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Caption: Government by barbarians.


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Bullet Points:

** Nobody talks about forgiving trade school debt because they learned valuable skills and can pay their way.

** Is women’s sports a retirement plan for failed male athletes?

** Borrow money from pessimists — they don’t expect it back.

** The world, according to Jamie Lissow.

** On a more serious note, referencing above, when I turn on the tap, it’s warm, clear, pure, and good-tasting water even today. I don’t take it for granted. For almost all of Earth’s history, that didn’t exist. It’s a product of the civilization that the woke would destroy. I don’t take a shower, bath, or swim in clear water for granted. It’s one of those precious things handed down to us. The same can be said of flipping a switch, and the lights come on. When I was young, we had a coal stove. If you wanted heat, you had to make a fire and get three tons of steel hot.

** MBZ Shiek Mohammed of Abu Dhabi – according to Tucker Carlson. Your thoughts?

** The Wall Street Journal reports Europeans Ditch Net Zero, While Biden Clings to It… It should be Pedo Joe’s advisors. Joe clings to people to keep from toppling over when he walks. He struggles to read the teleprompter by squinting. He looks forward to pudding before they tuck him in at night, and that’s about all. However, moving forward…

“You know you’ve stumbled through the looking glass when European politicians start sounding saner on climate policy than Americans. Well, here we are, Alice: Europeans are admitting the folly of net zero quicker than their American peers.

The latest example—perhaps “victim” is more apt—is Humza Yousaf, who resigned this week as Scotland’s first minister. That region within the U.K. enjoys substantial devolved powers over its affairs, including climate policy. An administration led by Mr. Yousaf’s left-leaning Scottish National Party had hoped to slash carbon emissions before the national government in London.

Until someone notices the costs, a recent report from the U.K.’s Climate Change Committee noted that Scotland had fallen far behind on its climate goals.

The government aimed to reduce the aggregate distance driven by Scottish motorists by 20% compared with 2019 levels but had no plan to accomplish the reduction in personal mobility by the 2030 deadline.

To get back on track with the government’s goal of transitioning to home electric heat pumps, Scotland would have to replace natural gas fire boilers at a rate of more than 80,000 households a year by the end of the decade.

That’s a big ask, considering that in 2023, it managed 6,000 boiler replacements.

The government resisted imposing an aviation tax to discourage excess flying. And so on.

Mr. Yousaf did the only thing he could under the circumstances: He all but abandoned net zero. His administration announced it is ditching firm annual emission-reduction targets in favor of fuzzier “carbon budgets.” The Green Party, with which Mr. Yousaf’s SNP governed in a coalition, balked. After a series of political machinations that were one part “Macbeth” and two parts “Comedy of Errors,” Mr. Yousaf’s administration collapsed, and he was forced to resign.

Observe two salient details.

First, the specific list of targets in the country was missing. Scotland had reached the point where further net-zero progress would have made evident and material demands of household budgets. That isn’t counting the additional costs of renewable power hidden in utility bills.”


The Biden Regime Wants to End Generational Military Service

(The Warrior Caste) -Excerpted here. I encourage you to read the article.

Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth is concerned about the risk of “developing a warrior caste,” as, stubbornly, most military recruits come from military or veteran families. In a recent hearing in front of the House Armed Services Committee, Secretary Wormuth warned of the possibility that the Army would become “more and more distant” from the population it swears to defend. Secretary Wormuth insisted, “That’s something you want to guard against,” but did not manage to give a reason why.

However, her inability to comprehend the role of the military profession in society is a common but dangerous failure among defense leaders in both Democratic and Republican administrations. The military does not exist to reflect or mirror society but to fight bloody wars on behalf of the nation. Thankfully, the culture and values required for this grave responsibility are not something one finds in most of the American population. We have a “military caste” that bears the burden of American warfighting. Public policy should embrace this reality, not wish it were not so.

