Long Memories

Bullet Points: 

** (Fox) California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to change the Constitution to curb gun rights. Fed up with inaction on gun control, Newsom unveiled a proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution on Thursday that would implement “commonsense” gun safety measures he claims have widespread bipartisan support.

** “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” (LOTR)

** Truth in numbers. Contrary to what you hear every day. “The long-term trend is clear: Back in 1955, two years after the end of the Korean War, military spending including veterans affairs constituted 69.3% of federal spending whereas “human resources” was about 21.8%. Today military spending is 17.6% and human resources are 64.8%, the two nearly completely switching places.” — I guess it’s the need for more equity hires from the inner city.

** RR – This momentous occasion is the first of its kind in over half a century for Rolls-Royce. “This is a historic moment for Rolls-Royce – it’s the first time in 54 years the aero-engine manufacturer has tested a brand-new engine architecture and is proof of what can be achieved when industry and Governments work together,” the company stated in its press release.

The success of these preliminary trials signals the viable potential of the suite of technologies embedded in the UltraFan demonstrator. The revolutionary engine has demonstrated a 10% efficiency improvement over the Trent XWB, which is presently the world’s most efficient large aero engine in service.

** UK cannon makers in Decline (h/t Claudio) The UK may need to cannibalize stored Challenger tanks and AS90 howitzers to source replacement barrels for platforms sent to Ukraine as no manufacturing capability currently exists to manufacture large cannon barrels. In peacetime, these vehicles and artillery systems fire very few rounds, not only to save money but also due to the introduction of simulation and static trainers, so they have a long life. The life of a barrel is dictated by the type and number of rounds fired. For a rifled tank gun, for example, this life is around 500 rounds.

Royal Ordnance Factory Nottingham (above) was the sole source manufacturer of cannon barrels in England but it closed ROF Nottingham was finally closed in 2001 and the armaments manufacturing capability transferred to the BAE Systems Land Systems plant at Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria, but they don’t make cannon barrels. The UK apparently thought that a peace dividend would last forever.


Templars vs Muslims

The Assassins were a radical group of Shi’ite Muslims who practiced terrorism against their enemies. If a leader, usually Muslim, opposed them, they murdered him. In 1173, the Old Man of the Mountain, leader of the Assassins, sent a peace envoy to Amalric, the Crusader King of Jerusalem, proposing an alliance. On his way back from the conference with the King, the Assassin envoy was attacked and killed by a band of Templars who were led by a one-eyed knight named Walter de  Mesnil. What was the background of this event?

King Amalric demanded De Mesnil’s arrest, but Eudes de Saint-Amand, the Master of the Temple at the time, refused, saying that he would send De Mesnil to the Pope for judgment, instead. Amalric had De Mesnil arrested, anyway, but died before he could take the matter further. The regent to his successor, Raymond Ill of Tripoli, declined to continue negotiations with the Assassins. Raymond’s father had been the victim of the Assassin attack in 1152 which initially provoked the Temple’s anger. In response to Raymond ll’s murder, the Templars had successfully invaded Assassin territory in northern Syria. For the next century, the Assassins paid tribute to the Templars. more here.


What is it to be British (history destroyed?)

An insightful article discussing the amalgam of historical and ethnic factors that came to define what it means to be British and how inane it is to try to deny those factors in examining any national identity anywhere.

Quote: “The construction of national identity itself is remarkably historically contingent and often retrospective; the greatest literary work of the Old English/Anglo-Saxon period is Beowulf, an oral heroic poem whose survival (in one burnt copy) is pure happenstance and whose regional associations locate its origins far away in the Jutland that divides modern-day Denmark rather than the eastern coast of England, among whose descendants the poem was performed and preserved. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, perhaps the finest and most quixotic piece of medieval English poetry, is itself a one-off fusion of northwestern Midlands Anglo-Saxon poetics with Norman French chivalric traditions: The result is quintessentially English, just as Beowulf is English yet in a different, earlier way, and just as in later eras the works of Shakespeare and his successors become something more, something British.”


