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It’s all about HOW you approach problems. The United States of America accounts for 25% of the wealth generated on the planet at the moment. People from the outside looking in wonder how we can continue to be great to spite such inept leadership. It still goes back to the attitude Americans have. Americans work harder, more hours on an annual basis than any other developed nation.
People wonder how Americans can feel secure when so many of their neighbors are well armed and supplied with ammunition. Most Americans feel secure BECAUSE their neighbors are well armed and supplied. .02% of all firearms manufactured are used in crimes. The number is statistically insignificant. Private ownership of firearms, a guaranteed right under the Constitution reflects an American attitude not held by most of the rest of the world where the government disarms its citizens. Americans have a different attitude.
There is no more generous nation on the planet than the United States of America. We’re willing to help everyone, including slum nations such as Haiti, which routinely demonstrated their contempt for us over the years. Gracious assistance of others without hope of repayment is part the American attitude. There are always calls for relief of somebody else that needs help, and Americans dig deep in their pockets. 
We need to remember the attitude that it took to create our nation. We need to remember the sacrifice and blood others shed so that we can have what we do. The nation is strong because we as a people haven’t simply talked the talk (and I’m not pointing fingers at the Europeans), we have walked the walk.
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