Apologies to Poland and the Czech Republic

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John Adams said,
“I must study politics and war that my children may study mathematics and philosophy.”

America’s fighting men and women are first and foremost men and women. When push comes to shove, we expect them to be there, on the line, in the line of fire, in harm’s way and we anticipate that they will be willing to lay down their lives for us. It’s simply what they do. There’s not a lot of deep thought that goes into it. They serve under the standard and they follow orders.

America is also lucky enough to have reliable allies.

One of my best friends, (then) Lieutenant Commander Hoang (now Captain),
Republic of Korea Navy, Squadron 56,Commanding Officer,
ROK SEAL Team 5 and LL (your blogger)

Betrayal of our allies is betrayal of each and every American and each and every person living in the country we betray. This past week the Government of the United States of America and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States (Dear Leader) betrayed Poland and the Czech Republic. Think on that for a moment. We took unilateral action against the best interest of our ALLIES. Both the Poles and Czechs sent soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan, not because they had a horse in that race but because we asked them to.

I have seved with our Polish allies under arms and have never found more stalwartly pro-American people in my life. I don’t know how they feel about us now. With luck they will still respect us even though our leadership is lacking. Yes, I can criticize the Commander-in-Chief because I have retired from military service.

America selected a commander-in-chief (Dear Leader) who had no experience in military service. He could have served but opted not to. I don’t damn him for that decision, but it left him without the smallest scintilla of understanding of what it takes to make things happen in the military and in the larger world.

Dear Leader makes repeated bone-head moves because though he was elected president of the United States, he wasn’t qualified. His skill sets and his judgment remain lacking. Some suggest a dark conspiracy to destroy the nation. I don’t. Not yet. The proof is not there in adequate measure for me to cry, TREASON.

Dear Leader’s credibility is wanting, his closest friends and his inner circle are avowed communists, they’re union thugs, they’re ACORN criminal racketeers, and I ask myself what our allies must think when they decide whether or not to trust us with the lives of their soldiers.

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