Identify the Aircraft


    • They’ll continue to ignore real treason and criminal acts in the Democrat hierarchy but persecute PDJT for inanity under the Espionage Act…which there was no crime committed.

      The R’s are weak and as LL said, roll over and pee all over themselves.

  1. Well, at least The Vampire is going about changing gun laws in the legal manner, instead of just violating the Constitution like everyone else.

    Hopefully, he has no chance of success, but now that America is long dead, who knows?


    • I like to take the position that America is a “sleeping giant”, but the acquiescence that we saw during the flu, masquerading as a plague does give me pause. The sheep do as they’re told.

      • Yes, things like that and the recent CATO survey indicating that a quarter of the populace is in favor of inescapable universal government surveillance, “for our own good”.


      • We’re seeing the power of the mainstream media, the growth of the phone in everyone’s hand and the brain changes brought about by social media.
        “The sheep do as they’re told”

  2. A plethora of content this morning…and a nice cool Spring morning it is, finally quit raining…not that I’m complaining…okay, only a little…Colorado residents start getting depressed if it rains for more than 2 days.

    “The Pedo Hollowman Oval Office _Resident”- The man is so dirty even an old Maytag top loader using Borax couldn’t clean him.

    2A & Newsom – This clown – purely by luck of the draw – is a typical Arrogant Silver Spoon PITA who believes his own genius and that everyone should imbibe in his brilliance. He’s like that lint fluff that keeps floating back into your face and won’t go away….tone-deafness on a galactic scale. I think he’s deer in the headlights scared of where he sits so has these spastic out-lash moments.

    Sidebar: I would really like an answer from the Libs/Left (ie. (Democrats, Marxists, & Socialists): We have such opposing mindsets that there has to be a reason for the disparity. Are people really bon this full of themselves or is it developed? The constant battle between those who simply want to be left alone to live a freedom loving American life – versus – them who operate under the auspices that if it ain’t broke we’ve got to fix it/tax it/screw with it… and you will like it!. The meddling never ceases with these people. What drives these types to look at history, then 2A, then say “2A is bad and needs nullification?”. I don’t get it. Just want to yell “Get off my lawn you bums!” But that’s just emoting (which I’m good at).

    More and more I am convinced these people are simply missing a few operating brain cells that cause them to turn into ninny’s and meddlers who thereafter demand power and control over others as if America was an HOA and they are the “Rules Enforcement Patrol Officers”…except they add/change the rules whenever it suits (and which don’t ever apply to them).

    Tough Nuts to crack. They need God.

  3. The Templars showed the way to treat radical islam. Put it to the sword and fire. Show them why they should fear us.

    Too many people have bought into the ‘Crusades were bad’ bullscat. When I learned the truth, about the attacks on Christian towns and holy sites, the enforced enslavement of Christian females (of childbirth age) and children, and the massacre of all men and boys over 10) and other such wonders of the Islamic Faith, the Crusades were totally justified. Were the Crusaders saintly men? No. But they were fighting demons and those in the service of demons and Satan.

    Every ‘horror’ committed by the Crusaders was in response to far worse actual horror committed by muslims. Sack of Jerusalem? Lightweight compared to widespread murder and torture of Christian towns, farms and holy sites.

      • The last defenders of Acre died so that the majority could bug out to Malta, which thanks to that infusion of warriors, did manage to hold firm against the forces of Shaitan.

  4. What? The UK has the industrial capacity to manufacture ammo and the guns that fire them? Of course not, they’ve gambled they’ll never have to fight a war again, which is weird because… here we are.

    I pause, aghast, on the shortsightedness of the thing and refer enemies to the MONKEY.

  5. Most people who vote for gun control aren’t producing anything, like tank gun barrels, that would help enforce it. It’s like the culture ‘war’ is a secret libertarian plot to change most of the people in the enemy’s logistical tail into a burden rather than a resource. As Heinlein wrote in Farnam’s Freehold, next they should cut off their thumbs are a show of loyalty and impotence.


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