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Easter Aftermath (survival hint)

I’m an old man. I raised four daughters. And I am still unsure how to respond when a woman shows off a new outfit and asks for my opinion. Clearly the truth flies out the window from the moment the question is posited. My girls are thin and pretty, so “you look like a stuffed sausage” doesn’t apply the way that it would have to some ladies at church on Easter Sunday ~ “Mutton dressed up like lamb.”

Still, I walk through a minefield: “But “isn’t that hem line just a bit high or isn’t that neckline just a bit low”, does pop into my mind. Then I think again and say, “That looks wonderful on you!”

A New Clothing Line

I’m Shocked (no, not really)

(Link) Senator and Mr. Dianne Feinstein won the billion dollar California High Speed Rail contract. She’s planning on retiring from the US Senate and the couple will need something to do in their dotage.

Mr. Dianne Feinstein (Richard Blum) became several times a billionaire based on government contracts that he kept on winning. Who could have guessed?

Since California is a one-party state, there is no question of awarding the contract to somebody outside of the Democrat Party who might not understand how the money is supposed to trickle down into the Donkey Party’s food chain.

“To the surprise of absolutely no one familiar with the ways of Corruptifornia, the one-party state completely in the hands of the Democrats, a consortium whose lead firm is controlled by Richard Blum, husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, was awarded a nearly billion-dollar contract for the construction of the first phase of the so-called high-speed rail line to link San Francisco and Los Angeles. Those paying attention to the project call it the “half-fast” rail line because it will share trackage with conventional commuter rail trains in the sprawling Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, lowering its average speed to levels achieved by American railways a century ago.”

The High Speed Rail project has also been dubbed ‘the train to nowhere’ because the first billion will be spent going from one small town in California’s Central Valley to another. The LA Times, who one would expect to be lauding praise on the boondoggle is skeptical as well. There are serious safety concerns – and the inevitable cost overruns. 
Because Union Pacific demanded stronger structures, the costs have grown to about $10 million per mile, said an official knowledgeable about the negotiations. 
But when Sylmar-based contractor Tutor Perini Corp. sent the rail authority a letter adding a proposed $140 million to its bill for building the barriers along 31 miles of track in the Central Valley, the officials balked.
San Francisco is about 440 rail miles from Los Angeles. Don’t ask the government how it’s going to recoup its $4.5 billion for track alone, because they’re competing with $79 air fare – and the airplane will arrive in a quarter of the time (because the train will end up being kept to around 100 mph on the main line and 50 mph in the cities).  Sometimes you can get a super saver from Los Angeles to Oakland on Southwest Airlines for $49. The corruption and cost will be born on the backs of the taxpayers, as usual.
President Trump said that he would not release federal highway funds for the project into the Sanctuary State. That will not deter lawmakers from funding this porkbarrel project that was designed to prevent global warming/cooling/the weather.
Truth makes moral cripples feel unsafe…

A guy I know hit me up for lunch. I had to put him off for a week, but texted him to see if Monday would work for him. He texted back that it would work and that he needed to borrow $1,000 urgently. 
To put context to the situation he “borrowed” a few thousand dollars from me last autumn. After the first of the year, he raked in $150K from insurance settlements. Did he pay me back? Of course not. But he gambled away the $150K and he’s broke – again.
I told him that I would not be forking over money to him, but suggested that he find a job.  (he’s able bodied, but lazy) That suggestion was met with a bitter retort and because he is a person of color, he decided to mention that life is easy for me because I’m white, and it would be appropriate for me to redistribute the fruits of my white privilege…to him. Thus, there was some sort of unspoken nobles oblige which required me to fund his irresponsibility. He must be hanging out with a bad crowd these days because that was the wrong answer. He also whined that nobody who is white will hang out with him anymore…I wonder why. It has to be racism.

Sad When This Happens

A SHOCKING REVELATION (to Virtual Mirage from a friend in Norway)

20 thoughts on “Another Week Begins

  1. Interesting to note that the U.S. has been fingered as the ones behind the latest failure of a North Korean missile launch. A retired general stated with no uncertain words that there will be no significant launches of North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles any time soon. I have to think that since North Korea couldn't manufacture a toaster oven without foreign made components, that we have made certain that all their components for launching missiles have a destruct sequence built into them that we can initiate at our whim.

    It must be frustrating for that fat little shit dictator. Maybe he should consider retiring.

  2. I suspect that the Fat Un will need to be 'retired' with extreme prejudice.

    I'm waiting to see if he will light off the nuke that he has prepped and ready to go. China told him, 'make my day'. And since 80% of their food comes from China, pulling that leash up short isn't difficult.

