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Men and Women, the long-term impact of changing roles.

It’s a polemic, which means that I did not consider all situations and circumstances, but generalized to fit the trends both then and now, in our modern-day, where the state is working in a concerted way to replace mothers and to become the matriarch in our Brave New World.

Before the Progressive Era, the government was a wholly masculine affair: the state was a necessary evil, stoically shouldered for a pragmatic reason to protect life, property, the women and children of the tribe from crime and insurrection at home and from invasion from abroad. (All enemies, both foreign and domestic)

Then, as now, men were right to fear highwaymen and piracy, as well as to fear the jealousy, fear, or hunger of neighboring tribes, city-states, and warlords, or the ambition of god-kings and emperors. It was for this reason that the first tools of the stone age included spearheads, arrowheads, and tomahawks.  It is for this reason that the strong house, tower, mot and bailey, and town wall each is an invention older than written language.

No one was afraid of bands of maidens roving the highways or the high seas to loot and rape, and no special provision needed to be made to fend off that danger. Then, as now, the number of violent crimes committed by women is vanishingly small; a female soldier in history is as rare as a blind knight. The Vikings did take shield maidens with them on raids,  but they didn’t raid without the men and their numbers were smaller as were they.

Women, as a general rule, preferred to use poison to kill, and rarely were they concerned with the dishonor involved since a reputation as a fearsome pugilist or wrestler was not one they were likely to gain by beating opponents to death in a fair fight. This is why witches in history outnumber warlocks: their occult “potions” in real life were rarely magic, they were usually home remedies for illness, abortifacients, or deadly poison.

A primary office of government was to raise taxes to pay soldiers and sailors, buy their arms and gear, raise fortresses and shipyards, post offices and post roads (Rome, where all roads lead), and so on, as well as to erect courthouses and torture chambers, goals and gallows, and, in gentler times, penitentiaries where penitent wrongdoers could repent; and to prevent the frauds and theft by trick which haunted all marketplaces then as now, establish weights and measures and standard coinages and uses, or levy fines against those who break their sworn oaths and contracts. Commerce, like combat, was largely a man’s world; the womenfolk largely conducted their commerce domestically, in homes, not in textile mills.

In the Middle Ages, in Europe, the Church law handled domestic matters of trusts and estates, marriage and annulment, weddings and bastardy, but all civilized people of all ages have laws governing these things, and all tribes have traditions strictly followed, because no civilization, before this present generation, was luxurious enough or corrupt enough to afford to tolerate anarchy of harlots and bastards, where men mate like satyrs, without forethought or provision for the young.

All these things are men’s work. Only when, in the modern era, with the factory system displacing the domestic textile industry, and the womenfolk encouraged to leave domestic tasks and take up the ‘rat race’ of modern commerce, and the government, always eager for unaccountable power, lusting to redistribute tax money to the mass numbers of poor their policies created (policies from the enclosure laws to fiat currency), did the state step in to the women’s world of education and almsgiving. Being Caesar, the worldly powers expressed this remarkable power-grabs as a matter of public service, or as a public service owed to the uneducated and impoverished as a matter of legal right.

In America, this was used particularly as an excuse to expel all traces of the Christian religion from schools and welfare. Public schools were established explicitly to erode the family structure and indoctrinate impressionable young minds into obedient socialist mindlessness. See the writings of John Dewey and Bella Dodd.

It was slow but inevitable. The highly religious nature of the culture required many decades to erode the moral character. The Department of Education was founded in 1867; the case of Engel v. Vitale was not until 1962. But the encroachment still took effect.

However, at all prior times in history the women’s world, which ran on compassion rather than competition, was personal, and hence a froward child or undeserving poor could not call upon teachers or almsgivers to grant learning or funds as a matter of right. When Caesar usurped the maternal role, as men are wont to do, the thing became impersonal: a matter of rules, of rote, of restrictions.

Thereafter, traditionally feminine concerns of almsdeeds, education, caring for the sick, and so on, were matters of state.

Once the state makes it Caesar’s business to rear the young and feed the poor, the daily things that are the prime concern of wives and mothers now are matters determined by public debate and a public vote, not by schoolmarms and church charities.

Unfortunately, compassionate thinking is so useful for motherhood, when men try to mimic it, men tend to make it a matter of dispassionate logic. It is not something felt in the soul, guided by prayer, answered by gratitude. Compassion, in a rigidly rational masculine mind, becomes a slogan, or a formula, expressed as a mathematical proportion: FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY – TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEED.

And the doors of hell are opened.

There is no prayer in the giver and no gratitude in the receiver. Charity becomes a matter of blackmail: the taxpayer must pony up, or else the race riots will burn neighborhoods. And it becomes a matter of slow slavery: marry the father of your children, and we cut you off. And meanwhile, the social worker has the right to inspect your home and monitor your job hunt, health, and so on.

Likewise, in education, teacher pay is not tied to performance, so the teachers who perform least are rewarded most; meanwhile, froward and unruly students cannot be expelled, or even punished, and, as is becoming the rule, not be given poor grades for poor performance.

When a modern politician both says that killing children in the womb is a matter of a women’s sovereignty over her own body, and that mandatory vaccination is a matter of public health, and that Voter ID is racist, but that vaccination passports are necessary, and that using troops to guard the borders of Trashcanistan is cromulent, but using border patrolmen to patrol the border of the United States is fascism, all reason breaks down.

And that’s the Sermonette.



In some states as indicated below, minors can drink in a bar if it’s part of a religious service. So the map made the admittedly loose standards of the sermonette.


