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Now that we know that Mike Pence will be Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate, the handicapping is underway for the rest of the Republican cabinet choices. Look for Chris Christie as Attorney General, Michael Flynn as Secretary of Defense and Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State. 
I’m not opposed to Mike Pence as the VP candidate and know that he’s a very well spoken, conservative man who would be a good president as well. 
I have not been approached by the Trump administration to replace John Brennan as the DCI…yet. (Always a bridesmaid, never a bride)
Hillary’s worst f&%$ing nightmare would be for me to take Mike Comey’s place as Director of the FBI. (Comey is serving out a ten year term as Director, but Pres. Trump could send him to Adak, AK to monitor FBI efforts there, and I could replace him in all but name)
And while we’re talking about the crone, I still think that Al Sharpton would make a superb VP nominee for her. Giving him access to the nation’s secrets and the nuclear launch codes would be no worse than giving them to Hillary or Barack.

14 thoughts on “Trump’s Cabinet

  1. Pence seems like a good bet. He doesn't, however, identify as a woman, so the left will surely hate him.

  2. Maybe he can learn to shave his legs, walk like a duck and get bolt on's? Would Bruce Jenner loan him a wig? That would make the progs vote Republican!

  3. You've got my support, LL, for any position in the Trump Administration. And funny you should mention Adak, Alaska. When I was involved in antisubmarine warfare during the cold war, we were always warned to keep our noses clean or THAT is where we would be shipped off to. If memory serves, in addition to a P-3C squadron based there, it was also a SOSUS monitoring site.

  4. A transfer to Adak was always the move our puke superiors threatened us lower enlisted snuffys with unless we straighted up our act. Never been there, but I knew a few of my peers who were – your basic hell on earth. 12 on, 12 off, and drinking and gambling were the only thing to do besides pulling your shift or sleeping.

    That would be a fitting gig for Jim Comey.

  5. Perfect position for you, LL. I shoot off an email to Trump and put in a word for you.

  6. Comey could sit there during the 6 winter months of no light and contemplate the series of events that landed him there.

  7. Adrienne, you didn't say anything about the idea of Sharpton (a reverend and therefore a holy man) running as VP for Hillary.

  8. Comey to Adak? No, a one man task force investigating corruption on Little Diomede.

  9. Sharpton as VP makes me want to puke. IF Killary dislikes you that much, I would love to see you as director of the FBI. Just because I dislike her that much.

    Now if we could just get the never Trump people to understand that they would not be going against the will of God to vote for him.

  10. He's down here in Louisiana to make trouble, I'm sorry, meet with Alton Sterling's family and attend the funeral, along with the Revrund Jahkson. Aren't we the lucky ones….

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