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Lock Her Up…
(Fox News) Ocasio-Cortez, chief of staff illegally moved $885K in campaign contributions ‘off the books…and may face jail time. Is there a way out for the crooked AOC and her cronies? The full article is worth a read. I don’t think that anyone would be surprised to learn that AOC is corrupt. She doesn’t have the Clinton files with dirt on everyone so may not survive, intact.
Palestinians Unhappy
The United States consulate in Jerusalem, which served as a de facto embassy for Palestinians, officially closed its doors in Jerusalem on Monday. The new US Embassy in Jerusalem will now service Palestinians from a broom closet next to the cafeteria. Of course, Palestinians are always unhappy, but this latest move made me laugh. 
Kim’s Gambit
The Hermit Kingdom’s dictator returned home. Kim’s train rolled into the station at 3:00 am, and there was a crowd of Norks, rousted from their beds, to enthusiastically cheer the return. 
The composition and size of Kim’s delegation indicate he expected to do business with the US. Kim brought his “A” team and apparently expected to make a small deal, as another step in his step-by-step strategy. 
The US offered a big deal and Kim was not prepared for that. As enticing and generous as a US-backed big deal sounds in the West, the North Korean leader heard the US President speak the language of North Korean systemic change. Kim probably could not sell that to the Workers’ Party leadership and the armed forces even if he wanted to, which was not the case.
Russia’s Tar Baby
Since the US withdrew from Syria, Russia has been left to deal with Turkey, which is like picking up a genuine wild turkey as it beats you with its wings and pecks you with its beak. It’s not pretty. And the Russians are cursing the Trump Administration for leaving them with the mess (haha).
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group (one of the names of the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization outlawed in Russia) is carrying out provocative raids against civilians, Russian and Syrian military.”
The jihadists in Idlib have been playing Turkey against Russia and Syria in justifying their aggressive operations. The Turks have a devil’s arrangement with the terrorists. As long as Turkish soldiers are not receiving attacks, the Turks do not interfere with the jihadist operations.
And the USA is out of that particular game, sitting on the sidelines now, eating popcorn, and watching the situation from afar.

20 thoughts on “A Few Items

  1. AOC will get off with less than a slap.
    The FEC is a joke. No enforcement, except a threat to Trump.
    Obama gave them the finger and they said thank you.
    Did Nancy provoke that, though?

  2. I think that there are a many donkeys who would like to see her humbled – or gone.

  3. Did Nancy provoke that, though?

    AOC did camp out at Pelosi's office and protest her… Now I think you're seeing the true nature of the threat to AOC. The Republicans want her to STAY at all costs. She's the best thing that's happened to them – maybe ever.

  4. She brings to mind the 'pillar of the community' family with the wild child daughter.

  5. That could be. AOC attended Boston College(didn't learn much) and her family lives in an affluent area in NY.

  6. Thanks for the round up. And yes, Nancy doesn't seem to like Sandy very much. Will Sandy go to jail en lieu of Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Obama, Brennan, Strzorzk, Lisa, Podesta and all the rest? Maybe they'll all go down, but I know it's a big maybe.

    Then there's Syria and the Norks. Weird, but our impressively honest, objective, non-partisan media doesn't seem to report on either of these. But I will.

    Well done, Mr. President and while we're at it, let's have Constantinople back.

  7. AOC is a Boston UNIVERSITY product. Boston College is a separate entity. BC is a Jesuit enterprise which has an atypically high proportion of attractively groomed and dressed young women. BU has more international students.

    When I first moved out here BU was full of so-called Eurotrash who were actually scions of SE and South Asia, Central and South American fortunes of dubious provenance (I suspect people of the sort you thwarted and/or put away), and oil Arabs. Why the Eurotrash? BU admin loved them because they paid full fare tuition. Campus was full of high end cars driven (poorly) by privileged little snots. Not that I have strong feelings about anything. Heh.

  8. Thanks for the clarification, Mike_C. I wonder how much cash the Cortez family wasted on her education? As an economics major, I'd say from her present understanding of econ, that she learned precisely zip from her time at Boston University.

  9. AOC, not one of the party faithful, is far more likely to end up behind bars. The crew you cited were part and parcel of the Deep State and they do try to protect their own if for no other reason than it encourages others to 'hold their mud'.

  10. Won't touch her…they need the young rabble as a magician's misdirect smokescreen so they can continue with their multiple Hail Mary's against Trump.

    Along the same lines, heard anything on Smollett lately?? Regardless the facts he will walk and the powers that be will twist themselves in pretzels to make that happen.

  11. Local news ran the Ocasio-Cortez money laundering story this morning. I haven't seen it on national feeds.

    The more I think about it this seems like a Dem insider dropped a dime on her. Pelosi camp?

  12. Yes, that's the scenario, and Pelosi would have to approve it – and apparently did. They are eating their young.

  13. AOC has outgrown her usefulness as she pushes the party platform to embrace the elimination of cows, cars, airplanes and so forth. There may be some college children who vote for that, but way too few.

    I think that Juicy Smollett will receive probation, credit for time served, and may then become a community activist like Young Barack.

  14. Ahh, the hubris of the young…and in this case, the arrogant and self-entitled without rational thought.

    I can hear it now: "Smollett for president!" Isn't that the way it goes? (gag me with a pitchfork)

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