Recent data indicate this caste is collapsing without a replacement cohort in waiting. Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported on the growing discontent among military and veteran families with the concept of service for their offspring. By some accounts, fewer than nine percent of those households would allow or encourage family members to serve. Wars without purpose, politicized military leaders, and a decaying notion of public service corrupt the future of the military caste that has fought so well for so long.

For reasons too complicated and dangerous to unpack, other sectors of society are not filling the void left by the Wormuthian disdain for the military caste. released internal Army data in January 2024 that presented a complete collapse in white recruits since 2018 concerning the parallel stagnation of other demographic groups. White recruits, the basis of military recruiting, are joining the military at lower rates than ever. Others are not picking up the slack, for the proportion of black and Hispanic recruits has only grown with the decline in white recruits.


Abuna Yem’ata Guh, Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Situated at a height of 8,460 ft, it must be climbed on foot to reach. It is notable for its architecture, dome, and wall paintings dating back to the 5th century.


Cartoon of the Day


Identify the Aircraft



It may be a tougher ID from this angle. They were produced and used operationally but not in great numbers.


Identify the Tanks

3 & 4



Parting Shot



36 thoughts on “Barbarocracy

  1. (1) FIAT G-91
    (2) I think that’s the M6 Heavy on the left, and a Stuart on the right.
    (3) That’s a French UE carrier… not sure what the gun is, maybe the 25mm ATG? Looks small for that…

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Fiat G.91
    2. Focke-Wulf Fw 187 Falke
    Identify the Tanks:
    3. M6 heavy Tank
    4. M3 Stuart
    5. Renault UE Chenillette

      1. Ha!
        In my quick look this morning, I misread, and thought the picture of the Falke was just a different view of the G-91.
        Ah well, at least I got here early enough to do the ID thing, today.
        – Kle.

  3. By coincidence, I was thinking about that military recruiting deficit this morning. In the sales department I recently got forcibly retired out of, but still remain in part time, nobody but me served. Their ages run from 20-something to mid-50’s. Same-same the engineering department. Even upper management of the outfit. So, I think this has been a long time coming, and very much like going bankrupt. Slowly at first, then all at once.

  4. Been some great art work along with these big words, I like it!
    Barbarocracy- I always think of “barbarians” as tribal..
    Sounds like they want the draft again for the military…or maybe they don’t really want a military?

    1. if we don’t have a military,nobody will attack us.
      If we don’t alow the production of guns, nobody will ever be murdered.
      If the Israelis will just halt their destruction/”genocide” of Gaza right now, the Gazans will never attack again.
      I think there’s a mental impediment (might be chemical) yet to be found in these believers.

      1. Very woke. However, we don’t need to be attacked, we are being conquered via colonization. Time to agree with the Squad and agree America must ‘de-colonize’ and be free – from Sea to shining Sea. Send them all back.

          1. That’d make a good T-shirt, with all the requisite patriot graphics, done in a vintage look.

  5. Barbarocray- Been watching Prime’s Jack Ryan…like it. S2 is all about Venezuela and echos the Bravo Sierra lawlessness and tyranny we are witnessing here at the hands of those tasked with upholding our Constitution. The domestic arrogant bast—-‘s who gain office only to act as if they were God’s gift to “the little people” (aka We The People), get so entrenched as if they were specially anointed to “be there” therefore get a free pass on seditious behavior. Uh, yeah no. The last 5 minutes of JR S2 Ep8 is how it should be…only about 528 more times (there has to be at least 8 in Congress who are decent..a man can have a little hope).
    Abuna Yem’ata Guh- Personifies “sometimes you gotta go thru a little Hell to get to Heaven”. Wicked cool. Maybe the former round of anthropogenic “GlobalCoolingClimateWarmingChange” caused the ice caps to melt resulting the seas to rise 8000+ feet so all they had to do was row up to the spot and step off…otherwise, “why’d they do that?” As a former friend said when I told him I was heading up Longs Peak (hike, not climb), “If there was anything up there worth seeing, like a coffee/gift shop, then I’d go. I can check it out by plane and not even break a sweat.” heh
    #5 looks like something SmartCar came up with…cute and good for those tight European streets.

