arduous’ three day trip by coach back in the day.

    1. That’s why chess pieces are they way they are. Who was more powerful? Archbishop or King? I guess it depends on when.

  5. Ah, Lambeth. It was Archbishop Laud’s home for a time, protected by men with HALBERDS. Now it’s just some some off-world setup.

    “Meanwhile a path gapes open for Dis; his horses barely endure the foreign daylight. Her band of servant friends, piled with flowers, call out, ‘Persephone, come and see your presents.’ When the shout meets silence, their howling fills the hills…”

  6. Posted to my FB page. Stole the cemetery and Sun Tzu photos. Initially to post with the link, but since fb won’t let me do it that way, I will do them separately.

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