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Identify the Aircraft


You were warned…

Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator

There are rumblings that USGOV has an ET aircraft in its possession with ET beings in custody or on a slab. How much credence do YOU give those reports?


More Beach Front Property

The maps here show the world as it is now, with only one difference: All the ice on land has melted and drained into the sea, raising it 216 feet and creating new shorelines for our continents and inland seas. There are more than five million cubic miles of ice on Earth, and some scientists say it would take more than 5,000 years to melt it all. Or the flip side would be another ice age with very shallow seas…

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    1. They must be rebooting Surly. I was sure I would scroll down and find that he had already answered. (I guess you call an AI “he” if it has an overt interest in war fighting machinery.)

      1. Even AIs need a break. I was immersed in the second volume of Sumption’s Hundred Years War series.

  1. zero confidence in ET reports, recent or old. The technologic reverse engineering possibilities are too significant to have not been noticed. Don’t know why anyone is giving credence to the reports.

    1. If ET monitor our leaders for ten or fifteen minutes, they wouldn’t bother phoning home, they’d just get the hell out.

  2. Low confidence in ET reports but do believe the UFOs exist. Don’t believe that a government has custody of one of them.

    Explosive Space Modulator. Hmm, I am more of a fan of Kieth Laumer’s Hellbores myself.

    Sea level rising. Okay, better than another ice age. And it is pretty presumptuous of some humans to think that lowering CO2 by .01 percent will have a more significant impact on climate than that big ball of fusing hydrogen in the sky does.

  3. What I find had to believe about ET’s and UFO’s is one simple thing. How do they fly light years to get here, navigating all the obstacles space provides only to get here and crash into a tree or a mountain?

      1. It made more sense in the ’50s and ’60s when we accepted a huge loss rate in high-performance military aircraft as the cost of doing business.


  4. Why not ET’s? We have brandon leading the nation, criminals in top federal law enforcement positions, criminals and perverts in doj, woke military and the list goes on and on.

  5. ET?
    My son was a medic at Dugway Proving Grounds (aka Area 52). As a medic he access to every area. What he told me.
    “Dad, there are no aliens here. There are things that would blow your mind”.
    That was all he said and I wouldn’t compromise his security by asking questions.

    1. Yep, no aliens. Well, except the border-crossing types.

      I, too, have seen things you wouldn’t believe, but they were all from this Earth….

  6. If the Feds have actual extraterrestrial artifacts or (deceased) people, they are sure doing a crappy job with the research.

    Of course, the Feds do a crappy job with most things these days.

    Still, doesn’t seem likely, although I certainly think there are other people somewhere.


  7. Off topic – other sites have started asking what info about Hillary came into the Unabomber’s possession.

  8. I like this post for its awesome trans infographic. Didn’t the Bolsheviks recommend children be raised in state barracks? History clearly rhymes.

  9. Yes, the Government has UFOs. Because they made them. Or the Soviets did. They are technically not UFOs as the people who made them know what they were/are, but normal people? Unidentified.

    Seriously, what would someone think, back in the early 60’s, seeing an Oxcart fly at top speed? Or someone seeing some Horton or other German weird craft flying in the US? And there’s been, since WWII, lots of weirdness being launched around White Sands and Groom Lake and other ‘seeeecret’ locations.

    Like the UAPs being photoed by the Navy. The Navy, and the overall civilian population may not know what was going on, but the squirrely people at top-secret labs and manufactories being funded by DARPA and other sources do know. High speed turns? High speed UAV with excellent maneuvering, maybe even a high-speed quadcopter or something. We can speculate, but until one appears for us to actually see, we won’t know.

    And the Government has always, since WWII at least, used obfuscation, hookery, hookum and humbug to cover up things that have gone wrong.

    Remember the time the US attacked Mexico with a V2? Yeah… we did that. Oops. Reported as ‘aliens…’ which was true as the cause was some of the Operation Paperclip Nazis were peeved that they lost the war to us undermench.

    And there are lots of reports of UFOs/UAPs/WTFs even today due to the stupidity of the public. Like all the aliens observed after launches from Vandenberg, because of the weird interaction of weather at the west coast, you know, the same weather that creates huge fog banks.


    All I know is that there are a lot of people out there who believed and still believe in… shutting their fat traps because they had high security clearances and still followed/follow them. That’s the almost unbelievable thing, that sooo many have managed to keep their pie-holes shut. But you can tell, start talking bullshhh…tuff around them and watch the corners of their mouths as they either clamp down on not saying anything or similar reactions.

    1. There were a number of speculations done by several science fiction authors who had tech backgrounds – Jerry Pournelle is the first name to come to mind. Some of that last century speculation could easily have been turned into experimental craft.

      1. If you look at some of the early drawings of UFOs, they look like products of Lippich and Horton designs. Which all look very far-out sci-fi-ish.

  10. Aliens- Yeah…no. My take on it has always been why would highly intelligent space travelers with serious technical knowledge light years ahead of our own civilization decide to beat feet to Earth only to; a) Crash land in some out of the way podunk spot, or b) land in some Arkansas bubba’s pasture?

    Now UFO’s…that’s a horse of a different color altogether. It only means ‘unidentified”…which is automatically from Galactica. Agree with others that sure, why not…but these are our Earthly designs…not from outer space. Heck, we got amazing consumer spinoff tech from the military over the past 100 years, who’s to say these guys haven’t perfected propulsion in flying apparatus with superior maneuverability and speed…or even cloaking?

    I agree with HEB…time to open up and knock off this “civilians have no right to know” crap. Hell, we paid for the development.

  11. If there were extraterrestrial tech and life forms here in government custody, they would be a source and symbol of power. How could the current crop of political tyrants not use them for their advantage. “We are the chosen of earth to implement our alien masters’ will. Obey us or all will die!”
    What DC idiot wouldn’t jump on that bandwagon.

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