    1. I can no longer watch that actor as he has come out against Christianity and all things conservative. Fruck him with a pineapple grenade.

      1. Krasinski? Really? Huh…that’s a dopey stance for him to take, especially considering his role in JR. Tone deafness amongst the HollyWood crowd despite their roles…but he did graduate from Brown so had a head start on his colleagues.

  6. Agree strongly about the heat / water / electricity / etc. Everybody (here) is so damn rich nowadays
    that most of them don’t even know it, and think they’re poor. Then they whine about how hard they
    have it.
    The Ethiopian Orthodox sure did build some impressive churches and such. Obviously very motivated
    people, at some point.
    – Kle.

  7. Military service. It actually was painful to do but sadly I recommended NOT going into the military for a couple of my grand kids who are of age.
    Hot water, heat, and electricity are gifts from a benevolent God as is food on the table. The world would be a better place if people did not take those things for granted. I am not all sure that they will still exist for people in the US in the next 50 years.
    Abuna Yem’ata Guh. Wow, sure shows what people dedicated to a task can accomplish.

    1. X2…gifts from God…as the Morons work desperately to reverse modern comforts to a bygone era. I figure a night buried up to their heads in my cooking manure pile might do them some good…and no shower in the morning.

  8. “among military and veteran families with the concept of service for their offspring. By some accounts, fewer than nine percent of those households would allow or encourage family members to serve”
    This past weekend family gathering had just one young man joining. He is going the nuclear school route (good luck with that, 20% graduate). I have over 20 male first cousins (not all are alive). At least fifteen served. Their sons and daughters? Maybe six. Now, just one.
    Last Sunday seven vets were discussing military service. Not one of us will encourage young people to join.
    All of this must be discouraging to those on active duty who still care. Is that reflected in the suicide rate, especially recruiters?

    1. The Left – coupled to weak men who facilitate/allow it to happen – destroys everything it touches…even the Military which one would have thought was mostly untouchable. Hearing – 80 years later – “death to the Jews” on OUR soil is otherworldly and reprehensible, spewed by minds of mush (h/t Rush) who never served and wouldn’t which end of screwdriver to use…but they have “demands”. Funny (not) how those bums are allowed their chaos and anarchy, while a bunch of trespassers on J6 are hunted down like vermin, with most not charged, just held (still happening daily by the DOJ/FBI).

      Undoing the tyranny is the trick…assuming that’s even possible these days as The Indoctrinated Demented among us have taken hold of the societal reins, and Congress is unavailable for comment or action, instead working to feather their power retention rotten nests. There is a solution, albeit not pretty…but would work.

      1. X2 for you and WSF. The COO of the Battleship Iowa has a son who graduated Annapolis, and is in the Nuclear Navy. The CIO (who was my ‘boss;) has a son in the Academy now, due to graduate shortly. Not sure what he’s going into. I’ve met the young men, and they’re fine young men. Got their heads screwed on right, very intelligent, and goal-driven. I’m wondering how long they’ll stay in the service after their obligation is finished…

  9. Re the generational military service comment, for the first time since the Revolutionary war, my family will not have a member of the next generation (and possibly the follow on) in the military. My cousin retired in 2009 and he was the last one on active duty. Our family has served in every branch of the military and Merchant Marines, but no more. I have not pushed the military since 2008 because of what I’ve seen happening.

  10. Photo- Everyone needs a pet/pal walrus. (why do I see Wilford Brimley…great guy, farrier turned actor…RIP)

  11. Haven’t gotten through your entire post yet, but the second link goes to Jamie Lissow again.

    Back to top.

  12. A “military caste” is, in fact, NOT a desirable thing in a Constitutional Republic, wherein ideally the burdens of service through duty and sacrifice fall upon all equally. But what concerns me FAR more than the idea of a military caste are the clear and present Political Caste (e.g. Pelosi/Newsom, et al; the Kennedys, the Bushes, etc) and probably worse, the Bureaucratic Caste. Then there’s the Hollywood/Infotainment Caste, and so forth.