During the Ice Age (prior to global warming)

Ice Age Map Of North America With Present Day Borders




1984 according Orwell


I don’t know who got what in the Mr/Mrs Bill Gates split.




Presence of Obsidian in the US

There is a lot more about Obsidian in Loki’s Fire, the upcoming sequel (in time for Christmas) than there was in Red Mist.

Yes,  it’s shameless self-promotion,  so what?


  1. “And the doors of hell are opened”
    Indeed. Getting them shut again is not going to be easy. Are we up to the task? Only God knows.

  2. First video of Jordan Peterson I saw was that interview with the British reporter (an actual female) where he lines out what men and woman are best suited. She argued with him, unwittingly making his points.

    Not to outdone on “roles”, the Dem’s new “Abortion Bill” protects “Transgernder Men”…whatever those are supposed to be as “sex” definitions continue to change…except in God’s eyes…and science — that pesky thing we have been repeatedly told to follow.

    MaryJane…Laramie is up the road, lots of stoned Wyoming drivers hitting the Rec-Med shops in Fort Collins then driving back North. Unnerving at night coming up behind one of them driving erratically, then you pass, then they’re on your bumper at 70MPH ‘following’ (either that or they’ve been wearing their bacteria-soaked re-breather mask all day, same brain-fogged result).

    Now you tell me that I should have tried yelling “Sinners” while walking into the Chapel to start the service and set the tone. Missed opportunity to get peoples attention.

    • You need to get their attention, PaulM and since we’re all sinners to one degree or another, there is an element of universal application to that salutation.

      • Going to add that to the tool kit for sure. For me, God gets mine when I hit my head on something.

        Saw His handiwork today, took the day away from chores and tasks (and idiocy, which is always a good thing) for a drive over the hill to Steamboat, the riot of aspen colors were nothing short of stunning and awe inspiring. A great day. Now gotta go out and work the horse…with reins, not whips.

  3. My only quibble is that women commit tons of violent crimes, they’re just almost entirely domestic. It doesn’t chart statistically, because men are expected to suck it up. I’m not objecting to that, I generally expect men to suck it up, too.


    • Historically, the violence women commit has been treated as a form of insanity and thus the punishments, unless the crime is really heinous, were and are subdued in comparison to men committing similar crimes.

      “Oh, a good girl/woman couldn’t do something like that” has been and still is used as a very effective defense.

      And women advocacy groups are often horrible. Using mafia-level tactics to strongarm individuals and government agencies to get whatever the groups want.

  4. What is a “mot”?

    1.9 billion (or 2.27 or 2.4 billion, you’d think the internet would KNOW ) total acres in the US and Gates owns 268,984 of them.
    The US Govt owns 640 million acres, we have 1/3rd of an acre in WA state & in Georgia we have 4.67 acres that are for sale. (6 lots on the Cartecay river by Ellijay 🙂
    Our total comes to about 5 acres.

    I read “Red Mist”. It was a good story and an interesting premise, it kept my attention and I will get the sequel when it comes out.
    My only real criticism was where the American threw the rock and all the descriptions of that throw were based on cricket… I’m an American & grew up playing baseball, I’ve only seen cricket played in movies.

    Right now I’m reading “White Powder”, that’s a good story!

      • A “mot” is a moat. A Bailey is a structure behind the moat and the definition is loose enough to apply to any structure defended by a moat.

  5. Excellent sermon – can’t disagree with any of it.

    Regarding evil weed, driving in Wyoming in a vehicle with “greenie” plates will attract attention from the constabulary. Not myself a consumer of the product, I’m told the street prices are lower than the legal dispensaries. In addition, the pesky federal laws make banking services difficult for the operators. Therefore, cash only, and openly armed guards inside. The businesses are a boon for the small pimple incorporated areas adjacent to larger cities. In some areas, they have replaced speed traps as the principal source of city coffers.

    • WSF, South Dakota feels the same way that Wyoming does, but some of us (more liberal minded) just made it legal for medicinal… not me.

      • Cederq, personally I don’t care. Abusers will always find something to abuse. What I find utterly evil is meth. I will drop a dime on any meth head I see.

  6. I myself want and like a Hellfire and Brimstone Preacher who tells it like it is and uses nothing but the Good Book to Sermonize from… I guess my Southern Baptist roots are showing, at least I ain’t a snake wrangler.

  7. EXCELLENT sermon and I enjoyed the short infovideo of me.

    But a few thoughts, just rambling.

    Our Atheist State and it’s secular rulers have a God, and it’s Mammon. Yes, it pretends maternal virtue but is, in fact a tyrannous masculine thing, a creature of force. And we’re seeing that daily, surely.

    On the other hand, white washed sepulchres and hypocrisy aside, the Church is feminine, the Bride of Christ, as are our souls, but at the same time it’s militant. We’re soldiers of Christ.

    Perhaps the Middle Ages understood this balance, or at least tried to. We see it, I think, writ very large in chivalry.

    Our secular Elite know nothing of this, I’d argue they hate it, and leave us with nothing but tyranny and force masquerading as compassion. Their sacramental, their symbol, is Baphomet.

    Good luck with that.

    • Well stated LSP. Our secular Elite are willfully blind, and God gives them their folly, therefore we should not enter onto their playing field, it’s a quagmire.

  8. If you keep producing Sunday Sermons of this depth and quality you will attract a following and your name will move closer to the top of the enemies list.
    Warrior Priests scare the bejesus out of the perfumed princes and princesses that seek to rule.

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