Slow Joe’s Promise


Meanwhile, on the Southern Border, another 10,000 diseased illegal aliens crossed unimpeded, only to be flown by US Air Force jets to other parts of the nation to undisclosed locations. You have to admit – it’s progressive.


This explains so much…






  1. Re: “shelter in place”:

    When you’re STRANDED and left OFF Afghanistan’s PLANES, and the TALIB come out to TORTURE what remains, jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains and go to your gawd like a soldier.

    Apologies to Kipling for the update.

    As to The News Media. True. And we let it happen. News and Hollywood are two faces of the same organism. McCarthy was probably not a nice person, but it turns out that he and HUAC were if anything UNDERstating the problem.

    • The present estimate of Americans remaining in Afghanistan is 10,000, not all of them in Kabul. The Taliban are going from door to door to collect hostages.

      Go to your God (Gawd) like a soldier.

      • Saigon 1975 all over again. Only worse. At least then 10,000 Americans were not deliberately and purposely abandoned (I am not including here those MIAs who were, and have been for decades, deliberately abandoned in the name of international diplomacy). Who are these idiots telling people to “hide in place”. This is the worst thing you can do. All you are doing is sitting waiting to be gathered up. Strange, or maybe not, that those responsible for, and oversighting, this debacle, are the same crowd (Democrats and RINOs) who oversaw the Saigon one. There will be no “boat people” fleeing this time around though.

        • I meant POWs as well as MIAs. At least the French were, allegedly, buying back their POWs for decades after 1954.

  2. This is beyond a travesty. And Mr. MAGU stands their adamantly giving us his thin resume as if that mattered, other than to show what a fool he is and wholly Chinese owned. Will this reprehensible disaster – the effects we have yet to fully see – get Biden 25A’d out, or does he skate?

    Prediction: China now invades Taiwan, Russia invades Ukraine, and Kim Jung Un launches a nuke.

    It’s open season internationally now…prepare for impact.

  3. As a former “Heavy” aircrew member, and having a campground manager who maintained C-17s at Baghram, I absolutely cannot imagine what was, is, and will be forever going through the minds of that C-17 crew as they loaded, taxied, took off, and saw the later news videos. I dealt with some upsetting things (bringing home some of the Black Hawk Down Soldiers bodies in transfer caskets), but nothing on this level.
    Getting out of “Shithole-istan” was probably a good thing, but the way this transpired will forever ruin the international reputation of the United States.
    Wandering Neurons

    • I would suggest that this has actually already been the international reputation of the United States, since sometime in the 1950s.

      At least.


  4. I may have mentioned before that my wife and our family lived in Chico, CA for 30 years. Just down the hill from Paradise and the Camp Fire. Random thought–

    The state of California, PG&E, and the current Dixie Fire are a rather perfect metaphor for Afghanistan, Xiden, and the “withdrawal”.

  5. And now, nobody should ever trust FedGov. Ever. They’ll lie to the citizens, they’ll lie to themselves, to reporters, everyone foreign and domestic.

    This, this is how you get a harsh right-wing civil war. Full of helicopter flights, and death squads.

    Never ever thought I’d see the day. Trump was right, his administration was the last best hope. And now he’s seen how he was played.

    When will all the military people who lied to Trump be brought to justice?

    • There’s a new booster shot being “recommended” today. It will be mandatory as soon as they have enough in stock.

    • I also suspect that there haven’t really been very many “American People”, since sometime in the 1950s.


  6. where’s rummy? every time we’re run out of someplace, rummy is behind it….get ready for iran hostage 2.0, and lgbtq flung from the rooftops.

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