  3. Of course you really didn't expect am, "Okay, thanks anyway" reply from the mooch, did you? Like an addict, those people can try to throw a guilt trip on you in a heartbeat, because it is all about them and their needs. On the other hand, you gave the proper reply to the daughters question. Yesterday (Sunday) we were leaving an Outback which has a church next to it (one of those in a huge strip mall) when the congregation started exiting. Several young ladies came out with what looked like ho clothes. The were very nice looking for a Saturday night fling in the bars, but not church. It seemed to contradict what the brainwashing is all about. But then that is just me. I enjoyed lusting after them.

  4. I've known the mooch for a long time and it's time to let him go and mooch from somebody else. I usually don't have much to do with passive-aggressive people, but was nice to him for old times sake. I'm nostalgic at times. Call me a marshmallow. His problem is that he's out of sympathetic ears. I think that mine was the last.

    Present fashions create problems for people in Vegas who are trying to decide whether a girl is just in town or if she's a 'professional'. It's the new Kardashian collection… and whoever was running the church should have suggested that they go home and change into something more presentable.

  5. >since North Korea couldn't manufacture a toaster oven without foreign made components
    What worries me is how many of our American electronics have embedded Chinese components.

    As to the "guarantee" of no NORK launches any time soon, success has a thousand fathers (possibly much like Prez #44, but I digress); any chance grown-ups within the NORK armed forces, with Chinese backing, were behind the failure of the recent launch?

  6. The Norks have isolated computer systems, but there is always the problem of worrisome components. You know that the "leak" of US meddling has them taking apart all of the people's missiles to see what might be at fault. I suspect that it just blew up on its own, which is a failing that is common to those weapons. And it would be amusing for them to put a nuke on top of it and have it blow up on launch…or vere toward China or Russia – which would bring a swift end to the dumb Un.

    Moving forward, the US needs its own semiconductor industry. Tariffs can do that, but not without a cost to everything that we buy. Your concerns are well placed.

  7. It's not like Melania was there…just a bunch of older women who wanted to dress like they were…Melania.

  8. If the Chinese do decide to just roll tanks in to North Korea and take out the Kims in favor of a puppet government, would the people of North Korea be any better off?

    A while back you mentioned the possibility of China engineering a reunification of the two Koreas. I'd be interested to see more of your thoughts on that. How would reunification serve China's interests, and the U.S.'s interests?

  9. People in China are far better off than their cousins in North Korea.

    China's interests were served by a belligerent North Korea (DPRK) that kept South Korea (ROK) in check and also served to threaten Japan. That's back when China was an actual communist nation. Today China is a nation with a one-party system that they call "communist" but it's not. 90+% of Chinese businesses are privately owned and it's an example of a raging capitalist system. China is a trading country whose fortunes are made by maintaining good relations with neighbors and trading partners. DPRK and Un has become a stone in their shoe. As the world changed, the Norks doubled down into one massive gulag.

    A truly unified Korea with the US and China backing them off and just letting them be Koreans only pose a threat to the Japanese, who they hate with a vengeance. In ROK they admit that while the DPRK is an enemy, they are all Koreans. Japan is another issue entirely and there is a national memory of World War 2 when the Japanese raped Korea – literally.

    Reunification means that the us can draw down 30,000 troops. The ROK Army, for example, is sufficient to defend itself, if we're talking "defense". Korea is an economic powerhouse and would begin to rival Japan and to some smaller extent, China, but it would also be a customer and a trading partner.

    Withdrawing US troops from the Korean Peninsula would make China happy, and China would immediately try to win unified Korea to its way of thinking. The Chinese (because they are celestials) feel that they are superior to the Korean garlic eaters. That will grate on the Koreans in the same way as it does on the Vietnamese.

    So long as everyone can ignore the Norks, who really cares? They really want to launch a nuclear weapon at SOMEBODY to prove that they must be taken seriously with Un in charge. That's the problem. And it's why that problem must be solved – by China.

  10. Thanks, LL. If and when Korea does reunify, it will be interesting to see how quickly those who were once North Koreans will be able to rehabilitate from their now-current state of abject prostration. There will be a drag on the government, and on society in general, until they un-learn their crappy ideology and the bad set of incentives that governed their lives and get on their feet. But I hope, after all those decades of slavery, their day of liberation is not far off.

  11. Never enough for these crooks. Blum's real estate holdings are the sole source agents for selling surplus post office properties.

  12. I think that it will take a generation dying off to fix the mental damage that has been done.

  13. I'm sure that Mr. Feinstein/Blum does a great job and THAT is why he's the sole source agent…

  14. You should have posted a warning about the last picture.
    I will probably have nightmares after seeing it.

  15. Yeeowie! Hillary Soros? Larry, ya gotta warn people before posting something like that.

  16. It happens when you turn to the dark side of the force.

    Chelsea is on the same road, though she is an apprentice.

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