What makes the oligarchs truly powerful is that they get to be invisible. To do whatever they want, unseen, with impunity.


Are YOU on the Secret Government Watchlist?

amicus brief: https://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/OAa…/mp3/20-1119-20210126.mp3

It’s the full court proceeding and just an audio file, so you may not want to sit and listen to it all.

(more here) If you are white, a member of the NRA or other organization advocating that the country follow Constitutional Law, you might be.


Find Another Job

John Kerry To Gas And Coal Workers: Make ‘Better Choices’ Because Your Jobs Are Going Away. President Joe Biden’s climate ambassador John Kerry says oil and gas workers who lost their jobs due to the new administration’s restrictions on their industry should start building solar panels instead.

When asked in Tuesday’s press conference what he would say to the people whose livelihoods are ruined due to Biden’s frenzied anti-fossil fuels orders, including halting leasing on federal land to use for oil and gas and canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, Kerry simply said those workers who were struggling need to make “better choices” for newer, greener jobs.

Jobs in wind and solar energy on average pay half what jobs in the oil and gas industry do.

Maybe they could all become government informants, informing on their former peers? What is the DNC paying informers these days? They could bump up to maybe $20 an hour with unemployment and cash payments from the Party? Every totalitarian regime has an army of informers. Join now, beat the rush! There is direct infiltration listening in on wire taps, and a host of job specialties available.

The reality of massive unemployment doesn’t bother the Biden regime. You should be able to remain on the dole for some time before being forced to be an informer (see above) or to do some menial task-oriented job as part of the new world order.  Windmill assembly line, janitor, groundskeeper, storm trooper all occupational specialties are needed in the First Order. The Dear Supreme Leader wants YOU.


  1. Been on it since at least the Clinton years. Being white, Christian, heterosexual, member of a martial arts organization, white, male, white, constitutionalist and proud of it, white, male, hetero, married, white…

    During my first year at the PD, after reading the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) newsletter, I found that I met all the qualifications of being a domestic terrorist, and a white supremacist (because I saw no problems with whites marrying other whites and creating white children. Shocking, but that was/is one of the SPLC’s criteria for ‘supremacist.’)

    Was a member of the NRA before I got sick of Wayne-baby’s line of bull-scat.

    Actually purchased a gun legally and using a Form 4473. Sure that puts me on a host of lists.

    Taken some legal prescription drugs that, well, if I mismanaged the storage of, would get me into more trouble than dealing meth at a school. List. I pick up drugs for my wife. List.

    I comment on people’s blogs. List.

    I am still registered as a retarican. List.

    I have used a library card to check out controversial books like “Huckleberry Finn” and science tomes. (Yes, Big Gov’s been checking library lists since at least Carter’s time, mostly stopped during Reagan’s, kinda back with Bush I, definitely back by Clintons…) LIST!

    Like a truck or van. List.

    Actually worked for a Repub headquarters in 2008… which sucked… F’n McCain. Loved Palin, McStain just sucked and still sucks in a legacy of evil way. List.

    I could go on, but then I’d be on another List…

      • I’ve had some difficulty on this particular blog post and have been trying to work the bugs out. The blog is under constant hack-attack these days. Yes, you deserve to be on the list, Beans. You fit every criteria.

        You also advocate swordplay. List.

          • I imagine I’m on a number of lists as well including some of the ones Beans mentioned. Being a certified RSO probably gets me on several.
            When I opened this edition of the blog the pop up had that familiar face with the no one’s home smile we all adore. Your post from 24 Jan 2013 predicted that Joe would be the nominee in ’16. While you were wrong there, the final line, “If you think that Obama was both liberal and progressive, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Joe Biden will eclipse President Obama’s record,” nailed it.

          • To quote the movie, Gladiator, “people should know when they are beaten.”

            I don’t think Americans feel beaten, and that is why the fence topped with razor wire and 10,000 soldiers are on the Capitol grounds.

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