Fun with Household Chemistry


Drive-Through  Delight

Sure, it’s carb-loading on a massive scale, but you’re going to use all that energy up, because you can’t sit around on the weekend and watch sports (thanks China).


Cyborg Art


Not Just a Job


In the future


Where is your other hand, Joe?

Sen Joe Biden and Tara Reade


  1. Nah, he won’t remember – other people don’t exist for him.

    There’s just Joe Biden, things that get in Joe Biden’s way, things he can ignore, and things he can use.

    Lotsa people like that out there, especially in politics and entertainment / “information” .


    • I think that you need to be that sort of sociopathic monster to survive 50 years or how ever long it was, in the Senate.

  2. Fried oysters? Hubby enjoys those. Though I guess if it’s Cane’s it’s chicken tenders? That’s all they make, right?

    Some good ones there. But really. That list and all they could think for a caption was chloroform? My first thought was Chlorine gas?

    • You can do a LOT of things with household chemicals, steel wool and a microwave oven…

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