    While the burden of supplying actual warfighters falls upon a relatively small segment of US society, I was long reassured that their loyalty was NOT to a particular politician, a particular party, nor even to their own folk/clan/people, but rather to ideas and ideals, namely The Constitution, The Republic, and God. But Our Betters who are large and in charge are openly denigrating and mocking those very ideals that bound the military caste to the rest of society, and in a sense constrained them. Our Betters should be very very thankful that the traditional military caste is WALKING AWAY from service. They should understand that the alternative would be far worse. For the Republic as a whole, but especially for them.

    Now what constrains our Political, Bureaucratic, and Infotainment (NOT trivial, because these people create popular culture and therefore have great influence on the zeitgeist) castes? What are THEY loyal to? To the Constitution and the Republic? Not hardly, according to their actions. To God? Hah! They are not even really loyal to money and power, though they love those things. They aren’t loyal to perversion and decadence either, though they push those things ceaselessly. They are loyal to themselves, particularly their self image of wise, kindly and selfless martyrs, trying desperately to repair the world, and educate the stupid masses, and being kicked in the teeth again and again, for no reason, other than the beastliness of the ignorant masses (such as the military caste). In short, our entrenched Poly/Buro/Info masters worship themselves, and in particular their noble victimhood. This is of course a recipe for absolute disaster. Which is unfolding in real time, at a velocity that frankly shocks me, even though I was never a Pollyanna. I figured things would get bad. I didn’t think it would get so bad so quickly.

    1. A hereditary politcal aristocracy, especially one the ladies once corporate lobbyists can marry into like the Honorable Deborah Dingell, is exactly what is needed in a woke Republic. You wouldn’t want posterity of the founders to actually be running their own country? The horror, the horror!

    2. Thanks Mike for stating things right. TPTB loyal only to their self worship. X2! So many similarities to the Roman empire. Leaders aspiring to be ” god’s”
      A traditional heritage of generations serving in the military, not only brought honor to elders and family nobility. I see that it was heritage of defending freedom, and democracy ( as it used to mean). The inalienable liberties and justice for the common human welfare of all races and classes of people, as stated in the founding documents were a part of the oath to serve, correct?
      God? Which God (s)? The judeo Christian ethics are what I believe the founders of our Republic were referring to.
      TPTB are persuaded to replace what would be loyalty to” God and Country ” with a MRNA genetically modified class of PRAETORIAN GUARD. Is it possible that we already have a woke, gay, faggot “cohortes urbanae” operating in D.C. ? Their disastrous recipe is not worthy of the next generation of our military “caste” to send their son’s and daughters into battle for.

      1. X2…all of the above. Well said Mike-C…every busybidy in government should read this, at levels (well, except for The Oval Office Sitter, he has no clue what’s going on at ny one moment so wouldn’t comprehend the word “the”).
        Spot on. SISU MAGA Reset Time

  13. Question for the Oracle LL, Off topic though consistent with prior themes, solar storm is coming. Probability of visibility is highest in places like New York and Chicago. The rest of the country has cloud cover. Is this some kind of sign? Fire this time?

  14. Fresh water, proper sanitation, and electricity are Modern Marvels. NEVER take them for granted, or all those Trade School graduates that keep things running. I did a lot of infrastructure type work early in my career. Seeing what went in to it, and what was required to keep running, gave me great respect for those who came before us and built it.
    Net Zero….whatta con!
    More treasonous actions by JoeHo. Gonna need a LOT pf rope.
    I want tank #5. Be great to go blitzing around the ‘hood with the grandsons….

  15. This is a great Net Zero post and it started right outta the gate with ** Nobody talks about forgiving trade school debt because they learned valuable skills and can pay their way.

    Wow. Right in the X Ring.

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